The Fanfics of Kimberly T.
Based on the stories of Christine Morgan
  Christine's Note:
     There are exceptions to every rule. In this case, the rule is my personal preference not to loan out 
my fanfic characters or agree to stories set in the fanfic world that I've created. Partly, this is out of 
selfishness -- my toys! Mine! -- which is, as I've said many times, a shamefully hypocritical attitude 
for a fanfic writer ... technically, they're Greg's toys and he'd probably rather that we left them the 
heck alone! 
     Partly, too, it is out of a desire to encourage my fellow fanfic authors to develop their own style 
and view of the Gargoyles universe, because the more of us there are doing that, the stronger this
fandom will be.
     But there are exceptions.
     And once in a rare blue moon, there's a step beyond exception ... endorsement.
     This page, here on my site, is just that. Kimberly T. has chosen to honor and flatter me by 
writing some of the unseen footage of my saga, and done such a great job that, at the risk of 
sounding like an egomaniac (so what else is new?), when reading them,it was almost like reading 
something I'd done myself and forgotten about. She has a great grasp of the characters -- the 
originals as well as mine -- and her writing feels very in tune with the tone of mine.
     And so, it is with a good deal of pleasure and not a little smug pride that I'm happy to present 
her vignettes here on my site. Read and enjoy, drop her a line, and once it's up and running again, 
check out her original fanfic on Gargoyles-Fans.
----- C. Morgan, 1/4/01
  First Dawn --
     Elisa and Goliath greet the new day as parents.
  The Toys --
     The clan comes face to face with a new line of action-figures.
  Maggie's Day --
     While Talon's away, his mate tries to come to grips with an impending arrival.
What Brothers Are For --
     Gabriel makes many adjustments with his new family -- Coldstone, Coldfire, and Angus.
Samson and Delilah: Home and Family --
     Set following Kittens, a look at how a gargoyle hybrid and a Sasquatch mutate find love in
this crazy world.
Samson and Delilah: Pain, Joy, and Peanut Butter --
     There are some things even love can't conquer. Takes place during Breeding Season.
Cooking Big --
    Broadway's late-night cooking show is on the air.
Special Delivery --
    Pizzas, pranks, and a new friend for the clan.
Letters from Homes --
     The full and complete story of Samson, Delilah, their years apart and their assorted offspring.
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts --
     Four very different individuals struggle to bond as both family and clan.
The Quiet Ones --
     Sometimes, the most sinister plots are subtle, cool, and go on right underneath your nose ... 
and sometimes, the real heroes are the ones who never say a word.
Resurgence Part One: Visiting Hours
     In the midst of his long, slow and painful recovery, Jon Castaway's spirits are brightened 
by an unexpected visitor.
Just Visiting
     Coldstone, Coldfire, Gabriel and Angus pay a long-awaited call on their kin and other 
friends in Manhattan.
Storms and Whiskey
     The loss of a loved one is a hard enough thing for anyone to go through. For someone 
like David Xanatos, this death in particular is an even more bitter, painful blow.
Resurgence Part Two: Gargoyle Hunting
     When Gabriel goes missing under the worst of circumstances, the entire clan is ready to 
mobilize to find him. Except for one problem ... sunrise. While the gargoyles sleep, it falls
to their friends and allies to save the day.
Resurgence Part Three: Public Speaking
     The Quarrymen rally is slated to be a major, major event. Little do the organizers know 
that they're about to get a lot more than they bargained for!
Going Home
     When Talon decides it's time for his clan to return to the Labyrinth, little twins Dee and Tom find that they have a lot of readjusting to do, and some new skills to learn.
     The journeys of Coldstone, Colfire and their sons Angus and Gabriel take them to the Yukon, where an encounter with an undiscovered clan challenges ways both old and new.
Disclaimer: the characters of Gargoyles are the property of Disney and are used here without their 
creators' knowledge or consent; the characters of Christine Morgan are hers and should not be used 
without her permission.
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