(Quotes contrasting Christianity and the cult are mostly excerpted from Peik J Str÷msholm's site)

About being open-minded

The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) has been taken over by the cult!
In Retrospect: Cult Awareness Network | A Mother's Betrayal by the New CAN | CAN and "Fair Game" | Heaven's Gate thanks CoS for destroying CAN | If you're in Australia there is an organization of similar name which has no relation to the Scientologist CAN: Cult Awareness & Information Centre - Australia

My correspondence with Greek Helsinki Monitor went to CoS instead!

Use extreme caution with any mail sent to helsinki@compulink.gr!
  • Click here to view the correspondence.
  • Another response from Human Rights Watch (posted on Usenet)
    Links to Greek Helsinki Monitor News Releases on Scientology (Greek Helsinki Monitor is not affiliated with Helsinki Watch, Human Rights Watch or IHF). These claim that the closing of KEFE was an act of religious bigotry: December 19, 1996 | June 21, 1997 | Analysis and Rebuttal

    Cult attempts to influence WCCC, HRC, and other organizations in 1980's from their point of view

    What Scientology Says About Homosexuality and Gay Rights

    Scientology -- religion or not? (Main Page)

    Nazi propaganda techniques in Scientology

    The Greek Case Against "Scatology"

    They tried to get into Greece twice and were shut down -- once in the 1960's, once in the 1990's
    1. Introduction: about the Greek Case and the Raiding and Shutting Down of KEFE (CoS) in 1996
    2. Greece Uncovers Scientology: Home Page
    3. Scientologist ordered to "disconnect" from her father in the hospital (in 1995, years after CoS claims such practices ceased)
    4. December 24, 1997: Greek Appeals Court Upholds Decision to Shut Down Scientology in Greece (with some discussion)
    5. January 4, 1998: From _Apogevmatini_

    Some Television News Programs:

  • Operation Clambake: Xenu Outed on 60 Minutes (December 28, 1997)
  • Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel (Jan. 7, 1998): Report on Lisa McPherson's death from standard Scientology "tech", featuring cult president Heber Jentsch going bonkers!

    General Links

    1. The Road to Xenu: A Narrative Account of Life in Scientology
    2. R. Newman's "$cientology vs. the Net" site (Moved 5/97 due to abominable behavior by previous ISP)
    3. Operation Clambake, Norway
    4. Operation Clambake: QUILL - Scientology from inside out
    5. Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
    6. CoS FAQ with prefatory comments from a.r.s. (12/97) (Link to original is below)
    7. "Scientologists: Can We Talk?"
    8. Lisa McPherson Memorial Page
    9. Willkommen in Charlie's Playhouse (Scientologie, usw.; deutsch)
    10. RealAudio files and flyers
    11. Co$ Flyers Index, including Scam Flyer
    12. Scamizdat
    13. Time Magazine article May 6, 1991 pp. 50ff.: "Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power"
    14. Perch of Scientology
    15. Perch of Scientology / RPF
    16. Measures Taken Against Scientology by the Government of Bavaria (Bayern), Germany
    17. Scientology FAQs
    18. (Scientology) The ARSCC (does not exist) Home Page
    19. Scientology: Cult of Greed and Power (Entheta.net)
    20. $cientology KILLS
    21. Introducción a la Cienciologia (in Spanish / en español)
    22. Scientology and Freedom
    23. ftp://ftp.sonic.net/pub/users/jimbo
    24. SpPack: Scientology Book Insert
    25. The dead animals that seem to follow critics of Scientology
    26. Hubbard's Interrogation for Children Ages 6-12
    27. Diary of a man's ruin and death in Scientology

      More Recent General Links

    28. Pattinson on Scientology - A `New OT8' Celebrity Painter Speaks
    29. 60 Minutes CoS report, Dec. 28, 1997: Real Audio
    30. Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard
    31. Scientology in the Media -- Internet
    32. Hubbard's Handwritten OT III with Transcript
    33. alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
    34. IRC: #scientology
    35. Who's the "Copyright Terrorist?"
    36. Karin Spaink - I write, therefore I am
    37. Scientology and the IRS
    38. What They Don't Want You To Know About The Church of Scientology(R)
    39. Scientologists in action: Hate messages to critics instead of arguments
    40. We know who you are and what you're trying to do

