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Sound & Arts News, June 1993


Out from the 712 area code come the BULLPHROGS kicking some serious fervor inot our music scene. The band has developed a tense vail of surf infused grind, dancable yet loud. Made up of Jesse Bullphrog on drums, Cory Bullphrog bass, Timm Bullphrog guitar and Germiah Bullphrog also on guitar. All members sing, but Jesse does the majority. This is a band to watch--check out a live show Tuesday June 29th HST.

In The First Place..., Pete Graham

Managing Editor, Missouri Valley TIMES-NEWS, Sept. 7, 1994

GOTTA SEE It to Believe It Dept -- There is a heavy metal band in these parts with the moniker, The Bullphrogs. They even have a tape that is selling in the music shops down at the malls these days. It's called "This is Hell."

So what, sez you, that sounds like typical heavy metal. Yes, folks, but this tape has a full color photo on its cover--of beautiful downtown Mo. Valley emblazoned with the album title "This is Hell."

Well, the experts figure there is no good publicity or bad publicity, just publicity. Whew, good thing, too!


BY THE way, for those unfortunate enough to be uninformed about the Bullphrogs' music, here is what appears on "This is Hell;" reagan age, nineteen 84, i want candy, america, social machine, Idiot Box, HickS, Lizard, Slugbug, and Class Act.

So there!


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