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Living Well Steve and Gloria Stanforth, in Quad Cities, Illinois.
Acquired Nov 15 2009.
Previously: Bobby K III

Added Feb 2009: Bought in Fort Washington Md on the hard.  


Rainbow Voyager Allen Barnby, in Fethiye Turkey.
Acquired August 2006.

Added June 17 2008: Bought from an American who with his family sailed the boat from San Francisco across the Pacific to New Zealand. They did a major refit there. They then sailed to the Med via Australia, Thailand, India and the through Suez Canal to Turkey. The boat was in very good condition when I bought it and I have had to do very little to it.  


February 1976
Golden Dragon Hank Steinfeld, in Solomons, MD.
Acquired July 2008.

Added August 2008: When I acquired Golden Dragon, she did not have her running rigging set up. I am trying to make heads or tails out of the combinations of the blocks, cleats and the like. Can anyone point me at a rigging diagram for the IT 37? Near as I can tell, the previous owner maintained the baseline rig, but was adding a stasl (not completed)  

CHB 14

March 1976
Kat's Kradle Adam Piwowarek, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Acquired December of 2002.
Previously: Emerald Star, Star

Added March 2004: Island Trader-37 -- Rigging Esail Plan By-F.P.Ayers,P.E.& N.A., Bay Head, N.J. -- Plan No.1013-May7-1976  

ETY 16

May 1976
Captain Paul & Donna Bernier, in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Acquired October 2004.
Previously: Watermark

Added December 2006: We acquired our boat from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy boat auction in October 2004 Its original port was from Long Island, NY.

We refurbished the entire interior in tongue & groove teak after recoring the decks from the inside with Nydecore fiberglass so we could retain the teak decks topside. Boat has a 4-108 Perkins Diesel engine and 50 gallon fuel tank. We installed all new opening Newfound Metal port lights. The leaks are gone!!! We added a Dickerson Pacific Diesel stove for heat & cooking; electric head & shower; Nor Cold refrigeration; mood lighting; nav station; hood roller furling booms; aluminum spars for the main & mizzen; Schaeffer 3k roller furler; and four Anderson self-tailing winches; all new electronics at helm; teak wheel, as well as new Sampson post. New projects will include bow thruster; dinghy davets; travellers; solar panels and dodger.

Boat sails BEAUTIFUL at 7.5 knots under full sail; so far!! Turns heads in Buzzards Bay!!! Will never sell because we love it soooo much!!!  

CHB 29

July 1976
Russell Wakefield, in Miami Beach Florida.
Acquired 2006?.

Added July 26 2008: I turned 80 last July 13 I want to sell my boat the Enola which is on the IT pages. I have a site at .

I must sell it.

Added February 20 2007: I believe I am the fourth owner. I have two original factory brochures. I have seen Island Traders and I cannot see any difference. The Enola is registered in Florida. After I put in the new masts and redo the decks with your helpful instructions I am going to keep it in Miami Beach near Madonna's penthouse!



August 1976
Paul and Anne Mckinnon, in Fort Meyers Beach, Florida.
Acquired February 2008.
Previously: With the Wind

Added Oct 2010: Southwind and palms

Added March 2009: We bought this boat from Tom and Carol Davis in Feb. 2008 in Hobe Sound. we brought her around from Stuart to Fort meyers by way of the Keys in Jan. 9 Paul and i are from canada, but are thoroughly enjoying the boat in florida.

Added March 2008: I sold the boat to Paul and Ann McKinnon in February, 2008 They hail from Ontario,Canada. They are planning to sail the boat in Florida and Bahama waters, and eventually bring it up to Canada.

Added Jan, 2008: A picture of Southwind

Added Dec, 2004: The name has changed to Southwind

Added Jan, 2002: I recently replaced the wooden main with an aluminum mast. The wooden boom is still intact. I also added a harken roller furler and a genoa 150, and two lewmar self tailing winches in the cockpit area. The volvo engine was replaced with a 30 hp yanmar. I replaced the contact paper mahogany cabin wall with mahagony plywood. This boat is a pleasure to sail, and a pleasure to see. Some people may say it is heavy, I say it is graceful.  

ETY 21

August 1976
Wildwood Flower
Home Page
Rober Joswick
Acquired 2010.
Previously: Wildwood Flower (1995), Kwatee (1994), Carie Rose (1986), Piglet (1986), Aracus (1980), Dune (1979), Piglet III (1976)

Added May 2010: Wildwood Flower has moved on to a new owner. I will continue to maintain these pages into the forseeable future.  


