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  • Sokratis (Socrates), an Orthodox Christian from Elbasan in central Albania, August 1991. He told me about the practice of vëllamëria, also known as adelphopoeia, pobratimstvo and bratotvorenie (English translation here), a same-sex ceremony of union common in parts of Albania and northwest Greece, which survived both the anti-religious and anti-gay actions of the former communist regime in Albania and continued to be performed in 1991 in Elbasan. He lived with other Albanian emigres in Megara for awhile until the police raided the house and he disappeared (this kind of harassment and discrimination against Albanians was and is unfortunately quite common in Greece). If anyone has any information regarding his current whereabouts, it would be much appreciated. His wife remained in Elbasan, Albania (Disclaimer: The mentioning of the information he provided about ceremonies in Elbasan should not be construed as an indication of his sexual orientation. Heterosexuality does not prevent one from speaking about homosexual-related topics without prejudice, as I have often found in speaking to Albanians from various parts of Albania and Kosova).
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