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What is the Research Consulting Group?
The Research Consulting Group (RCG) is a private registry of independent, Ph.D.* consultants in engineering, mathematics, computer science, medicine, physics, chemistry, and other physical, natural, and health sciences. Most RCG database members, who are distributed over the contiguous U.S.A., are university professors.
* or foreign equivalent if educated outside the U.S.A.

What does RCG do?
RCG provides companies, groups, and individuals access to only certified research grade (that is, Ph.D.) technical spectrum expertise to get the results you want; and provides centralized, relevant items of administration. Because of our wide range of technical expertise, you may find RCG to be a "one-stop shopping" source whether your needs suggest using only one consultant having a certain specialty, or several consultants simultaneously over diverse fields.

Why would I want consulting from RCG?
To get only the academically highest degreed people in the contiguous U.S.A. to apply their knowledge to your needs, and because RCG has breadth and depth over the science and technology spectrum. Whether your organization is downsizing, upsizing, maintaining, or just starting up, every so often it needs expertise where it has little or none. Sometimes it just needs a boost or a fresh view even where it has expertise. In these cost-conscious times, RCG is an opportunity especially for "hi-tech" companies: RCG could be used as an on-call R&D department that costs only when being used.

How do I get consulting from RCG?
Simply phone 410-760-4102 in the U.S.A., or send e-mail to on the Internet, and say what's on your mind. Or, if you'd rather, write to us via post office mail at:

Research Consulting Group
P.O. Box 1024
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060
We'll work to match your situation to appropriate RCG resources.

I have a Ph.D. in the technical spectrum. How do I get in RCG's database?
Please e-mail your inquiry to, or phone one of our numbers above. We'll respond with details.

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