Crew Orientation

The Work Area

Hull Sides

Stem, Frames & Transom

Assembling the Hull

Chine Logs &, Keelson

Attaching the Bottom

Gunwales & Half Frames

Knees, Breasthook & Inwales

Seat Risers

Centerboard Trunk & Braces

Mast Partners & Step

Bow & Stern Seats


Rudder, Tiller & Skeg

Mast & Spars

Sails & Rigging

Sanding, Filling & Finishing

Final Rigging & Outfitting

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I took about a month after deciding to do the project to get ready. I needed to order my own copy of Building the Weekend Skiff, find local sources for marine plywood, epoxy, bronze ring nails and screws, clear pine, and spruce for spars. I also had to add a few tools and accessories to my collection, including a low angle block plane, a good Workmate, some sturdy sawhorses, and some large plastic tubs to tote stuff around in.

The other thing I had to do was learn a lot more about some of the methods, processes and materials that are different when you're building a boat than when you're knocking together some furniture or a patio deck.

I had the good fortune of being able to spend an hour with a friend of a friend who works in yacht repair and has many years' experience with wooden boats. That one brief conversation did more to prepare me for the project than all my other efforts combined. He answered the questions I had, and many more I didn't know to ask. If this is your first wooden boat, finding an experienced local builder who's willing to coach you along will be of immense help.

You may also want to make the acquaintance of the folks at the WoodenBoat Forum. There are many good and helpful people there with seemingly boundless enthusiasm for wood-built watercraft.

Here are some other publications and web sites that you may find useful ...

Sites by and about some other weekend skiff builders:

If, like me, you insist on trying to make a gaff rig sloop out of this small boat, Frank Hagan's gaff rig pages will likely be helpful:

Books from Tiller Publishing:

Other books:

Many of these books are also available through

And, of course, there's Wooden Boat Magazine

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