KOL – Perry Lind

I was pleasantly surprised by e-mail from Perry Lind. He and his father were engineers at KOL from the early 40’s until the early 60’s which was prior to the time I got to visit there (I was born in 1958), but still good to hear from someone who worked there.

Perry is looking for a vintage AM broadcast transmitter that he can restore and convert to operation on the 180 meter ham band, particularly Westinghouse. If anyone knows of such an item potentially for sale, contact me and I will forward the info to him.

One of the things Perry Lind mentioned is that he was involved with the installation of an RCA BTA-5F transmitter. (There are some exceedingly cool pictures of this transmitter at http://www.coutant.org/transmit/). I suspect that would be a bit overkill for his application.

I am still looking for old pictures of KOL, particularly I’d like with the call signs on the tower.

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