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  • Scientology Page

    Cults lose appeal in Russia and are ordered to pay a fortune for frivolous lawsuit: (click here)

    Please Note: The Cult Awareness Network (CAN), a resource for help and information about cults for many years, was targeted by a Scientology "Fair Game" campaign of harassment and misinformation. Scientologists bought the CAN name and logo and now the new CAN does not even use the name "cult" any more (except in using the CAN name to deceive those who don't know they destroyed CAN). The "new CAN" no longer provides any help at all with regard to cults, and now devotes all their energies to maligning the former directors of CAN and the former activities of CAN. The unabashed slanders and lies which the Scientology president Heber Jentsch and other Scientologists uttered on the news programs 60 Minutes (December 28, 1997) and Public Eye (January 7, 1998) serve as a typical example of the new CAN's mission. This will also be very familiar to those who have seen the "sacred" teaching of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, on declaring their critics to be "fair game."

    Moonies (Sun Myung Moon)

    1. Steve Hassan's Anti-Cult Home Page (Moonies and other cults)
    2. The Truth About Sun Myung Moon
    3. The Truth About Sun Myung Moon (old link)
    4. Front Groups of the "Unification Church"
    5. List of Moonie organizations with addresses and information on meeting with cult members (by Ex-Moon Organization)
    6. ("This link has been temporarily disabled")
    7. Moonism
    8. Allen T. Wood's home page

    Russellites ("Jehovah's Witnesses")

    1. The Watchtower Observer ("Jehovah's Witnesses")
    2. Jehovah's Witnesses - All Along the Watchtower
    3. Watchtower tells JW's to refuse blood transfusions only after naming the cult as life-insurance beneficiary

    "Heaven's Gate" and the similarities with the Russellites

    1. Heaven's Gate - 2nd Cult's Leader Still at Large - Rising Death Toll
    2. Reconciliation, page 14 (JW's believe in going to a "heaven" in outer space (The Pleiades) much like HG members)

    Mormons ("Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints")

    1. Recovery from Mormonism
    2. A Mormon Church Translator for 15 Years and Her Husband Decide Mormonism is Inconsistent and Incompatible with Christianity (in English and Finnish)

    Krishna Consciousness Society ("Hare Krishnas", ISKON)

  • Welcome and Listen to our Voice - Child abuse in ISKCON

    Transcendental Meditation (TM)

  • Meditation Information Network

    Cult-like Fundamentalism ("Fundies")

  • New Forum 1

    "Worldwide Church of God" (Herbert Armstrong/Joseph Tkach/"Plain Truth")
    Since 1994 this group has initiated widespread reforms and has acknowledged that it was a cult and apologized. Thus, the group is now much less cult-like and may even evolve into just another denomination, if it does not lose all its members first, some of whom are rather attached to the former Armstrongist beliefs. Either way, the direction seems to be towards One Less Cult in the World.

  • The "Worldwide Church of God", publishers of the Plain Truth

    Other Cults, and Additional Links to cults listed above

  • Steve Hassan's Resource Hotlinks

    Need to verify a cult's claim about a Bible passage? Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in Seven Languages and Multiple Bible Versions
    Thinking of suing a cult? Is a cult trying to sue you? Search for an attorney with West's Legal Directory (Basic Search Form)

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