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T-Zer's Bay emptied 6 bottles, Sep. 27-28 '02
The Point After emptied 6 bottles, Dec. 31 '02
The Arena emptied 5 bottles, Nov. 29-30 '02
The Point After emptied 5 bottles, Nov. 22-23 '02
The Point After emptied 4 bottles, Jan. 31 - Feb. 1 '03
Boondockers emptied 4 bottles, Oct. 11-12 '02
Good Times emptied 4 bottles, Feb. 7-8 '03
T-Zer's Bay emptied 4 bottles, May 9-10 '03
May 17th, 2004
Big Changes are a Coming!! The Noize would like to announce some changes for Summer 2004. First and foremost, Scott and Dave had made a difficult decision - announcing their departure from the Noize a bit back. The two of them have been with the Noize from day one, forging out that wicked “Wall of Noize”. The duo will now concentrate on original music and other projects. We wish them the best. Their last show is already upon us … this weekend at the Amerisports Bar, Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs. However, Brian, Mike, Steve and Bob are in the middle of putting together a new show, new material, and a new face to the Noize. We have been digging around in the ol' rock n' roll library, and have come up with some really great tunage to add to your favorites. The show is still going to have all of it's froot loop moments, but with some surprises. You will just have to come out and see for yourself. As the new stuff starts to become a reality, we will post it on the news and in your e-mails, so stay tuned. And so the new adventure begins ..........................

January 14th, 2004
Happy New Year, everyone! Glad to see you all made it to the "other side" in one piece. With the New Year the Noize is planning on a exciting year of gigs and some new material. We think you are going to like the changes we have in store, so check in on us from time to time. Hell, come out and party with us every weekend. Let's see if you can keep up! The Noize received a very nice award from the YES Staff and their organization for the charity work we did for them in 2003. We thank them and all of you for making these shows such a success. The New Years party at Good Times was everything it was billed to be. The bongs were being slammed, the champagne was flowing, the house was a rockin', and everyone had a great time. We are still picking confetti out of the speakers, and the mic's are still sticky form the champagne that was being fired across the bar. We wouldn't have changed a thing. We invite you all to make any song suggestions via e-mail. Without your contributions, we are only guessing, so give us your input. So until next time, do a shot of Rumple Minze for us and we will see you around town.

December 17th, 2003
Thank You Omaha for supporting the YES Christmas Benefit. We raised almost $1,500.00 to purchase Christmas presents for the homeless children of Omaha. They thank you, and we thank you very much. We also want to thank, The Pharamoans, Rough Cut, The Distractions, Mary Francis, and Kyle for putting in the time and performances at this show. Everybody sounded great and the show went off without a single hitch. Special thanks to Ben, Steve and Clay for running production. A big thank you to the Nebraska Bikini Team for helping collect donations and looking "hotter than hell". And a big thank you to Beth (in her own bikini), Vintage Clothing, Jessica Doll from Z-92, John Nelson, and all the models and artists involved. And last but not least, Sterling Distribution for again coming through. With the Holidays right around the corner, I bet you might be considering your party plans for Christmas and New Years. How about spending them with us? Christmas weekend, we are at the Arena Sports Bar in Omaha (on 90th between Maple and Fort). Why don't you let us "jingle your bells" a little bit? And on New Years, we are at the "BEST PARTY PLACE AROUND", Good Times in Louisville (right on Main Street). Cory promises lots of champagne, party favors, balloons, shots and of course our notorious "beer bongs". It is going to put "animal house" to shame!! So come out and bring in 2004 the right way! With the Boyz from the Noize!! See you during the Holidays.........................

November 29th, 2003
What a busy time of year. With all the holidays and gigs and rehearsal, I seem to have forgotten to put out some band news. So let's get caught up. Halloween kicked total ass down in Brownville. The Crew from Peru was in the mood for a few scares, and alcohol. That’s what we gave them. We had the Mad Hatter win the top prize, followed up by the "barely covered redneck" (he had a serious case of plumbers disease), and the guys favorite, "I Dream of Jeannie". Thanks to Terry and his staff for a great time. The show at the Point After was like a "welcome back" gig. We hadn't played in the Capital City, for about a half a year. It felt great to get back there. Both shows were a lot of fun, and the party started early and finished late. Thanks to Jim, the schedule for the Point has increased in the future. Ameristar just blows our minds. Everyone is a singer on the dance floor and in the seats. We had two awesome nights there, and a lot of friends show up. Thanks to the Pharamoans for hanging out with us. We always seem to come out of these gigs, with new "neighbors of the Noize". We appreciate all of your support. We want to thank everyone who showed up for the YES Benefit in October at Boondockers. A very special thanks to all of the bands that performed, the staff at Boondockers, and all of the volunteers involved. Without 3-D, The Fishheads, The Pharamoans, and Down To Here, this would have not been a success. We managed to generate about $2500.00 for the cause. With the exposure from the local television stations, Ex- Mayor Mike Boyle's charity contributed $50,000.00 to the YES Program. Thank you Omaha, for helping take care of our own!

