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Unlike the "This Day in Mavs History", these are static files - unless I go back and find more history information or to correct typos, the year files will not be changed (the day files are update regarding record changes, players getting another 40+ point or triple-double or ... (such as "14th of 16 time" a player had 40+ points would be updated to "14th of 22 time")). If you are looking at a year file wondering if something is still a record or how many times a player had one of those distinct games, look at the day file. The records and "x of x time" are through 06-07 for 06-07 and before (when I divided the day files into the year files).

Please let me know of any errors (even just typos) or any thing you think should be added.

Through 4/16/14

Patricia Bender
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