The Far Side: SAFARI  See wild animals up close! Animals We Identified

Links that are bold go to pictures not seen elsewhere on my pages.

The Far Side: Lions making a kill


  1. Giraffe (a veritable giraffe convention seen while crossing floor of Great Rift Valley!)
  2. Warthog (picture taken at Giraffe Centre in Nairobi)
  3. Bush Pig
  4. Baboon
  5. Cape Buffalo (we saw many of these animals, but this terrible picture is the only one that turned out!)
  6. Bushbuck Antelope
  7. Elephant
  8. Genet (scanned from tiny guidebook picture; impossible to photograph at The Ark)
  9. Honey Badger
  10. Duiker
  11. Waterbuck Antelope
  12. Flamingo
  13. Zebra
  14. Hyena
  15. Marabou Stork
  16. Pelican (seen clearly right above the waterbuck on the left side of photo; many more in background)
  17. Egyptian Goose
  18. Lesser Mongoose
  19. Rhino
  20. Thompson's Gazelle
  21. Impala
  22. Assorted lizards (okay, we fudged on this one a little, but we did see them...)
  23. Lion
  24. Secretary Bird
  25. Vervet Monkey
  26. Tortoise
  27. Dik Dik
  28. Wildebeest/Gnu
  29. Bustard
  30. Topi
  31. Lilac-breasted Roller (bird on top of stump, seen in silhouette)
  32. Hartebeest
  33. Cheetah
  34. Crocodile (trust me, that really is a crocodile)
  35. Grant's Gazelle
  36. Jackal
  37. Ostrich
  38. Kestrel
  39. White-backed Vulture
  40. Blue Monkey (attack!!)
  41. Hippo (only saw one and too dark for picture, much to my disappointment -- on our video, though!)
  42. Guinea Fowl
  43. Crested Crane (picture was greatly enlarged on my scanner; two birds are side by side)
  44. White-Tailed Mongoose



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