The Thin Red Line Image Gallery


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Kid: "Trust me! You can wax your legs by rubbing gum all over them!"
"Free Beanie Babies? We're there!"
Contestants for the Tallest Hair Prize
Welsh dwarfed by tall grass
"The horror, the horror." From left to right--Keck, Band and Staros survey the carnage at the half-yearly Nordstrom's sale
Welsh and company in another grassy field
Bell and Keck take a breather from combat
Doll tries to help Keck
Welsh tries to help Tella
Staros discusses strategy with his company
Tall to Dale, Bell and Gaff: "OK. Listen well. First I say 'duck, duck, duck,' and when I say 'goose,' get up and run around the circle as fast as you can."
Bell numbed by war
Bell, Gaff and Witt are dumbstruck by the stunning beauty offscreen--that's me offscreen, I tell you!
What causes Philip Morris employees everywhere pray to John Cusack for saving their jobs
John Cusack reacts to the news he won't be filming love scenes with Miranda Otto--instead, Ben "lucky bastard" Chaplin will do so
Adrien Brody's true feelings about the size of his role in the finished version of the film
Lieutenant Colonel Tall ponders whether he should have chicken tonight
Doll and Welsh confer in Welsh's office
Witt comforts Coombs as they hide from the enemy
C-for-Charlie Company evacuates Guadalcanal Island
Bell digs in
Welsh demonstrates the proper way to drive a four-wheel drive vehicle
The real stars of The Thin Red Line ... a cast of thousands and the Akela Crane camera.
Behind the scenes on Hill 210
Behind the scenes on Hill 210 again
Would you kiss this ashtray face?
Captain Bosche
The attack on the Japanese camp
Doll is about to realise that what goes up must come down
Poor Adrien Brody! Doesn't he realise that he and an antique rifle will not keep me from my second husband Jim's arms?!?
The Americans set fire to the Japanese camp
The Japanese set fire to the American camp--what's Japanese for "nyah nyah"?
"A-wim-ma-way, a-wim-ma-way..."
The most horrible moment in a soldier's life caught on film
Islander child
Another islander boy
Adrien Brody, Woody Harrelson and Sean Penn react to my movie pitch
John Savage's reaction to my movie pitch was a little more, uh, intense
General Quintard
Sailor: "So this is what they meant by great job opportunity... must get along with people and like the great outdoors"
A sure sign that you're NOT on the luxury vacation to Maui
Sergeant Storm
Tall shares his plan for Hill 210 domination with Welsh and Staros
Lieutenant Whyte
Witt clasps his hands
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