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, in a strange place. Your parents are no where around, but there are these people that have taken you in, so you don't have to go hungry and you have a place to sleep. There might be a Christmas tree, but there isn't a gift for you under it. Now imagine yourself experiencing this at 3 years old. That's right Omaha, these Virginia's exist and they are right under your own noses. The Youth Emergency Services currently finds homes and food for 1,500 homeless children in the Omaha area. These children are from the ages of infancy to 18. The Noize Next Door is begging you, to attend a benefit show at the Shark Club, 72nd & Center, Dec 14th from 2:00 until 10:00 to help these homeless children have a happier Christmas. We will be accepting numerous kinds of donations. The $5.00 admission will entirely go to the YES Program to purchase Christmas presents for these children. There will be a silent auction, and many giveaways from local retailers. All proceeds from the silent auction will go to YES. If you want to waive the admission fee, you may donate a gift or gift certificate from a local retailer of $5.00 value or more at the door. The live music will be provided by Rough Cut, The Pharamoans, The Distractions, *69's Mary Francis, Old School featuring Kyle, and your Boyz from the Noize. There will be a special appearance by the Nebraska Bikini Team and a fashion show with Styles by Beth. There will be plenty of entertainment and things to do. Help us show Santa the way to those who don't have a home.

Say Y.E.S. to Christmas Benefit
Shark Club / 2808 S. 72nd St. (72nd & Center)
Omaha, Nebraska
Sunday, December 14th, 2003
2:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
$5.00 admission or a $5.00 gift or gift certificate from a local retailer

If you wish to donate new or used but working toys to this cause, please take them to the YES office, at the address below. Every little bit helps! Thanks!

Youth Emergency Services (Y.E.S.)
3910 Harney St.
Omaha, NE 68131
402-345-5187 (Bob Story / Rosalie / Erin)

October 10th, 2003
One thing that touches this band’s heart is homeless children. When the YES Program of Omaha, which gives shelter and food for homeless kids, announced on Z-92 that they were running out of funds, the Noize and 3D felt that it was time to help. Brian from the Noize and Alan from 3D are working together to put this fundraiser together for October 19th at Boondockers. We want all of you to attend and contribute to the cause. This show starts at 1:00 p.m. and proceeds go to the YES Program directly. There will be giveaways and lots of Omaha's top bands performing. It should be a great time and benefit a great cause.

Boondockers / 120th and Fort St. Sunday, October 19, 2003 Starting Time 1:00 P.M. $10.00 - All proceeds for YES Program for the Homeless Numerous Bands and lots of stuff to Giveaway

We will be in Arthur’s for the first time on October 24th and 25th. We need to fill this bar with all the "Noize Neighbors" we can recruit. Please come ready to party and thirsty!!!

September 30th, 2003
These last two gigs have been a blast. Bobby had some friends from Germany visiting over the last two weeks, and they have been a pleasure to have around. Joe, Horst, and Eischta are three musicians from Kassel, Germany. At T-Zer's, Joe played guitar and sang "Smoke on the Water", and it brought the house down. Horst played guitar on "Summer of ‘69", to the delight of the crowd. And Eischta recorded the entire night on video for all the friends back home. All three of them were very popular with the ladies. (Guess it was that European accent). The T-Zer's show also had our friend, Teri from Rough Cut, pop up on stage and kick ass, singing "Bring Me To Life". The next weekend was at Good Times, and Bob and Steve's friend Shannon came up and sang "Bring Me To Life" and "Hot Stuff". It was an outstanding performance. The former drummer from Star 69, Jason, played the drums on the Donna Summers hit as well. We have some of the most talented friends in Omaha (and from Germany), joining us from time to time. We hope that you all get a chance to catch these fun performances. The new T-Shirts are in and they are selling like hot cakes. We also have the girls’ mid-riffs and baby dolls. Make sure you get one before we run out. Plans are in the works for the ultimate beer bong. The "hookah" bong will be making its appearance real soon. We will keep you posted. And so until next time ..................

