Price Flyer

The following prices are updated frequently. Unless authorized, do not print or copy this page. You may order through E-mail or fax. Include Visa, MasterCard, or American Express number and expiration date with your order. Add $3.00 for shipping.

1. Decision Maker CBT. on 1.4 meg disk (includes items 2,3,4) $99.95

2. White paper of Vroom & Yetton work. describing research, tree and set of cases. $10.00

3. Printed copy of CBT documentation. copy of context sensitive help. $10.00

4. CBT loaded to your memory card. card must be compatible with HP palmtop. $49.95

5. Decision Maker CBT on memory card. card compatible with HP palmtops. (includes items 2,3,4) $239.95

6. Courtesy copy of Decision Maker CBT. trainers and computer professionals/ sellers. $39.95

7. Consulting services. modify CBT for your training program. $89.00/hr

8. SmartDataBase software to modify the CBT database. $99.95

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