August 1976
Veritas Areda David Zolton Biro, in Saugatuck Michigan USA.
Acquired June 7 2008.
Previously: Fantasia

Added December 2009: Life is a never-ending process of learning. Being a liveaboard since 2001, working for marinas, and holding a USCG 100-ton Master's Certificate, I continue to acquire knowledge. Experience, to this point, had provided a wealth of information on what I needed my boat/home to be, and this Island Trader has exceeded every expectation. We are presently wintering at 42.64842,-86.208517 (Douglas, Michigan) .

Added June 2008: Recently acquired...more information to follow.  


September 1976
Corralita Sven K. and Helen H. Govaar, in Kemah, Texas.
Acquired May of 1999.
Previously: Artimes

Added 8/2002: Corralita is now for sale by owner. Please contact by email if interested.

Added 2/2002: Corralita was purchased by current owners in May 1999 in Port Arthur, TX. Boat was surveyed and U.S. Coast Guard documented. Boat was sailed to Kemah in July 1999 She is being updated and refurbished. Interior redesign galley; removed several compressors and freezer box and replaced with 12v/120vac refrigerator Installed new starter motor, new hot water heater, 16000BTU heater/ air conditioning system and holding system. Updated electrical system including phone and computer lines. History of vessel from 1976 Taipei to present owner available upon request.  


September 1976
Marylou's Black Pearl Dawn Johansen Snead, in Hunting Creek, VA.
Acquired June 2003.
Previously: Chrislynn in Baltimore , MD

She needs Masts rebuilt but has a lot of life left in her.  

ETY 36

October 1976
Henry Wilshusen, in San Francisco.
Acquired March 2006.

Added March 2008: By the way the experiment of coating over the teak deck with Durabak worked great. Looks great and no more leaks!!!

Added August 2007: previous owner lived aboard 22 yrs. Towed to ship yard as engine cooling system plugged with barnacles. Had not left berth for 5yrs and cooling valve left open!! Had engine cooling cleaned out, 2 coats bottom paint, new shaft, shaft coupling, and packing, cleaned and lubed thru hulls, replaced bob-stay. Drove from ship yard Apr 2006 Spent hours goiing through cleaning and more cleaning, removing mildew, painting, replacing expired fire extinguishers, flares, installing smoke and CO detectors, installed sea strainer on engine cooling as well as fresh water flush system, washed sails, etc. Sailed for first time in 5 yrs May 2006 Past year had new vee berth mattress made, cleaned all cushions and covers, replaced main standing rigging, sanded and re-varnished exterior trim and rails, painted main mast, replaced burnt out spreader lights, installed new vhf, cd player, TV, microwave, BBQ,and depth finder. April 2007 changed oil and filters and re-filled diesel tank. Only used 17 gal fuel first year and that includeed running Diesel heater on Quite a few nights I stayed aboard-San Francisco gets coooool at night!! Getting ready to coat over teak deck with Durabak. Leaky teaky!! Hope it works- don't really want to tear teak up! Take her out sailing couple times a month. Love my Island Trader!!  


November 1976
Inshalla Patrick and Susan Kennedy, in Marathon, FL.
Acquired 11/29/2001.

Added Nov 2004: Inshalla is coming along at a steady pace BUT we are still hoping to find the interior carved doors that we are lacking. We may end up having our mizzen mast custom made as we cannot find one ANYWHERE. We are also on the lookout for a mizzen boom but again, may have to get a "new" one. The binnacle and wheel we got from you (wildwood Flower) is great! the finish on the wheel is still perfect, what did you use? We currently are in Miami but hope to go cruising by June.

Inshalla needs many parts, including mizzen mast and boom, and interior doors. If you know of a derelict IT, it may be a gold mine for them.  

ETY 41

November 1976
Mara Al & Janine Jarosz, in Traverse City, MI.
Acquired May 2007.
Previously: Silencio, Whisper

Added April 2008: Confirmed serial number in email with new address.

Added November 2007: I tried to write to Al & Janine at the given email, but the email bounced. I was wondering about the conflicting hull number and about the builder prefix ETY or CHB? -- mm

Added August 2007: We purchased Mara from Mike and Alice in Old Town Fl. and just had it hauled up to Michigan. She is dry docked in our back lot. She was pretty neglected but a surveyor said the hull was sound and the fiberglass was dry. She needs a total restoration but it will be a labor of love. We hope to have her fully restored in two years.

I am looking for the original port windows to replace the stationary port windows if anyone has replace with new hatches. Also, if anyone has blueprints or an electrical schematic to the original design I would love to see them. I am going to gut the interior and exact measurements would be extremely helpful.

We have already fallen in love with this beautiful boat.

Added November 2005: The previous owners, Mike & Alice in Old Town, Florida wrote:

We Aquired the vessel "Whisper" this year (2005) and plan to refurbish her.... we're tossing new names around, "Silencio" "Midnight Blue" " the Loose Screw" "Posidens Pearl" what do ya' think? later installments and pictures to come...