    About telling the truth

  • Fair Use: an essential tool in criticizing the so-called scriptures of this barratrous cult in the USA

    On revenge and enemies:

    Comparative Theology and Relation to Other Cults

      Many of Scientology's beliefs have been plagiarized from various occult sources and then sold as if they were Hubbard's unique gift to humanity. For example, somehow Hubbard got the idea that the Greek letter "theta" meant "spirit" or "life" (the real Greek words for these are "pneuma" and "zoe" or "bios"; "theta" is merely the name of a letter of the alphabet), and from that he came up with his notions of "thetan", "body thetan" and "operating thetan." Aleister Crowley was Hubbard's idol, though it is said that Crowley thought Hubbard a fool. Much of Hubbard's "discoveries" can be traced to Crowley. There may be a relation between Hubbard's "theta" and Crowley's "thelema" ("will", which was central to Crowley's views). This primacy of will may also explain the mental bullying that is often observed among adherents of these views.

      The cult feels that the only reason anyone could possibly not understand their "tech" (techniques, technology, practices) is due to an "M/U" (misunderstood word), so they conveniently provide The Official Scientology and Dianetics Glossary online.

    1. The Scientologist / Satanist Connection
    2. Misconceptions about Hubbard's idol, Aleister Crowley
    3. "Church" of Scientology Creed and OT Documents with Criticism and Further Links
    4. L. Ron Hubbard's views analyzed by category
    5. Detailed article with footnotes on the roots of Hubbard's occult teachings
    6. The Scientology / Dianetics Comparative Theology Page
    7. Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide (564,393 Bytes)
    8. Routine 3 - Heaven (the "A.D." is "Year of Dianetics" rather than Anno Domini)
    9. Scientology and Christianity
    10. CoS `inspired religious writings'
    11. Peik Str÷msholm: Scientology vs Christianity: Hubbard's Cynical System Exposed
    12. Other Cults

      On Exploitation, Pettiness and Playing God

      (I would like to thank D. Van Horn for finding the following Hubbard quote; I am responsible for the other two quotes in this section.)
      • "Letting a suppressive person collapse stats or an org is a shooting offense."
        ("stats" refer to statistics, i.e. productivity quotas in a cult organization ["org"]. A "suppressive person" (SP) is anyone who opposes the cult.)
      • "Flunk for blinking! Start over!" -- a Scientologist auditor.
      • [And Jesus said:] "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees!" ... The teacher of the Law replied to [Jesus]: "Rabbi, you also insult us by saying such things". And He said: "And woe also to you teachers of the Law, because you put onerous loads which are hard to carry on people's backs, but you will not lift one finger to help them carry the loads." -- Luke 11:44-46.

        Usenet Newsgroups

        1. alt.religion.scientology: Voluminous daily postings, Scientologists and Critics of the Cult
        2. alt.religion.scientology.xenu: Much easier to get through in one sitting, since many scientologists avoid it owing to their superstition about that four-letter "x-word"
        3. alt.religion.scientology.squick.squick.squick: Another cult lie demolished! SQUICK! goes Hubbard's skull!

        What's this "Xenu/Xemu" thing about?

        Scientologists spend years of hard effort and thousands of dollars to reach a level called "Operating Thetan 3" (OT3), where they are to be told the Great Secret of the Universe that will save the planet (and justify the utter destruction of anyone who opposes them). If this sounds bizarre or unlikely, remember that the prospective OT3 has been conditioned by years of psychological techniques to accept the bizarre from the very beginning.

        (Spelling note: The word was apparently originally spelled "Xenu" by Hubbard, but "Xemu" is sometimes used as an alternate spelling, particularly in England.)

