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La Posta de Mesilla (Special Photos Page)

2410 Calle de San Albino
Mesilla, NM
(575) 624-0313

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La Posta in Mesilla, NM
A View of La Posta Restaurant from the plaza in Mesilla, New Mexico. The Organ Mountains are in the background.

The building in which La Posta is located is one of the most historic sites in southern New Mexico. Once a complex of buildings that included the Corn Exchange Hotel and stopping place for the Buttefield Stage Coach LIne, La Posta Restaurant has been operating since 1939. The former group of buildings have been combined into one large building that houses the restaurant and several gift shops. Although most people will want to try the food, people can also come just to see the history and architecture of the building.

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Entrance to La Posta
The entrance to La Posta is on the east side of the building next to the parking lot. During busy periods patrons may need to look for parking along the surrounding streets.

Gift shop at La Posta
La Posta's gift shop sells salsa from the restaurant. A jewelry store and other shops are also located in the building.

La Posta prepares to celebrate Cinco de Mayo
Customers wait in the lobby for tables to become available. Formerly an open air courtyard, the lobby is now enclosed but keeps its outside feel through its trees and a large bird cage.

One of the many birds at La Posta
This guy may be thinking all these people have come to see him!

La Posta's kitchen keeps busy
Patrons who sit in one of the south dining rooms pass by the kitchen on the way to their table. It seems to be a full time job just getting the orders of guacamole ready (seen on the left).

The only thing left is to enjoy the food!
Dinner arrives for one table. The plates on the far left and in front have red enchiladas with egg on top.