The Thin Red Line Image Gallery, Part Deux


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The real attraction of The Thin Red Line--cutie-patootie Witt!
Nick Nolte lying down on the job
Fife is thrilled to be volunteered for the dangerous mission by Lieutenant Band
Captain Staros with rifle
Colonel Tall in a good mood
Welsh in the jungle
Charlie Company charges up Hill 210
Charlie Company holding onto each other, and with nary a moustache among them!
Doll overcomes his fear at a critical moment
Matinee idol Fife
Behind the scenes with director of photography John Toll at the helm
Charlie Company lands on the beach again
From left to right--Gore, Witt, Bell, Gaff and Doll prepare to attack the Japanese bunker
Tall on the phone in the middle of kunai grass
A big hand for this year's spokesmodel, Colonel Tall, everybody!
Sean Penn and a blade of grass
Welsh and company land in the sea
Hoke and Witt and Melanesian friends
Tall and Quintard confer on the ship
Welsh glares
Witt in the brig
Jim Caviezel as Witt on the cover of January/February 1999 Film Comment
Tella watches Welsh leave
Welsh and Storm in the golden light
The Thin Red Line poster
Glum Bell
More Bell
Private Dale
The hazards of taking Hill 210
Fife tries to make his way back to the company
Fife looks up
Gaff at the ledge
Staros looks grim
Storm looks grim
Tall happy
My, what sharp teeth you have, Private Witt!
Witt in the river
Producer George Stevens mislabeled as Malick--proving that not everything you read in the magazines is true--imagine that!
In the bamboo grove with Welsh
Welsh, Tall and Staros gaze at Hill 210

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