Hello, we are just about to start to refurbish/refit an Island Trader we purchased. This is the first of many reference questions I have, for she is in poor shape, although never storm damaged or sank. Just neglected. Just a little history.... I always admired this vessel and new the previous owner who tradically died in an auto accident. (the previous owner also passed on while owning her) I'm thinking of renaming her "Silencio" ("Silence") in there name. He named her "Whisper" We got to know each other while I was doing a total rebuild on my 32' irwin sloop.

Anyway, I want to sand blast the bottom to do a blister repair job. There are two scribed lines at or near the water line the one I believe to be the water line marker is solid all the way from stem to stern , the other above it stops just before the bow and before the stern, maybe marking the boot stipe? the previous owner applied bottom paint well above both of these because she sat low in the water probably from having a saturated hull and him living onboard with lots of gear. Am I correct? Any help with these and other questions in the future are greatly appreciated. We plan to bring her back to her former "Glory"  

ETY 45

December 1976
Phoenix Peter Jorgensen, in Shell Point, FL.
Acquired 1991.

Added January 2008: Phoenix is really now for sale. We're moving back to upstate NY and so have to leave the sailor's life behind.

Due to our impending move back to upstate NY, we're going to have to sell Phoenix, our IT37. She needs lots of tender loving care, but is basically sound. She has be refitted with an electric drive for getting off the mooring or in/out of the harbor. Her masts are down and being refinished.

I can send (email) pictures. This is your opportunity to get a solid older boat for a very good price.

Added June 2006: Phoenix is not for sale anymore. I guess sailing won out over academia (though I still work at FSU.) Anyway, here's a new blurb for your Island Trader Directory,

After more than three years of wrangling with the truckers who damaged my main mast transporting it from Buffalo to Tallahassee, I have finally gotten them to agree to pay the insurance that I paid for! So soon I'll be repairing (or replacing) the main mast and stepping both masts. I've got the Etek electric motor installed and am in the process of testing various reduction ratios to get the best performance. I hope to raise a sail or two by the end of the summer.

Phoenix - a 37' Electric Ketch

Added Nov 2004: Phoenix is for sale. Life as an assistant professor leaves me no time for sailing, alas! Dead volvo engine is out, New ETEK motor is ready to go in. Masts are not stepped. She's ready for overland transport to your dock.  


George McInerney, in Patchogue River, Long Island.
Acquired 2001.
Previously: Moonshadow

Added November 2007: we have sailed! We sailed last Saturday with a nw at 15knts. What a nice boat it's all coming together,

Added May 2007: More work done to the interior of Francis .

Added February 2006: We have been reworking this beauty, there was a small galley fire, so interior has been revamped with mahogony and the original teak doors are still here, repowered with a 50 hp yanmar, the masts were wood and were left to rot, we just got the new masts, aluminum, this will be a charter boat on the Great South Bay of Long Island New York, I'll send pics as soon as I can.


CHB 51

Jan 1977
Francois de Faymoreau

Added June 14, 2009: After a longer chore putting spreaders, lights, compression post, the new mast went up in May. It is about 51' above the water, double spreader with staysail. I have yet to sail her as there is other work to do: new prop, shaft seal, and probably a stern tube, the original one being loose! Yikes.

Added March 9, 2009: I am making progress after a set back with a fire that caused cosmetic damage but nothing structural. The big task is getting the rig up. This boat came with a mast horizontal on deck but not the original one. In fact it is 2 feet longer and a 2 spreader mast designed to be decked stepped, so I am designing a compression post and related parts to accommodate this. These considerations will make the mast about 8 feet taller than the original rig. From at least one comment on the website this should be an improvement even if reefing sooner will be required.  

ETY 52

Jan 1977
Home Page
Michael Williams, in Washington, NC.
Acquired December 2008.
Previously: Shanty

Added December 2008: I just purchased "Shanty" and look forward to refitting her for service. She has been on the hard for several years and still needs some work. I plan to document the work on .

We are an ASA certified sailing school and also offer cruises, charters and rentals on the Pamlico Sound.

Added April 2008: From Dale Wilson, in Savannah GA, She's undergoing complete refit at my shop, hope to sail off next summer.  


Jan 1977
Steady Beat
Home Page
Justin Francis, in Vancouver.
Acquired April 2008.
Previously: Tao Min

Added May 2008: This boat was built by the Chung Hwa boatyard, yet appears to bear the ETY hull number of the Island Traders. In any case, the original documentation lists the boat as a Magellan 36

Added October 2003: Seen in Port Townsend, WA

Magellan 36 seen at the Point Hudson Marina. The live-aboard owners have limited internet access but will register soon.  

