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What to say.... Everyone has one of these stories. The Bullphrogs formed in December of 1992 and operated until September of 1994. Essentially, this was four 18-20 year-old kids from Pisgah, Missouri Valley, and Council Bluffs, Iowa, having fun taking their own brand of punk rock wherever they could in western/central Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska. Founded on the idea of stripping away all the baroque crud of recent "metal" and "alternative" rock styles and returning to the bare essentials of 70's proto-punk, the band's early sound was straightforward and melodic, but later developed a harder edge and became more beat-driven. Although there was the occasional hippy-esque jam, Poli-Sci 101 inspired, "stick it to the man"-style political rant, or stalker love fantasy, most of the group's songs focused on the hypocrisy they saw around them: on television, at school, in government, and in the punk rock scene itself. Like a "coming of age" film, it was good old-fashioned "us vs. them"—it was self-righteous, and it was great. I still miss the comfort of viewing the world in such black & white terms. The group was fairly close-knit, although there was the volatility you'd expect in any passionate relationship, which probably contributed to the group's eventual dissolution. We felt like we were doing something important. I think we were, but I have a different concept now of what that important thing was than I did at the time. The truly important thing was working together with good friends on something that you loved.

—"T. Bullphrog", 2003

Originally created for promotional purposes in 1993, this site remains as a historical archive.



Jesse "Piston Fists" Bullphrog - Drums/Vocals
Currently working as a lawyer, since The Bullphrogs he has been involved with "LUX 'O' VALUES," "The Gun Show," "Mancini's Angels", and "The Pep Boys". Formerly part of the outlaw-rawk outfit "The Monroes", he is currently mixing things up with the "Wagon Blasters".
Tim Bullphrog - Guitar/Vocals
Currently working as a Software Engineer, since The Bullphrogs he has been spotted in "The Gun Show" and "The Pep Boys.". Currently wishing he was in a rock band, and settling for living vicariously through Jesse.
Corey Bullphrog - Bass/Vocals
Last spotted in Colorado, after the disintegration of The Bullphrogs, he founded the Iowa City group "Matchbook Shannon"—a project that existed until at least the late '90's—with former "Pope Mahone" guitar virtuoso (now with "The Slats"), Jon Hansen.
Jeremiah Bullphrog - Guitar/Vocals
Left The Bullphrogs for "Truck Johnson" in 1994 and later joined "D is for Dragster" and was a founding member of "Fullblown". After an extended stint in Chicago, where he was involved in "Entertainment" and other groups, he was last known to be residing in Omaha and performing with the "Box Elders".

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