Stupid Radio Commercials

Last night I found myself I wish I could secretly break-in to KVI 570 and replace their stupid commercials.

Listening to coast-to-coast and when it ended a commercial…

Men… Are you finding that you are urinating more frequently?

Do you sometimes wake-up at night to urinate?

Now be honest, how’s your sex life been lately?

Super-beta prostate contains 10,000 times the active ingredient found in Saw Palmetto… yada yada yada..

Anyway, I’d add a testimonial, I mean what’s more effective than a testimonial?

“Hi, My name is Ivan P. Freely. Lately I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night to urinate and so I decided to try Super-Beta-Prostate.

Boy did it work! The sex that night was fantastic.. And now I sleep like a log, no more getting up at night to urinate.

Unfortunately, that night was the last night I had sex, seems the wife has problems with the no more getting up at night to urinate. She much preferred that I woke up and got up first.

Seems to me like this era is a almost like a century ago with all the snake oil being pedaled.

2 thoughts on “Stupid Radio Commercials

  1. I think the super prostate formula is a network ad so it comes down via sat from premiere radio networks. But what I’m getting at is that breaking in wouldn’t have done ya any good =)

  2. I was just expressing some frustration. My television has a brightness control. I turned it all the way up but I still can’t stand it, it’s still moronic.

    None of my radios even have a brightness control. It’s incredible the crap they try to market, but then if there weren’t people that actually buy it they wouldn’t try.

    Same reason we all have to put up spam, because there is .3% of the population that is extra stupid and actually buy from spammers.

    But you bring up another radio frustration. Prior to the 1996 Telecommunications Act, radio stations weren’t all owned by three monster corporations and local content and a spectrum of opinions actually existed.

    Now all you can find are the likes of Bill O’Rielly telling us there are no homeless in America, well I guess that’s true if you consider underneath a bridge or a cardboard box a home, and little in the way of local relevant content.

    You mention that comes down from Premier Radio, but Premier is owned by Clear Channel, one of the three.

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