CHB 57

March 1977
Hanalei Moon Mark Fontenot, in San Diego, CA.
Acquired March 2001.
Previously: Athena

Added Dec 2004: I recently found this site and can't wait to post some information and a link to my web site.  

CHB 60

March 1977
Different Drummer
Mark Green, in Long Beach, CA.
Acquired November 1995.

Added November 2004: Have lived aboard since buying, is in fairly good shape but still need to pull both spars and rerig.  

ETY 63

May 1977
Jim Roberts and Denise Hannon, in St.Augustine, Fla.
Acquired June 2005.
Previously: Danielle in Ohio

Added Oct 2005: We puchased Snapdragon to cruise and live aboard. We are moving to St. Augustine from Dallas, Texas in a couple of weeks to begin the restoration of the exterior wood and a few updates of equipment. "The adventure begins"

Added November 2000: A picture of Danielle :  

CTY? 67

June 1977
Forever Free John Trominski, in San Diego, CA.
Acquired December 2001.

Added May 2004: Living aboard my retirement home on Grosse Ile,Mi. I think I have a real Maggellan. Same as the brochure and a three cylinder Volvo. Sticker in forward locker has company logo and #cty360670677- (chinese letter)
mm: I think the serial number is actually ETY...  

ETY 80

September 1977
Sylvester M. McBean John Gallant, in Treasure Island, Florida.
Acquired October 2003.
Previously: Mystalot



October 1977
Meander Lee Farmer, in Moore Haven, FL.
Acquired May 2005.

Added May 2005: This poor boat has been deserted for some time (after her owner was killed in a car accident) and is in need of much restoration. But it will be done over the next few years, and meanwhile we can sail her when we find time.  

CHB? 36

Stella Borealis Adam Yuret, in Portland, OR.

Added March 2005: A Magellan 36 email list has been created at for Magellan 36 owners, I imagine it could accommodate Island Trader Owners too. Come sign up at scroll down and click subscribe next to the Magellan 36 Lets get an open forum going where we can all share our trials, tribulations and triumphs instantly over email.  

CHB 86

White Swan II ???, in Port Townsend WA.
Acquired 2006.
Previously: White, Swan, II

Added November 2007: White Swan II was in the boatyard at the same time as Wildwood Flower . Her owner is now living aboard at Point Hudson Marina.  


Riga-Strand Craig and Marsha Huff, in Ventura, California.

Riga-Strand has been to the Mediterranian and Europe. She is in very good condition and had been well maintained.  


Jerry Reynolds, in Slidel Louisiana.
Acquired April 1996.

Added Nov 2010: A sad note from the owner of LOLA: BTW - I met Jerry Reynolds here in New Orleans and he lost his boat to Katrina, so you may want to remove his info from the site.

Added August 2005: Some pictures:

Added September 2004: More to come; just recently found this page.  


Fernando Rivera, in Puerto Real, Puerto Rico.
Acquired 2005.
Previously: Survivor

Added January 2008: The previous owner, Christopher Mace, writes: Sold in 2005

Added August 2005: I have had this boat for several years. I love her but she is in need of much wood work, and I simply can't keep her. My wife is expecting our first child, and I have put her up for sale. She is currently anchored in la Parguera Puerto Rico.



Mistalot Mike Merenda, in Hudson Florida.

Added December 2008: Hello IT folks, I will be listing an 1977 Island Trader 37' on Ebay Motors for auction, she is a project boat with tons of parts including but not limited too;

original interior teak from two Island Traders all the storage doors and drawers are there plus extras! including one set of the solid teak carved doors

original heavey duty bronze and stainless steering pedestal with a beautiful stainless compass binnacle (no compass)

heavy duty bronze manual windlass

four large stainless dorade vents

the classic looking teak stern rail is in excellent shape

never used douglas fir main mast and all the standing rigging from two boats in great shape

the boat itself is in the midst of a complete refit, so far the side decks and complete cabin top including around the portholes have been recored....cockpit floor and seating area still needs recored, I have already removed the old core from the cockpit floor

original teak bow pulpit and cockpit grate is included and in great shape

main bulkheads are new and installed head is totally framed in as is the vee berth

the starboard sette is framed in and the port half circle sette is framed and ready to install and finish

the floor joices are new and sealed solid with epoxy and a new marine plywood floor in instaled and also thoroughly sealed

I bought this boat from a gentleman who had this work done by an experienced shipright

the galley and lazerette still need framed in, and I will include the two brand new 4x8' sheets of teak plywood for this

the rudder, all steering quadrent peices are there as is shaft prop and bronze shaft bearing housing, I do have a motor, a 1999 volvo md2040 40 hp diesel with low hours and a brand new reverse gear....the motor has ALL new exterior parts!