September 7th, 2003
We should all have the West Nile Virus by now, with all these outdoor gigs. Those lights seem to attract every flying thing, within a one mile radius. We hope that you all made it to at least one of them. The Noize officially announced its new Fan Club President. That would be 6 year old Madison from Blair. Madison sang and danced her way into our hearts, at Cottonwood Marina. Her rousing rendition of "Anyway You Want It" and "Mas Tequila" sent her over the top. We congratulate Madison, and her taste in music. Cottonwood also gave birth to the very first "Watermelon Bong". That's right, beer bongs loaded with Watermelons or River Water. We had some very "happy" people, by the end of the night. The State Fair show was a lot of fun, although it was in the middle of the week. Since Steve sounds so much like Evanescense, we ended up playing it twice. I swear he grows a vagina, before he sings this song. It's scary! Nothing could compare to the crowd we had that night. A group of about 30 Canadians showed up and were about as "happy" as they could be. They were called the "Aggies", and they were on the dance floor, singing and shouting from the minute they walked into the beer garden. When we performed Canadian artist Bryan Adams, I thought they were going to come unglued. Their singing was deafening. They invited the Noize up to Canada, to play their home bar called "The Ranch". We just might take them up on that offer. T.J.'s in Brownville became a wash out outdoors, but once we got all the equipment inside and set up, the party heated up quickly. The Huskers had just won the first game of the season, and everyone was really "happy" once they got there. The "Crew from Peru" showed up in full force. We can't wait to play there for the Halloween Bash on Nov. 1st. Septemberfest finished off the busy week with a gig in the beer garden. Just Plain Trouble started the afternoon off with some excellent classic and blues rock. We were next, staring into a blinding sun with 3 sets of our best stuff. Since Alan and 3-D were supplying the production, I thanked him for the "one big light hanging in the sky". I asked him to dim it a little, but apparently he felt we needed a tan. 3-D finished off the night, with some kick ass hair band material. (By the way, Alan dimmed the one big light, before they started playing) And so, until next time .......................

July 12th, 2003
As it has turned out, the Noize did not win the Battle in Columbus. Congratulations go out to the Kris Lager Band, whom we all thought sounded a lot like Stevie Ray Vaughan. We wish them lots of luck in the future, and a great show at Comstock. With some weeks off in our future, we are going to turn our productive heads towards learning some new cover material, and working on some more originals. If you have any suggestions for a particular song you would like us to play, please feel free to e-mail us with your picks. Don't forget in August we have some great outdoor shows coming up at Cottonwood Marina, the State Fair beer garden on the 27th from 7-12 p.m., and at Septemberfest, September 1st from 4-7 p.m. with 3-D. Until the next time we see ya...............

July 6th, 2003
What a busy summer! Thank You Decatur, for showing us a very good time. It was a pleasure to perform at your Decatur Days. We had lots of food and lots to drink, and we even had time for a little fishing. The crowd kicked ass and we would love to play there again. We want to thank the Jaycees of Louisville and Cory from Good Times, for having us perform at their street dance. We just wish the weather would have cooperated a little more. But in typical Louisville fashion, it didn't matter if it was drizzling and foggy. The party animals came through, as usual. Did someone turn on the furnace over the 4th of July weekend? The Anchor Inn was like an oven over the 4th of July weekend. Good thing we had some "watermelons" and some refreshing shots of RUMPLE MINZE. Thanks and love to the boys in Down To Here, 3-D, Cheshire and the Z-92 staff for having us perform with them at the Z-92 Anniversary Party on Thursday night. Speaking of anniversaries, July 6th marks 2 years of the Noize. YEA, Happy Anniversary to US. If you wanted to give us a nice anniversary gift, come out to the Platte County Fairgrounds on July 11th and vote for the Noize in the Battle of the Bands. We need all the help we can get. This time we are going up against the Kris Lager Band, Thudwinker, Paisty Jenny, and Cheshire Grin. We would love to go undefeated in these Battles, so PLEASE give us your support. As the summer goes buzzing by, keep close attention to the calendar. We are adding new dates all the time and there are some special events that you may not want to miss. Until next time...