        1. Xenu's World Tour of Scientology: the Darth-Vader-like villain of the CoS "scriptures" takes on a life of its own in CoS parody
        2. Wem är Xemu? (in Swedish)
        3. Who is Xemu? (in English)
        4. Qui est Xemu? (en franšais)
        5. "What is Scientology?" - criticism in English and French
        6. The Road to Xenu, Chapter 1: "Implant Stations in the Sky"
        7. The Xenu Anonymous Remailer specifically for posting on CoS-related newsgroups

        About using religion to make money

        • "... men of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain." - St. Paul, 1 Timothy 5:5
        • "I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is." - L. Ron Hubbard to Lloyd Eshbach in 1949; quoted by Eshbach in Over My Shoulder.


        Legitimate businesses are entitled to trademark disclaimers, not abusers of trademark laws and the entire legal system.
        "But trademarks are for businesses to distinguish the products they sell, not for religions!", you might say. Well, yes, but Scientology tries to have it all ways: to be a profitmaking business which sues their critics mercilessly to protect their so-called trade secrets, a tax-exempt U.S. IRS (501)(c)(3) organization, a religion, a philosophy and a technology. In some countries such as Greece, they vehemently deny being a religion in order to circumvent anticult laws, whereas in Germany and the U.S. they just as adamantly claim that they are a religion.

        Scientology has the dubious distinction of actually having its well-known lawyer Helena Kobrin mentioned in a standard legal textbook on civil procedure, in an negative example showing the cult's incredible abuse of the legal system for its own ends. To view summary and bibliographical information on this legal text, or to order a copy of the 1996 or 1998 editions, click on the following link: Steven C. Yeazell, FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE, with Selected Statutes and Cases

        Some examples of their use and abuse of the law include the so-called "'Ho letters", which are e-mails from Ms. Kobrin threatening legal action for such things as parodying Scientology on one's web site. They had a popular Finnish anonymous remailer, anon.penet.fi, shut down in 1996 for alleged infringement of the Los Angeles-based cult's rights after someone posted some of their "scripture" on the remailer. This and other "scripture" is easily available on the net and elsewhere and can hardly be considered a "trade secret", especially if the cult considers itself a relgion or philosophy and not a "trade".

        As another example, the cult's home page graphic features the word "Scientology" with the "i" made with the "Scientology cross" adjacent to a registered trademark symbol. Do you know any legitimate religions which attempt to trademark a cross? And why use a cross when they consider Christianity to be a mere false "implant"? (The arrogance and cynicism of this is not atypical of Hubbard and his legacy).

        It is not surprising, however, for this deceptive "religion" which actually promises to empty the adherent's "bank" while selling him or her the (trademarked, naturally) "bridge" -- would you buy a "bridge" from such an organization? (Explanation for non-U.S. residents: There is an old joke about selling the Brooklyn Bridge in New York: "do I have a bridge to sell you!" -- from this, the expression "selling a bridge to someone" refers to defrauding them, since bridges are not the kind of things that are usually sold to individuals on a whim). Other possible puns in their lexicon include the notion of "thetan"; despite officially claiming it is some kind of life force, it sounds just like lisped version of "Satan"; for more information, click here.

        Naturally they claim trademark protection for many of the words in their bizarre lexicon, including Scientology, Dianetics and E-Meter (their $3000.00 lie detector that they claim is a religious tool). How many religions do you know whose very name is a trademark? And they have a separate affiliate, the "Religious Technology Center", which administers their aggressive litigation in order to attempt to silence critics. The cult does not deserve some lame "please don't sue me!" trademark disclaimer, but rather this:

        Warning: cults like this one are severely harmful to your spiritual, mental and physical health, and may even be fatal! For God's sake, don't let them sell you their Bridge(tm) to Total Disaster.

        About the judicial system

        • "Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court." - Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:25
        • "The law can be used very easily to harass... the purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win." - L. Ron Hubbard, The Scientologist - A Manual on the Dissemination of Material, reprinted in The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology volume 2, pp.151-171, 1979 printing.
        • "The only real crime for which one can be punished by the governments of today is lack of money. In other crimes if one has the huge sums necessary to hire lawyers one can often get off." - L. Ron Hubbard in HCOPL 20 Sept 1976, The Stat Push
        • "Somebody some day will say 'this is illegal'. By then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not." - L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 4 January 1966

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