I cant even begin to list all the parts included, but plan to try to make an inventory list before the start of the auction

just a heads up for anybody interested, my father is ill and I am planning to move to Alabama to take care of him and cannot finish this project, I'm fairly sure shes going to go cheap  

CHB 95

March 1978
La Ina S
Luis Sendón, in Vigo, Spain.
Acquired April 1997.
Previously: La Ina, Endeavour

Added February 2003: La Ina S was bought to former couple dutch owners April 1997 in Cartagena, Spain, and brought to actual home port in Vigo, Spain. Constructed by Chung Hwa Boat Building as Taiwan Clipper 36 with serial number CHB/36/095/03/78. Boat have been maintained carefully by previous owners.  

CHB 94

April 1978
Dennis Pittis, in Everett, WA.
Acquired February of 1980.

Have been crusing Apogee in the Puget Sound and Canadian waters since 1980 She has been repowered with a 3 clyinder Yanmar. The wooden main and mizzen have been replaced with aluminum spars form Spar Tech. A dodger was added in 1993 and all the interior cushions where replaced in 1987

Apogee was marketed as a Magellan 36 The CHB in the serial number stands for Chung Hwa Boat Bldg Co. in Taiwan.  


June 1978
Tim Lee Mike Calandrino, in Long Beach CA.
Acquired Feb 2003.

Added March 2007: We have added new motor and new sails. I just re-did all the varnish.
This boat was on the cover of the magazine Lattitudes and Attitudes April 2005  


March 1979
True Story Jay Menninger, in Malletts Bay, Vermont.
Acquired June 2006.
Previously: Sojourner

Added June 2006: We just picked up a beautiful Island Trader 37 in Warwick, RI and sailed her home to Vermont. We are looking forward to enjoying many years of great sailing Lake Champlain on her and am interested in hearing about everyones projects and hints about these very interesting vessels.  

ETY 101

August 1979
Tantara Clark Pettibon, in Norfolk, Virginia.
Acquired 1979.

Tantara is still with her original owner!

Purchased at Annapolis Boat show in 1979 as hull #1 of the Island Trader 38 series. Tantara is now in St Lucia and has been in the Caribbean for about 10 years. My Wife and I live aboard. She has been upgraded with new masts (1983) and repowered to a Yanmar 50 from the original Yanmar QM30. The Teak decks have been replaced with glass (much cooler in the Caribbean) . Most of the interior has been rebuilt. And the huge dirty bilge was filled with foam and glassed over. The boat weighs about 27,600 lbs.  


August maybe 1979 ?
Captain Tommy and Debbie Cook, in John Wayne Marina, Sequim, WA.
Acquired September 2001.

Avanti is my fifth sail boat. It was love at first sight. We bought her to take us into retirement in a few years. The previous owners, Tom and Maryanna, did a wonderful job of bringing her up in condition and I try to keep it up. Tom added an GPS chart drive and I added a radar. She even has a fireplace Tom built, nice! Debbie keeps it like a little dollhouse below, that is when Im not working on some project. I replaced the fuel tank and some throughhull fittings this last year. Power is a Yanmar.

We would love to hear from other IT owners to discuss ideas. Anyone in WA interested meeting next summer for a gam? Avanti is very nice and is NOT for sale.  


September 1979
Island Princess Jim Mc Roberts, in Virgin Gorda, BVI.
Acquired July 1995.
Previously: Island Princess

Added January 2005: As stated we found the island princess in the BVI - was in need of much repair as it was lived on ,but not well kept up. Since 95 we have done much work, including removal of all varnish and replaced with a cetol stain. Boat is kept in dry dock for approx 10 months and in the water for 2 months and never leaves the Virgin Islands.  


December 1979
Dream On Brian Dunn, in Gloucester, Mass.
Acquired November 2004.
Previously: Mollie J

Added April 2006: Boat had extensive interior water damage when we got her, mainly from leaky ports and being uncovered and untended for a few years, spent the winter and spring rebuilding, launched and re-named in July and had a spectacular downeast cruise for a few weeks. Still lots to do (there always is) but everything works She's a fine boat and we're having a lot of fun.  


Windjammer III Massimo Scroppo, in Portoferraio Isola d'Elba Italy.
Acquired 1998.

Added November 26, 2006: One more Island Trader in far away lands.  


January 1980
Seas' the Day Scott Abbey, in Roosevelt, Arizona.
Acquired March 2008.
Previously: Oh Kay

Added August 2008: I purchased this vessel for my retirement. It is presently on stands on the hard, and is undergoing an updating. Will keep you all informed of progress.  

ETY 111

March 1980
Debra Rose Rosaire Caron, in New Hampshire.
Acquired September 3 2005.
Previously: La Maitresse

Added July 2006:  


March 1980
Scalliwag Berthed in Alabama.
Previously: Anejo, Gypsy Lass

Added June 2007: ( from the owner of Scalliwag ) Hi, Steve,

Saw your question about ANEJO on the Island Trader site.