June 3rd, 2003
Ameristar was a huge success! We need to thank everyone who came out and supported the band performing at the casino. It is friends like you that turn a night's performance into a massive party. THANK YOU! I know this sounds like a broken record, but we are asking all of our friends to show up in force, July 11th at the Comstock Battle of the Bands. The Battle will be held at the Platte County Fairgrounds in Columbus. We are going to need your vote and your support. We are going up against some of the best bands in the area, including The Chris Lager Band, Paisty Jenny, Cheshire Grin, and Thudwinker. The winner will open for the 3-day Comstock Rock Festival the following weekend, featuring Def Leppard, Foreigner, Grand Funk, Molly Hatchet, Foghat, and numerous other bands. And as a bonus, the winner will open for Styx August 16th at an outdoor concert in Columbus. There is a lot at stake, so please give us your support. There are also a couple of good party trips coming up in the near future. June 6-7 we are at the Cottonwood Marina in Blair. This is always a good time on the mighty Mo. The band does start the party early here, so check the calendar for starting times. June 14th we are at Decatur Days in Decatur, Nebr. Just ask for directions to the park, where we will be performing at the ball diamond. From what we have heard this is a wild time, and plenty of beer. Until next time, party on.

May 15th, 2003
The Noize would like to announce a new addition to the band. On bass guitar and some lead vocal duty, we have Steve Reckinger. Steve has played in numerous bands in the Omaha area, most notably Star 69 with our guitar player Bobby Fox. Steve has also been with On The Fritz and Scarlet Page in the 80's. His vocal ability is uncanny and compares to the likes of Steve Perry of Journey and Mike Reno of Loverboy. Steve is also a bit of the "class clown", and keeps us all in stitches half the time. Please feel free to come out, and welcome Steve to the Noize family. With winter finally letting go of its grip of the area, the outdoor gigs are fast approaching. With dates at the Anchor Inn, Louisville Days, Decatur Days, and Cottonwood Marina, make it a point to come out and party with us under the stars. Now when we do the "beer bongs", we don't have to worry about getting the suds all over the dance floor. And what better way to follow up a beer bong, than with a nice refreshing shot of RUMPLE MINZE. Not only does it kick your ass, but it leaves your breath minty fresh. And finally, we need as many of you to attend the Ameristar Shows, as possible on May 30-31. It is our first time at the casino since the Freaker’s Ball for Z-92. We would love to show them, just how crazy the friends of the Noize can get. So mark it on your calendar, and don't be late. Until next time, check us out from time to time, and don't forget to leave some song suggestions, in the guest book.

April 1st, 2003
Hey gang! The band has been going through an overhaul as of late, and we have some good news and some sad news. First, the sad news. Our long time guitar player, Mike Riley, has decided to retire and work on an original project of his. Mike has been trying to finish this project for two years now, and has decided to make the time to finish it. He will surely be missed and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. In Mike's place starting April 4-5 will be Omaha legend, Bobby Fox. Bob has played in a number of top bands in the Omaha area including, Tight Fit, The Crush, and Star 69. We invite you all to come out and welcome Bob, the only way you know how. With a BIG PARTY. Sounds like a RUMPLEMINZE WEEKEND to me. And lots of beer bongs!! Don't forget April 11th, at the Royal Grove in Lincoln. The Noize will be promoting and performing at the Midwest Crüefest, along with Down To Here and four other bands. All proceeds go to a cure for cancer in children, better known as the Skylar Neil Foundation. Skylar Neil was the daughter of Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe, who was struck down by this deadly disease. We ask you all to attend and donate what you can to this noble cause. Until next time, PARTY ON.

February 15th, 2003
Louisville, you kick our ass! We can't tell you how much we appreciate the party atmosphere at Good Times. The shots were flowing (and yes, we went through the Rumple Minze), the dance floor was packed and everyone was singing their asses off. Seems like we had more contestants than "beer bongs.” Therefore we are going to add more "bongs", and more contests during the night. Again, THANK YOU Cory and the Good Times gang for a wonderful weekend. There will be a new section added to the Noize website soon. We are calling it the "Neighbors of the Noize", and it is dedicated to all of our friends that attend our festivities. If you see anyone in the band sneaking around with a camera, "show us your pearly whites.” Your "mug" will be added to the "Neighbors" list. Until next time.

