Sidebar Links Reorganization

I’ve re-organized the sidebar links to sort them into categories. Because my own interests in the Radio, Broadcasting, and Wireless field is so broad, the collection of links was likewise broad. I’ve created the following categories:

  • Amateur Radio and DX
  • Broadcast Blogs, News, and Trends
  • Broadcast Equipment
  • Broadcast History
  • Broadcast Technology
  • Radio and TV Stations
  • References
  • Unlicensed Broadcasting
  • Vintage Radio
  • Wireless Data Transmission

Amateur Radio and DX primarily deals with Amateur (HAM) radio and the hobby of listening to distant stations.

Broadcast Blogs, News, and Trends, primarily deals with information sources pertaining to current events in the broadcast field, anything from personal blogs to industry news to scathing editorials. Sites that are more geared towards the technology and theory behind it are in a separate Broadcast Technology section.

Broadcast Equipment is for sites primarily selling broadcast equipment.

Broadcast History is for sites primarily concerned with the history of radio and television broadcasting.

Radio and TV station consists of web sites for operating radio and television stations. Note that unlicensed stations will be placed in the Unlicensed Broadcasting category.

References is sites which primarily consist of reference data, radio station databases, etc.

Unlicensed Broadcasting consists of sites which primarily relate to unlicensed broadcast operations. These may be part 15 stations, bootleg or pirate radio stations, or any other form of broadcast without a license.

Vintage Radio consists of sites which have information on or sell vintage radio equipment. There is some overlap with the Broadcast History category as many of these sites selling vintage equipment also have some history on them, and some history sites will have minor sales functions. If the primary activity of the site seems to be geared towards sale of vintage equipment or if the emphasis is on the equipment and not the broader history, it will be listed here.

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