Alleged Sightings of The Bullphrogs

  1. Jan. 1993--The Aquarius Party, with Billy Pilgrim, Cellophane Ceiling, R.A.F. (?)
  2. May. 1993--The Maze Daze Party (just got equipment set up and played a short disco song before being cut.)
  3. Summer 1993:
  4. Fall 1993:
  5. ??? 1994--Magnolia, IA High School Gym, with Semetary
  6. Jan. 1994--The Aquarius Party, with Ritual Device, Pope Mahone, Cellophane Ceiling
  7. Earth Day 1994--Dionysians Earth Day Celebration, Omaha NE, with Nuns With Guns, Naked Love
  8. Jun. 1994--Appreciation Days [Churdan IA], with Soil
  9. Jun. 1994--Ames, IA, with The Village Idiot
  10. Jul 24, 1994--The Capitol, with mousetrap, Cactus Nerve Thang, Slowdown Virginia
  11. Aug 7, 1994--The Capitol, with Cavity (from Denver)
  12. Aug 12, 1994--Kilgore's [under alias ``The Pussy Magnets''],
    with Lonnie Methe & the LUX `O' Values
  13. Sep. 1994--The Capitol [LandPhil Records Showcase], with Lacquer, Matchbook Shannon

These are the main shows I can remember. There were also a bunch of shows in various places with Pope Mahone and The Flood lights (most of which were held at LandPhil Records HQ).

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