2003 Okie Rumbles

Okie Rumble VIIa, April 2003

    En Route

    Harrisburg pushups Buckingham fountain Buckingham fountain

  1. Pushups on train platform, Harrisburg, PA.
  2. Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, Chicago, IL.
  3. Buckingham Fountain, Chicago.

    Sears Tower Sears Tower view Basketball game

  4. Sears Tower and other downtown buildings, Chicago.
  5. View from bottom of Sears Tower.
  6. The barriers are to protect this tower from attack, especially after the war begins in Iraq.
  7. More Sears Tower anti-attack measures.
  8. Observation deck ticket.
  9. Looking down from Sears Tower observation deck.
  10. Southeast along Lake Michigan towards Indiana (the route ridden below).
  11. Looking south from Chicago (inland).
  12. Looking north from Chicago, towards Wisconsin.
  13. Local southeast view.
  14. Interior of observation deck.
  15. That's me, with Lake Michigan in the background. No high-amplitude throws here.
  16. Elevator to observation deck.
  17. Back on the ground, birds seen from Historic Route 66.
  18. Heading south of Chicago along the lake.
  19. Basketball game, south Chicago (1) | (2).
  20. Residual snow along the lake.
  21. Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago.
  22. Between Chicago and Joliet, IL.
  23. State Capitol, Springfield, IL (1) | (2).
  24. Sunset, south of Springfield (1) | (2).
  25. St. Louis, MO.
  26. Mississippi River and St. Louis, MO.
  27. Greenery in Arkansas.

    U.S. 80 Mineola, TX Dallas, TX rainbow

  28. US 80, east of Dallas, TX. Wrestled in nearby Arlington.
  29. Rainbow over Dallas, TX.
  30. Mineola, TX (1). | (2) | welcome (3)

    Leaving Ft. Worth for Oklahoma Denton, TX rolling hill country past Denton

  31. Leaving Fort Worth, TX area for Oklahoma City.
  32. Denton, TX.
  33. Heading north out of Denton, city gives way to prairie again.
  34. Hill northeast of Denton, TX.
  35. Scenic rolling hill country.
  36. Lake in north Texas.

    TX-OK state line TX-OK state line Arbuckles at a distance

  37. Approaching Texas-Oklahoma state line, making great time.
  38. Looking back at the state line from the Oklahoma side of the border.
  39. The actual Welcome to Oklahoma sign, around a half mile from the actual state line.
  40. Fobb, OK.
  41. South of the Arbuckles.
  42. Near Sulphur, OK.
  43. Cylindrical water tower characteristic of the area, near Sulphur, OK.
  44. Arbuckle Mountains, seen from a few miles away.
  45. Paul's Valley, OK.
  46. Trees growing in the direction of the substantial prevailing winds.
  47. Slaughterville, OK. Strong winds from here to just south of the Oklahoma City center.
  48. Just south of Oklahoma City, OK, skyline occasionally in view.

    OKC city line OKC Memorial OKC Memorial OKC Memorial

  49. Oklahoma City line.
  50. Oklahoma City memorial; messages left by visitors; in 1995, the walls became impromptu memorials, much like in New York City in September 2001.
  51. Oklahoma City memorial: south-looking view; one side is 9:01 AM, a minute before the bombing, and 9:03 is just afterwards.
  52. memorials to each person killed; damage on side of building; damaged foundation with memorial plaques.
  53. Nichols Hills, north of Oklahoma City.
  54. northern Oklahoma City at night after first match.
  55. Head to Habana Inn to check in.
  56. Pool at Habana Inn.

    Habana Inn welcome Pool as seen from Gushers animated Hi!

  57. Habana Inn welcomes us over Easter weekend.
  58. View of pool from inside Gushers Restaurant.
  59. Mark, Marlowe and Alex say "Hi!" in the hospitality room.

    Wrestled down and photographed!

  60. Wrestled down and photographed!...
  61. Cracking up was perhaps not the desired result.

    Ryan and Marlowe Gushers Easter decorations Hospitality room closed, weekend over

  62. Ryan and Marlowe checking out the Habana Inn's nightlife.
  63. 39th Street near hotel; Paco's on the right is a Mexican restaurant which provides a tasty alternative to Gushers.
  64. Easter decorations in Gushers, Monday night (1) | (2).
  65. Hospitality room closed, Monday night.
  66. Dick the Muffler King? on 39th Street.

    Penn. Av. church OKC skyline

  67. Penn Av. church at 14th St., 6:09 AM.
  68. Oklahoma City skyline at dawn.
  69. Statue in downtown Oklahoma City.

    Pittsburgh, PA

  70. Pittsburgh, PA.

Okie Rumble VIIb, October 2003

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