January 17th, 2003
We are proud to announce that the Noize has a new member. Introducing ---- Jason "Jazz" Sweeney on bass guitar. Some of you might have seen him perform in NRG or Theorem. Jason brings a monstrous "thump" and a killer groove to the Noize, plus some lead and backing vocals. Please help us in welcoming him aboard, by saying "Hello." The summer scheduling is kicking into high gear, with a couple of dates we would like to draw your attention to. First and foremost is the Midwest Crüefest for the Skylar Neil Foundation. This is a charity gig at the Royal Grove on April 11th and 12th. The benefits for this show will be donated to find a cure for cancer in children. Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe has started this foundation since the passing of his daughter from this deadly disease. Please find it in your heart to attend and donate any extra cash you can spare to this noble cause. If you were wondering, we will be donating our time performing on Friday April 11th. Another date which may interest you concerns Comstock 2003. Twisters in Columbus has invited the Noize to a Battle of the Bands on July 11th. The winner of this Battle gets to open for one of the name acts at Comstock this year. Please come out and support your Noize Boyz as we do battle with some of the best bands in the region. What a great excuse for a road trip, eh?!! As dates start being filled for Summer 2003, check the calendar from time to time. With new venues being added, we may be "invading a neighborhood" near you. RUMPLE MINZE, anyone?

January 3rd, 2003
Hey gang, What a busy December for the band. As is what is becoming a Christmas tradition, we had the privilege of performing some Christmas songs on the Todd 'n' Tyler show on December 17th. The band played Rudolph and Holly Jolly. As much as we love to hang out with those two, 9:00 in the morning is much to early for any musician. Cocktails? The following weekend we were at T-Zer's Bay in Council Bluffs. Two nights of non-stop party time. I don't how these people can put away all that alcohol and continue to stand up. And I thought that we were the only functioning alcoholics around. Here's to you T-Zer's! MORE RUMPLE MINZE, PLEASE? We finished the year off at the Point After in Lincoln. What can we say about Jim and the gang in Lincoln, other than thank you for all of your support through the entire year. We had an outstanding New Years Party at the Point, with more than 300 in attendance and standing room only by 9:00 p.m. The Rumple Minze and Champagne flowed freely, and the dance floor was full non-stop by the second song. Again THANKS to everyone who helped us ring in the New Year. And with the year coming to an end, we want to Thank everyone who has been supportive of the band. James, Bruce, Jeremy, Chris, Todd and Tyler from Z-92 -- Brian at the Arena -- Rich from T-Zer's -- Bob at Fifth St. -- Linda at Boondockers -- Jim at Point After -- Steve, R.J., and Jr. at The Anchor Inn -- Tom at Winchesters -- Rick at the Grove -- Cory at Good Times -- Rayna at the R and R -- Pat at Ameristar -- Stephanie, Bill and Kathleen at Sterling Distribution (Rumple Minze) -- Pam (our light tech) -- Cory, Sherry, Toni, Amber, Trish, Denise -- Alan King and the guys from 3-D -- the Down To Here boys -- Inside Out -- On The Fritz -- Headspace -- and EVERYONE OF YOU that have made our 2002 so much fun. We hope you all have a great 2003!!!!!

November 25th, 2002
It was quite a weekend at the Point After this last weekend. Brian brought out the official "Noize Beer Bongs", and we had a little chugging contest for some Rumpleminze t-shirts. By the way, all the contestants received a free t-shirt, but it was fun watching them slam those beers. The band broke out Won't Get Fooled Again for the first time. It went over very well. All we needed was Riley busting up his guitar and Bev kicking over his drum set. We would try it, if equipment weren't so damn expensive. The Arena is next on Thanksgiving / Colorado Buffalo weekend. The Huskers may have faded a bit, but if we can kick the shit out of the Buffs, it will be a good season after all. Come celebrate the "revenge" match with us after the game. Rumple Minze for everyone!!!!!! Coming into the holidays, the band is looking forward to partying our asses off. Make sure you include our traveling party into your holiday plans. There will be more Rumple Minze giveaways, and lots of new surprises in store. If you would like to hang out with the Boyz for New Years, we will be at the "most rockin' party place in town": the Point After in Lincoln. We would love to have you over for some Rumple Minze, Champagne, and a rockin' New Year's celebration.

