Jungle Jim's Policies:

The purpose of getting an outside service to care for your needs is to make your life easier, not harder. Jungle Jim's has a long history of caring for clients. Our basic philosophy centers on a concept of win win partnerships. We take care of our clients and they take care of us.

If we are working at your business your customer is our customer. It is part of our job to insure the success of your venture as it is within our capability. It is our absolute mission to do our part to insure the success of our clients. If your customers are happy we will have a long and successful relationship.

For instance when we are cleaning one of our business clients windows we will always dust the neon open sign. We know that because it lies in our domain it is likely to be forgotten or is one of those things that we can do to help insure the image of the company we care for stays untarnished. After all we are right there and someone else with a schedule of their own would have to take much more time to handle this issue than it costs us to deal with it.

When we are working in a doorway we open the door for people who come to it as if we were the owners of the business and want the customer to feel welcome. Your customer or guest is ours.

In the home the same is true. If your comfort has been entrusted to us we seriously want you to feel that this trust is earned and shared. If we do our part you, your family and your guests will be more comfortable and this is our idea of success.

Even if it was not pointed out in the proposal process full service means exactly that. Jungle Jim's will clean the entire window area, not just the glass. Drip marks are not left on the frames. Screens are removed and cleaned. Tracks brushed out or vacumed as needed. In short the whole job gets done swiftly with aplomb.

Lastly Jungle Jim's rarely gives a"bid". What we quote is the price. There are no surprises when the bill is presented.

Jungle Jim's service is guaranteed.

Thank you for Interest in considering Jungle Jim's as your window cleaner
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