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Ingrid's Pantry

2421 N. Council Rd.
Bethany, OK
(405) 722-7593

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Ingrid's Pantry at N.W. 23rd and Council

Note: Ingrid's Pantry originally closed at 6:30 p.m. but now serves dinner on week nights.

I have recently been going to Ingrid's Kitchen more frequently, and thinking at the same time it may be better than before. Ingrid's Kitchen, at N.W. 36th Street and Youngs (near Pennsylvania Ave.) has been serving German food for a number of years, and with its sandwich and deli concept has made this cuisine more accessible to the public than I think some of the more expensive restaurants have been able to do.

As of 2010, though, I have a reason to like Ingrid's even better. They took over the former Oma's Pantry in Bethany and have opened it as Ingrid's Pantry. The Bethany Ingrid's is a smaller version of the original with limited kitchen space, but it specializes in sandwiches as well as selling cookies, bread, and pastries sent over from Ingrid's Kitchen.

Even though Ingrid's Pantry is small, it seems to be expanding. It started out as a lunch-only restaurant, but now is open for dinner. The lunch menu itself seems to offer more choices, although it still does not have the large menu that is available at the Ingrid's Kitchen. It appears that they are waiting to add new items until they can be assured that they match the quality found at the original Ingrid's, but the small space at Ingrid's Pantry may ultimately limilt the number of items that can be served.

Best of the Wurst Platter
"Best of the Wurst Platter" with Smoked Bratwurst and Grobe Bratwurst

When I first went to Ingrid's Pantry the only dinner plate I could find was the Best of the Wurst Platter that came with a choice of one or two sausages. I tried one of each, for what I thought was an excellent meal. Although Ingrid's Pantry now offers more choices, I still think the platter is a good choice.

The Grobe Bratwurst (the white colored sausage) was my favorite of the two sausages offered on the Best of the Wurst Platter, and was made with veal and pork. This was juicy and delicious, and was one of the best Bratwurst sausages I have ever tried.

The Smoked Bratwurst was made with beef and pork, and was closer to the type of Bratwurst I find at most restaurants. It was very flavorful, but I did not think I could call it the most flavorful one I have tried. Still, both of the sausages were a very good choice.

Turkey reuben
Turkey reuben

Sandwiches are the specialty at lunch (and are also available for dinner), and I think represent a good part of the menu available at Ingrid's Kitchen. At Ingrid's Kitchen one of my favorite sandwiches is the reuben, but at Ingrid's Pantry they suggested trying the Turkey Reuben that I did not see on the menu (but it is on themu at Ingrid's Kitchen). This was an excellent alternative to the corned beef version, and I personally like just about anything with sauerkraut. The funny thing, though, is that the sauerkraut here has tasted better to me than the one at Ingrid's Kitchen, and I also like it better than the sauerkraut served at the now closed Maggie's Cafe (a restaurant in Bethany that served Polish food as well as American). The restaurant's special sauce and Swiss cheese were very good, but I particularly liked the bread.

The Red Cabbage was also better than at the original restaurant. Like its counterpart it was fresh, but for some reason it seemed to have a better flavor than at Ingrid's Kitchen.

Both of the Ingrid's restaurants have the same excellent German Potato Salad that is home made and is some of the best I have tried.

The Tomato Soup served as a soup of the day was excellent, with flavorful but not overwhelming spices, a good texture, and the freshness that characterizes Ingrid's food.

A lot of the cookies cooked at Ingrid's Kitchen are available here, and a few cakes are available as well. A loaf of Ingrid's bread I bought was a day old and sold at a discounted price, but tasted excellent (it has no preservatives, though, and has a short shelf life).

Christmas cookies
Some of the cookies popular at Christmas

At Christmas Ingrid's prepares several special pastries including gingerbread man cookies and gingerbread houses. The Bethany restaurant seemed to be running short of some of these items and called the main restaurant for another shipment, but in general these special treats are available at both locations.

Blueberry pie
Blueberry pie

Pies are excellent here, and I believe Ingrid's is one of the top three or four sources for pie in Oklahoma City. Especially good was the Blueberry Pie that struck a balance between sweetness and the tart flavor of the berries. I have tried several flavors since Ingrid's Pantry opened (all of which came from Ingrid's Bakery), and out of these I would also recommend the apple pie.

Strawberry cake
Strawberry cake

Ingrid's is also famous for its cakes, and Strawberry Cake is an example of one of the cakes I had previously enjoyed at Ingrid's Kitchen and which is now available at Ingrid's Pantry. This was a very rich cake with thick icing, and for me one piece was enough to last about three days when I took it home.

I think I have also tried just about all of the pastries Ingrid's Pantry sells, and the Napoleon was one of my favorites. In general I tend to like the ones that have cream, chocolate, or both.

Ingrid's Pantry is small, and is really little more than a sandwich shop and take-out place. Lunch specials are offered in addition to items on the regular menu. Right now the restaurant is fairly new, but I have liked everything I have tried.

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Cuisine: German
Cost: $
Hours: Closed Sat. & Sun.
Additional Location: 3701 N. Youngs Ave. (OKC)
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No Smoking

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Sep. 21, 2011

Number of Visits: 3

Best Items
Turkey Reuben, German Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, Soup of the Day, Desserts

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