October 25th, 2002
The Freakers' Ball was everything it was built up to be. It was sold out by 7:00, the costumes were hilarious, the crowd was pumped and ready to party, and Todd and Tyler were trashed by 9:00. On The Fritz started the festivities with some kick ass rock. Wayne Fritz played a punishing rendition of Hendrix's classic guitar solo from Woodstock, which ended in a guitar-smashing ordeal. The band also cranked out some killer stuff from Blink 182, Pink Floyd , and U2. It was our turn and we let the crowd have it with some Led Zep and Jackyl, before Ozzy made an appearance. We have never seen a dance floor so packed. It was quite a rush! Another special guest made an appearance. This time the "king of the macabre", Alice Cooper, brought out a snake and his "girlfriend's head" to perform Billon Dollar Babies. Elton John decided that he needed to sing, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." He was all decked out in his legendary white tux from the Greatest Hits recording. And last but not least, Rob Zombie growled out Dragula with the Boyz from the Noize, for the finale. All in all, it was a star-studded evening. Where else can you see Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Elton John, and Rob Zombie, but at the Freakers Ball? The costume contest was a hoot. Todd and Tyler picked out some of the best costumes in the audience and brought them on stage. The winners were, a 10-foot tree man, a wolf puss, and a catholic priest with a little boy under his robe. Unbelievable! Down To Here finished the night off, with some outstanding rock from Rush, Queensryche, and Black Sabbath. They also brought out some old funk from the 70's, which had everybody's asses shaking! The party was a huge success, and if you missed it, well there's always next year. We would like to thank Z-92 and Ameristar for having us play this event. And a big thank you to On The Fritz and Down To Here, for hanging out and playing with us.

September 30th, 2002
What a weekend at T-Zer's Bay. It was our first official Rumple Minze weekend, and the shots were flowing like tap water. When we asked to "come out and do a shot or two", we really didn't think it meant 4 or 5. Our party host, Rich, had to go out and buy more "Rumpy" for Saturday night. Altogether we went through 6 bottles of Rumple Minze. It was also our first weekend to bring out the chainsaw and play the Lumberjack Song by Jackyl. You should have seen the faces of everyone in the front row, as Brian walked in with his live "power tool" running. You would of thought Jason from Friday the 13th walked in. Another first for the Noize, happened on Saturday Night as Todd decided it was a good night to propose to his girlfriend Sandy. Bending down on his knee on stage, he asked her to take his hand. She said YES, by the way. Afterwards the Noize was asked to play at the wedding. Rumple Minze, chainsaws, and marriage proposals. Does this sound like a dangerous combination?

September 25th, 2002
As if the Noize wasn't enough of a party band, along comes one of Omaha's favorite shots to add to the festivities. RUMPLE MINZE has decided to sponsor the Boyz from the Noize and all of their endeavors. The party just keeps getting bigger and better, so start looking for prize giveaways and special events in the future. Again we would like to thank Gene Pace and everyone involved at Sterling Distribution for all their efforts in providing this sponsorship. "Come on out and do a shot or two with the Boyz form the Noize"


One other side note, the Boyz have had a week off and have been working on some new material. Most of it is being requested from our friends out there that help with our song selections. Beware, one of these songs requires a power tool. You figure it out.

August 31st, 2002
What a busy Labor Day weekend. The Noize played the Arena for the first time and it was pure enjoyment. We felt like asking "is this heaven?" Football on these huge big screens and Rock all in one place. Then we played at Anchor Inn on Saturday afternoon from 4:30 - 5:30, tore back down and headed back out to the Arena, to play Saturday Night. More football and more Rock. Can it get any better than this? We thank you all who attended both venues, and we will see you all real soon. GO HUSKERS !!!!!!

August 18th, 2002
All we can say is "WOW". The Z-Bash was a total blast. We hope you had as much fun as we did. Although it was unfortunate that Quiet Riot did not play, we were thankful for the extra half hour Clear Channel Entertainment gave us to perform. There was a little bit of havoc, just before show time. At 11:00 A.M., management made the decision for us to start the show, so needless to say we had to be up and running on a moments notice. Special thanks to the stage crew for getting us up and ready. The experience we gained from performing at such a major event, was priceless. Again we would like to thank you all, who voted for us at the Battle of the Bands. We owe you one. We would also like to give a HUGE THANK YOU, to the Z-92 staff for all the courtesies they extended to us backstage, as well as the privilege to open their Birthday Party. We also need to thank, the members of 3-D, On The Fritz, Pranxter, Down To Here and Inside Out for all their support and kind words. It's the brotherhood of musicians in this city, that makes performing "live" music in Omaha a sheer pleasure. Please support these bands, as well as all "live music" in the metro areas. The band was able to meet with Neal Schon of Journey, Eddie Money, Jack Russell of Great White, and all the members of Cheap Trick. If you check the Z-Bash pictures on the images section, you can go backstage with us. Again we want to THANK YOU ALL, for all of your support and are looking forward to seeing you all, at future NOIZE shows around town.

