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Brood: the Legacy Play-By-E-Mail (PBEM) is a role-playing campaign run through electronic mail. The campaign is based in an amalgamated game world that weaves together DC comics and Marvel comics characters and continuities. As such, it uses DC Heroes RPG 3rd Edition rules. The campaign world is the result of a couple of decades of super hero role-playing and is based on Aaron Allston's campaign suggestion of introducing comic characters into the world's history in (or in this case, near to) the year the character was originally published, and letting them age and adventure from that point.

Who Are the Brood? At the start of the campaign, even they don't know. Someone collected the genetic material (DNA) of several prominent super powered individuals and combined the DNA in an effort to create new supers. That someone's identity and purpose are a mystery, as is the source of the DNA for each player character. But the emergence of the Brood triggers a landslide of events in the game world.

The buttons to the left link to information that may be of interest to players in the campaign. More information will be added as the adventures unfold. In the mean time, if you have any questions not answered on these pages, write me.

Brood: the Legacy Play By E-Mail messages, history, and Characters (including information on subsequent pages) are property of their respective owners (whomever wrote them), the majority of them by David Dotson, Copyright 1998-2000. The respective and related Characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics are trademarks of DC Comics and Marvel Comics and no claim of ownership against them is being made or implied. They are used for admiration purposes only.

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