HOUSE FOR RENT - Clarkston, WA.  

Large nice three bedroom home for Rent

AVAILABLE - Aug, 2015
OPEN HOUSE July 20 NOT RENTED Look for the next open house in Mid-AUG. The house will be rented to 2-4 people. Email/Text questions or come to the next OPEN HOUSE.
Today is

If the following sounds like you then you will probably qualify and enjoy living here. Please come to the Open House:

  1. The house is suitable for a maximum of 4 people.
  2. Monthly Income at least $2700/Mo.
  3. Established payment history through previous landlord, credit card, etc.
  4. Enjoy yard work/gardening on 1/2 Acre Lot.
  5. No Smoking inside.

    Clarkston House Exterior South side.Description:

    This is a large, nice, custom home in Clarkston. It is at the end of a dead end road with a view of the valley. Lower level has an unfinished garage and storage room. Main level has three bedrooms, two baths, Laundry, Living/Dining, and Family room with fireplace. Very spacious living areas. Laundry/Washer/dryer on main level.

    Monthly rent $900.00 for 4 people or less (See options for other rental pricing)

    Click for Rental Pricing Options.

    Movein: First, Last, +$500 Deposit

    email: or call/text 208-502-0077 for questions

    For approximate location see the map. I will post address close to the open house.

    View map of Clarkston with location

    For additional Pics and Info

    Application - Print for a head start. Bring to Open House.

  6. Owner will not be a full time resident, but keeps a locked room in the basement for occasional use (maintenance, etc.).