Patricia's Compute Your Own Mavs Totals 10-11 (Playoffs)

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Note: Because Dallas has played in so many playoff games, the listing with all regular season and playoff games does not work in some browsers - I've split the compute file into a regular season and playoff file - this is the playoff season file.
Regular Season compute file
Playoff and Regular Season compute file

This little program allows you to select which boxscores to use to compute a Mavs Total file for.
Note: the links for the boxscore is not the full boxscore (it's what the program uses to compute the totals). To see the full boxscore for a game, go to my Mavs page.

Stats last double-checked for accuracy (against the official numbers) for games through 6/12/11.
Note: The official boxscores include seconds with minutes played instead of rounding to the nearest minute. I'm still rounding (it might break some of my programs if I change and I don't feel like searching to see which ones it would and modifying them). Thus, the minute numbers produced here might be off by a minute or 2 or 3.
Minutes difference (+ = mine more, - = official more): Playoffs: Nowitzki 0; Terry -1; Marion +1; Kidd -2; Barea 0; Chandler +1; Stojakovic +2; Stevenson +2; Haywood -2; Mahinmi +1; Brewer +1; Cardinal +2



Use all the files except the ones selected above

Use boxscores [if selected, will ignore anything selected/not selected above]

List all files used.

For more fun, you can limit the stats to be included by selecting and modifying the parameters below.

YES, I want to limit the stats by the following parameters [if not selected, will ignore anything below]

Note: if you enter bad data, you won't get the results you are expecting - make sure your numbers are correct (I'm not telling you if you do something stupid - if you put more than 110 points and less than 100 points, you'll get nothing; if you enter a letter instead of a number, you'll get nothing or everything or something else).

Only include the stats from a boxscore if:

Only include the stats from a boxscore if:

Team/Difference/Player Stat More or Less
or Most
Amount Even if Player doesn't play

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