As you know, you bought her, as GYPSY LASS, from Donald and Arlene McCay, Ft. Myers.

Then, you and Joanne sold her, as ANEJO, to Kevin Rainey, Daytona Beach, in July, 2001

Next, I bought her, as SCALLIWAG, in August, 2002

I immediately asked Lou Drinnan, whom you probably know, to bring all of her bright work up. All of it! Lou went through almost $5,000, and it was well worth it. Just stunning. You would be proud to know she looked like a Steinway Grand Piano. Your hull paint stayed looking very very good. Kevin had added AC, some beautiful canvas covers, in the perfect complimenting color of light tan, to the butterfly hatches, sail covers, etc, new sails, etc, etc. I kept the hull highly waxed, serviced her old but rock steady Yanmar, polished the fuel, and only lightly sailed her.

I continued to enjoy the boat until I sold her, in February, 2003, to a Tedd Shedd, an offshore oil driller who lives in Alabama. He moved her there, on her own bottom, shortly thereafter.

All the best,

Ken Oyler

Added February 2003: Scaliwag has been sold and is headed for a new berth in Alabama.  

ETY 116

June 1980
Full Moon Jerry Hicks, in Deltaville, VA.
Acquired November 2005.
Previously: Marisol

Added November 2005:  


June 1980
Home Page
Berthed in Kansas City, Missouri.
Acquired May of 2000.


LHC 135

August 1980
Wind Dancer
Capt. Dave, in Brookings, Oregon.
Acquired June 2003.
Previously: Point of Aries

Added April 2005: WindDancer is currently in Florida getting some needed mast repairs. I am taking teak down to bare wood for a treatment of Cetol Light and clear coat. I'm tired of all the varnish.  

LHC 137

November 1980
Mary Judith Sigurd Lee, in Pensacola, Florida.
Acquired March of 1994.
Previously: Mi Mi Ti

Added 1/2005: The "Mary Judith" was severely damaged in Hurricane Ivan and ended up beached in downtown Pensacola. Boat U.S. totalled her but refused my repurchase offer and she was sold at auction. A Swedish gentleman who purchased her (and several dozen other boats) is actively restoring her for live aboard and Caribbean cruising.

The Mary Judith is a CK36 with Tung Wha listed as the manufacturer in Ping Tong Hsien, Taiwan. The LHC in the hull number is a USCG listed builder id which they received in 10/77 and still holds today that refers to Lien Hwa Boat Building Corporation. I called Marine Trading International in NJ and spoke to a Taiwanese Engineer that assured me that Tung Wha's were built in the same yards as Island Traders. What I could not discern was what the marketing concept was as the design is identical. The LOA is 43' (bowsprit) , the LOD is 35ft 10in, the LWL is 27ft 10in, draft is 4ft 6 3/4in while the diplacement is 16300 lbs and the keel is 5000 lbs. The joinery work for hatches etc. match much of the work I have seen on Island traders and Marine Traders.  

ETY 130

March 1981
Previously: corl reef

Added May 2004: The owner of corl reef , L. W. Corl writes
I owned corl reef from from 1989 until 1996 in Tom Rivers, NJ.
Am trying to locate the above boat. Had to sell it, but am regretting I ever sold it. If anyone has information on this boat I would greatly appreciate it. [ ety37130m81g (maybe ETY371300381?) CG ID 641982 ]  

ETY 119

August 1981
Jolanta Andrew Kopczynski, in Hudson, Florida.
Acquired 1992.
Previously: Duchess


ETY 121

December 1981
Amelia Mel & Cecilia Chaplin, in Solomons, Maryland.
Acquired January 2006.
Previously: Magic Dragon

Added February 2006: Newly acquired in Wellfleet, moving to Maryland to live aboard.  


Harmony VII
Michael Jarvis, in Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Acquired May 2000.
Previously: Harmony II, Harmony

Added 12/2005: Since the refit we have add a stay sail, and what a difference it made hull speed in 12kts. Also added a teak cover forard of the main traveler over the sliding hatch it helps in heavy seas.

Added 11/2001: From the picture it looks like the work is now done!

I acquired the boat in New Jersy. Sailed home to Chester with my son Mark, and have spent the last 12 months re building. Gutted the interior removed teak decks replaced with all new teak. Some core damage, core replaced, gunnel removed glassed hull to deck joint, rebuilt the interior keeping the original layout. We striped the anti fouling all 20 yrs of it using soda there was considerable pitting which we filled, primed with an epoxy and finisheh with two top coats of Polyurethane top coat (Glass Shield) .  

