I added a link to blatherWatch blog on the sidebar because they’re willing to, “listen to talk radio so I don’t have to”. With the content of today’s talk radio, at least in this region, that’s some real self-sacrificing going on over there.

I used to enjoy talk radio many decades ago. I loved to stay up late and listen to KGO 810 from San Francisco. That was back when there were clear channels and before KGNW 820 was allowed to broadcast at night.

Talk radio today isn’t like talk radio then. Now it’s talk propaganda. No longer are all sides of a topic discussed. Now you have your choice of about a dozen right-wing wacko stations and one left-wing wacko station. Neither camp will allow an issue to be examined from all sides or in depth. They no longer encourage people to think, instead, they encourage you to allow them to do your thinking for you.

My thinking may not be the best but at least it’s mine and I prefer that it stay that way. For the most part then I’ll allow blatherWatch to listen to talk radio so I don’t have to.

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