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  • Forty years experience.
  • Top quality guaranteed work.
  • Vintage Car radios.
  • AC home radios.
  • Jukebox amplifiers and components.

I've been repairing radios since I was a teenager in the late 50's. Car radios are my specialty. This Mopar radio has been completely rebuilt and sounds and works as good as new.

  • All tubes tested.
  • All paper capacitors replaced.
  • Filter capacitors tested for leakage, capacity, and power factor.
  • Resistors and micas checked.
  • Vibrators replaced if necessary with electronic vibrator.
  • Tube sockets checked for contacts.
  • Mechanicals checked for proper operation.


Jukebox Repair and Restoration

I've been working on jukeboxes for nearly thirty years now. It started with my purchasing a Wurlitzer 600 from the Seattle St. Vincent de Paul store while I was attending the University of Washington. The next step was working on other people's jukeboxes from my house, and finally from my business.
In 1989 I closed my business and have been working for Jukebox City since. I also write a column for Always Jukin' magazine.

Please E-mail me at for more information on my rebuilding and restoration services.