VSW Workshop Summer 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday's Class:
  • Introductions - to the class, to the facilities, and to Rochester.
  • Discussion of individual goals for the week.
  • For the next five days you will be planning, designing, coding a web site. Throughout the workshop we will discuss various strategies for developing effective and consistent navigation, functional site organization, and the use of graphical design and creativity.
  • Much emphasis will be placed on the conceptual development of your proposed/planned web site through the week. Starting with your initial idea - how you work with and expand upon that idea, and how well you incorporate the various skills, ideas, techniques, and peer/teacher feedback into your final piece.
Hands On and Demos:
- Strategies for mocking up your site.
- Software, HTML Editors and more
- The importance of planning!!


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