The Bullphrogs' Album Information

This is Hell* (1993)

  1. Reagan Age
  2. 1984
  3. I Want Candy
  4. America
  5. Social Machine
  6. Idiot Box
  7. Hick Song
  8. Lizard
  9. Slugbug

``This is Hell'' was the first recorded effort by The Bullphrogs . Its nine songs were described by one reviewer as ``surf-infused grind'' and simply as ``loud music'' by The Bullphrogs themselves.

This album was originally released as #001 on (now defunct) Vinyl Records of Pisgah, IA.

* This album was also released on LandPhil Records of Omaha, NE as LP002. (out of print)

Trash From LandPhil (Sampler LP-S1 from LandPhil Records) (1994)

  1. The Holy Church of Punk Rock

``Trash From LandPhil'' was the first sampler released by Landphil Records. It contained five other songs by: the short-lived Council Bluffs, IA punk band Lacquer; The Floodlights, also of Council Bluffs; Omaha's sweethearts, Pope Mahone; a live track by Omaha's own Ritual Device; and Matchbook Shannon of Iowa City, IA fame.

Planned Releases:

  1. (Cancelled) 7'' of Vinyl on a comp. by Rolling Hills Records of Omaha, NE.
  2. Those Fabulous Madmen (2003, CD) A complete history containing all material recorded by The Bullphrogs, recently re-mixed and re-mastered from the original 4-track tapes. Stay tuned.

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