July 15th, 2002
Todd and Tyler announced today that the WINNER of the Battle of the Bands is? ..............(drum roll, please )......... the NOIZE NEXT DOOR. J.D. from "Down To Here" called in to congratulate the band, the only way he knew how: by threatening to kick everyone in the band's ass. (He was just kidding, people) Mike from "Inside Out" also congratulated the band via the phone on the air. Todd and Tyler also felt a need to become fashion consultants, and inform Brian that his attire at the Battle, was unacceptable. Apparently the "WWF LOOK" doesn't work. More on the Spandex issue later. We would like to personally THANK EVERYONE who came out and voted. We sincerely hope you all had a good time, because that's what it's all about anyway. We will see you all at the Journey, Cheap Trick, Quiet Riot, Eddie Money, Jack Russell, and NOIZE NEXT DOOR show, August 18th, Levi Carter Park, Omaha Nebr.

July 13th, 2002
WHAT A PARTY!!! Z-92's Battle of the Bands, was a huge success. We were fortunate enough to grace the stage with three of Omaha's top cover bands. INSIDE OUT, HEAD SPACE, DOWN TO HERE and the NOIZE all competed for the opening slot at this years BIRTHDAY BASH. Inside Out started the festivities by "lighting the fuse" the only way they know how. Playing some kick ass rock! Head Space kept it burning with some new and classic rock including an excellent medley from the Birthday Bash artists. Ron finished their set off by smashing his guitar into pieces. It was our turn. We whipped through a couple of numbers, then cut loose with TNT (our parody for Todd and Tyler). Then it was time for OZZY to make his appearance. The OZZMAN was in rare form and was "packing" two doves. The look on everyone's face after he bit the heads off, was priceless. (No birds were actually killed during the show, so back off PETA). The highlight of the evening was the Mas Tequila fiasco. First the sombreros were flying, and everyone was helping Brian sing along. Then it was time to "open the liquor cabinet". Brian brought a full quart bottle of Jose Quervo out front and the "feeding frenzy" commenced. (Who in their right mind would want a shot of tequila in their Budweiser?) We finished it off with Fight for the Right. "AH MA, YOUR JUST JEALOUS, IT'S THE NOIZE NEXT DOOR" Down to Here finished the night off, with an hour of outstanding musicianship. Their cover of "Tom Sawyer" was definitely a crowd pleaser. J.D. managed to get about every female in the audience on stage for "Brickhouse". We had a blast, and we all appreciated the help each band gave each other back stage and on turnarounds. It would be our honor to play with these bands again. NOW, CROSS THOSE FINGERS.

June 14th, 2002
The band was invited to perform live on the Todd and Tyler show. We did the TNT parody for them and had them help sing those "muppet" vocals, as they are affectionately called. The band got to meet the entire staff and Scott Frost (former Husker Quarterback and current Green Bay Packer Safety). YEA, GO PACKERS !! The band also performed Rebel Yell to end the radio performance. Afterwards, Bruce Patrick Program Director for Z-92, asked the band to be one of the contestants for the Battle of the Bands. The winner of this contest will be opening for Z-BASH 2002 featuring Journey, Cheap Trick, Quiet Riot, Eddie Money, and Jack Russell from Great White. By the way, WE ACCEPTED.

May 31st, 2002
The band had been working on originals for a while and decided to take a little break. During that break, the band put together a parody of ACDC's "TNT" for Todd and Tyler. We jumped back in the studio and recorded it. We took it down to them and they LOVED it. They had it on the air, about ten minutes after we delivered it. Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Hear 'em on the air at sunrise
It's the Todd and Tyler Show
Out for every laugh they get
Sinking to new lows
Donny, Trav, and Brian's News
The only show in town
Catch 'em on Z-92
If your feelin' down

Cuz' they're TNT
at morning light TNT
and late at night TNT
on the radio TNT
the morning shoooooowwwwwwww

They're dirty, mean, sort of obscene
They are wanted men
Catholic enemy number one
So lock up your mother
If she is hot
The chub'll be over
Loaded with throck
They'll bring the dodge ball team
They're gonna make her scream

I guess this will be the way we have to do this song from now on.

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