1. At the ferry at Orient Point, Long Island, en route to Boston with my friend Selwyn, May 1988.
  2. Riding back from Boston, May 1988: RI Rte. 102 at dawn.
  3. RI-102 at RI-12 near Scituate, RI (same ride).
  4. Sokratis (Socrates), an Orthodox Christian from Elbasan in central Albania, August 1991. Click here for more information on what happened to him.
  5. Sokratis & I, August 1991.
  6. Cresting a small mountain pass on Ethniki Odos, the National Road (Route 8) of Greece, at the end of July, 1991. I am headed westbound, just past Eleusis (Elefsina, the site of the ancient Eleusinian cult and the western terminus of the Iera Odos or Sacred Way). The temperature is 38° Celsius (100° Fahrenheit).
  7. At the beach in HPEMO KYMA (Iremo Kyma), a summer community consisting mostly of residents of Athens, Greece and its suburbs wanting to spend the summer in a more pleasant place. Iremo Kyma is between Megalo Pefko (Nea Perama) and Megara, accessible only via an obscure but scenic country road through meadows and a small mountain pass. Old black-and-white picture is here.
  8. Northport, NY, 1997.

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