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This little program allows you to select which boxscores to use to compute a Mavs Total file for.
Note: the links for the boxscore is not the full boxscore (it's what the program uses to compute the totals). To see the full boxscore for a game, go to my Mavs page.



For more fun, you can limit the stats to be included by selecting and modifying the parameters below.

Use boxscores [if selected, will ignore anything selected/not selected above]

YES, I want to limit the stats by the following parameters [if not selected, will ignore anything below]

List all files used.

Note: if you enter bad data, you won't get the results you are expecting - make sure your numbers are correct (I'm not telling you if you do something stupid - if you put more than 110 points and less than 100 points, you'll get nothing; if you enter a letter instead of a number, you'll get nothing or everything or something else).
Difference is the difference between the Dallas total and the Opponent total. Use negative (ie, -5) for the opponent having more.
Click the toggle for "Even if player doesn't play" if you also want to also include games where the player didn't play in a game (ie, Nowitzki scored less than 20 points or didn't play).
"Even if Player doesn't play", "Starts", "Doesn't Start", "Fouls Out", "Doesn't Foul Out", "Plays", and "Doesn't Play" only applies for players and is ignored for Dallas, Opponent, and Difference.
"Minutes" is ignored for Difference.
"More or Less" and "Amount" is ignored for "Starts", "Doesn't Start", "Fouls Out","Doesn't Foul Out", "Plays", and "Doesn't Play".
No rounding is done for percentages for the comparisons - .4999 does not equal .500

Only include the stats from a boxscore if:

Team/Difference/Player Stat More or Less Amount Even if Player doesn't play

Patricia Bender
Not affiliated with or representing anyone besides myself.