ETY 126

Malembe Louise and Serge Coallier, in St Paul de l'ile aux Noix.
Acquired July 2002.
Previously: Old Brigand

Added January 2007: Under major renovation the boat is presently in my yard. Planning to sail the East Coast in September 2006 and the Carabeen early 2007 Bonne Voile

P.S. If Anybody have info on cutter rig for this boat please get in touch with me. Thank you, Serge

Added May 2004:  

ETY 129

LOLA Chuck Lody, in New Orleans, LA.
Acquired 2006.
Previously: Navasana, Island Thyme, Karis II

Added Nov 2010: Wanted to give an update. A few of your other followers have contacted me on suggestions - thanks

I've attached some pics of our boat. While I know it's been said that it's bad luck (sorry Neptune) , we have again changed the name of our boat to LOLA. My wife insisted since, whatever LOLA wants LOLA gets. It's been a great retirement project. Have only been doing lake sailing in New Orleans but still planning blue water. Lifted the teak off the deck and used the DuraBak product one of the owners suggested and it appears to have solved most of the leaks. Put a number of other refinements, but still considered a work in progress.
Lola at the dock
The main cabin

Added April 2007: Just wanted to give you an update on my reconstruction progress of the subject boat. Have renamed the vessel from Island Thyme to Navasana (Yoga for boat position) . Vessel has been documented by US Coast Guard. Have restored main and put new aluminum spreaders on the wooden mast. The spreaders were manufactured by JTS (located in Tampa/St. Petersburg) and they did a terrific job. Have sailed her in some fairly heavy weather and she did great with the main and working jib. Next is to rebuild mizzen, which has some dry rot that I need to remove. Have posted a request on the website to BUY a copy of an owners manual or at least a electrical schematic of the boat to hopefully save me some time tracing circuits. Contact me if anyone has info.

Added December 2006: Have recently purchased the subject boat (ETY 129) from the estate of the former owner.

I am in process of some fairly major overhaul on the wooden masts. Both had been removed. Is there a resource for information to be sure that I rebuild and install the rigging properly?

Several of the spreaders (wooden) are damaged and aluminum spreaders have been recommended by a friend, do you know of a domestic source that I can call?

Added June 2004: Full serial number is ETY37129M81G .  


Coral Sea David A. Shivers, in Mobile, Alabama.
Acquired September 2002.

Added October 2003: Currently undergoing total rebuilding in Mobile, Al. New exterior hatches, plumbing, electrical, including panel, portlights, total replacement from cabin sole to headliner with half inch tounge and grove teak. New teak cockpit and deck. New spars and standing rigging.

I have considerable experience in defining the problems we all have and some of you may not know about yet. I'll be happy to share my experiences and help with any questions you may have. I am one year into this project and expect to be completed within the next twelve months ( see his note on the Island Trader Messages page too ) .  

BTY? 371?

April 1982
Home Page
David K Phelps, in Annapolis, MD.
Acquired 2 Sept 2004.
Previously: My Sin

Added September 2004: I have just purchased this vessel with the intention of sailing the world with my dog Lady Logan. I will bring it from NY to Annapolish MD as soon as the hurricane season has passed. I will post all new pictures to website as they are available.  


August 1982
Home Page
John Edwards, in Hyannis on Cape Cod, MA.
Acquired June 2004.

Added Dec 2004: We just had our webpage updated with pictures of Granuaile. Just wanted to share with everyone. The refurb is slow but the reward is worth it.

My wife and I have been looking at Island traders to enhance our small charter business. The looking turned to desperation when a comerical lobsterman struck and totaled our 33' sloop. We searched all around and found a Island trader in need of lots or tlc and purchased it. We recently sailed it back to cape cod up thru long island sound. The boat handled well and now we are cleaning it out. The previous owner removed much of the wood vener and we are eagerly putting it back together. I would greatly appreciate all comments and suggestions to those of you who have brought these great boats back to life.

Added 30 Aug 2004: add a note on the message page.

Added June 2004: Just bought our first island trader for our small charter business and are looking forward to rebuilding her. all notes and suggestions greatly appreciated.  


Storymaker Tim O'Neill, in Pasedena MD.
Acquired 1998.
Previously: ANJI SAN

Added March 2008: I purchased Storymaker as a fixer upper and boy was she ever . Severe rot on the spars, leaky decks to many old coats of paint to count,. leaks everywhere.. now she has been soda blasted striped down to the original surface. below the waterline she has 8 new coats of epoxy, above the waterline she’s been cleaned and all her dings and dents filled , fared ready for her new paint The old teak decks have been removed and an almost total deck recore has been done. Soon she’ll be painted. I have decided to not replace the teak due to the cost and easier maintenance of fiberglass decks. The new yanmar 36 is on order (after all the work I did I decided a new motor was in order.) Remasting, new hatches, refinishing and plumbing the interior are next. I am doing all the work myself so its taking a while. To be honest years but I am looking forward to meeting my fellow Island Trader owners on the water soon.

