S2000 DIY Modifications

This is a series of articles describing some work I did on my Honda S2000 in Dec 2004. Since I did several things all at once, the pictures and descriptions may not be exactly what you would see and do if you were to do this job by itself. Use proper tools, safety techniques, parts, and judgement. These descriptions and pictures are (to the best of my ability) accurate representations of what I did, but they do not constitute a recommendation for what you should do. If you are in any doubt about your ability to do this work, have the work done by a professional.

What this is all about

I decided to install Stoptech's stainless steel brake hose kit.

I decided to install The Go Fast Lab's anti-bumpsteer rear control arm.

I decided to install homemade brake ducting.

I needed to replace my tie rod ball joint boots.

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