If anybody is interested in acquiring the old motor and trans. let me know. The motor was running fine 3 years ago when the major refit (educational nightmare) began.

Added 2000: Island Trader 38 in Pasadena, Md.

In year 2 of a 6 month refit.  


L'Attitude Roger Purdue, in Victoria BC.
Acquired 2005.
Previously: Faraway

Added September 2009: I acquired this vessel in 2005 in San Diego, and trucked her to Anacortes to sail to Victoria (Oak Bay) . After restoring the boat for the past 4 years, I have now been sailing her this year (2009) for the first time. I am gradually getting to know her characteristics and foibles - among which, a need for a dodger, whih will involve raising the boom. Any comments or advice?

Added August 2009: I'm thinking of replacing my masts with aluminum ones. Any experience and advice regarding the costs, feasibility and possible suppliers for masts/spreaders/booms etc. for this?  


Southern Cross
Mike Jones, in Georgetown, MD.
Acquired 1990.
Previously: Innisfree

Added March 2008: Just a short note to tell you that we have sold Southern Cross . She was getting just too much for us to keep up so she went to a boat carpenter who we're sure will bring her back to her glory. Meanwhile we now sail instead of sand on our old 19' trailer-sailer.

Added March 2007: I'm about to attempt to replace the sink area in the gally. The only thing holding it in tact is the formica top. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this or has any ideas.  


Tom Crean Bob & Cas Collins, in Marmaris Turkey.
Acquired May 2008.
Previously: Pelican, Team Effort III

Added July 22 2008: We'd love to hear any history about our boat. The previous owner knew very little but we do know that she crossed the Atlantic about 12 year ago and was then used as a 'live aboard' for quite some time. She is now British registered and we hope to have her cruising soon having already replaced all the electrical system, gas system, toilet system and installed davits and pushpit. Love to hear from anyone who knew her under her previous names.

Added 2006: I bought an Island Trader "Pelican", in Turkey last October (I notice she is listed at the bottom of your directory) . I'm itching to return in the spring to prep and launch her for the season. I intend to get a better photo of her for your site when I return. Best wishes Jim Gallagher UK

Added 2001: There is one Island Trader here in Bermuda called "Pelican" that has been here for a few years, but the owners are moving on to The Azores and Mediterranean destinations this year.

Island Trader 38 in the Carribean, and planning a trip to Europe.

Previously of Brick, New Jersey.

Added 2000: We are the proud owners of Pelican (previously Team Effort III of Brick, New Jersey.) She is berthed in Dockyard Marina, Bermuda where we sailed her from Forked River, N.J. in September 1996 She is an IT 38 and it's our intention to sail her to Europe in 2001 Photo attached. Best wished, Chas and Kate Williams



Sorceress Berthed in Kent Island, MD.

Added August 2002:  


Gary Luckow, in Kenora, ONT Canada.
Acquired May 1, 2000.

Added 2005: Interested to find Shadowfax already listed. The boat was purchased in the Florida Keys as noted it was for sale. We transported her overland. Eventually she will sail trough the great lakes and on to the Baltic for a 'back to roots' expedition. From there to the Greek isles. She currently lies at anchor in a beautiful Canadian wilderness cove during the summer months and of course dry docked during winter. Lake of Woods is a fresh water lake lying between Minnesota and Manitoba/Ontario. It encompasses some 2400 square miles of water, with over 14,000 islands. Shadowfax has been refurbished and enjoys the attention she gets from its present owners.

Added July 2002: Shadowfax first appeared on this page in 1999 when the previous owner was selling her in Florida.  


Scorpio of Thursday Island
Dave Weir, in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Acquired 1999.

Berthed in the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania  


Eimy Ronald Skjelten, in Brattvaag, Norway.
Acquired June 2006.

Added September 2006:  


Que Pasa Mark and Lesley Chapman, in Port Dickson, Malaysia.
Acquired 1992.

Added July 2 2009: We aquired the mould from Chung Hwa in Thaba Nchu South Africa after they had relocated from Taiwan. They declared bancrupcy before they built any boats in Africa. We started building our yacht while they were winding up the company and eventually purchased the mould with the boat in it at the liquidation sale!

After completing the boat in Thaba Nchu we trucked it to Durban RSA, launched it and during sea trials kept on going for ten years sailing the Indian Ocean and South East Asia. Having settled in Malaysia we have recently moved the boat ashore to undertake a mojor refit and some modifications.

The Chapmans on Facebook

Building Que Pasa

Added July 1 2009: This entry clearly qualifies as the last of the Island Traders! mm.  


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