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July 21, 2007
New in the Annex -- a saucy pic of Godiva and Coldsteel, by the fabulous Mara! Mature eyes only.

New book out! Tell No Tales is here, and full of haunted pirate island reality show horror goodness! Order your signed copy today!

From Feb. 9th --

-- New fanfic at last! "Only the Good, Part Three," is now posted!

From Feb. 4th --

-- Okay, fixed the links on the  Gargoyles Fanfic Master List, and on the Other Fanfiction List

-- As a note, yes, there's a link on there for "Only the Good Part Three," but the story itself hasn't been posted yet. Hopefully today. If not today, next week sometime!

-- Big updates coming soon to the Christine Morgan information site!

From Feb. 2nd --

And still, I've been lazy about updating over here! Shame on me! The best place to keep up with what's going on these days really is over in my LiveJournal

-- I'm slowly doing some consolidating and renovating on the site. Started with fanfiction. All my Gargoyles stuff is now on one page: Gargoyles Fanfic Master List

-- Due to various circumstances, there will NOT be an anthology for this year's Gathering. Sorry about that! I still hope to see folks there in Pigeon Forge, and be able to do more fun writing stuff next year. 

Coming Soon:
-- new fanfic, "Only the Good, Part Three."
-- new Silver Doorway book, The Alchemist's Girl
-- new horror novel, Tell No Tales

From November 3rd --
I've been a lazy bad girl about updating! Well, really, I was waylaid by a new book and have been busy with various writing-type projects. Hope everyone's been having a good autumn, and Halloween, and all that.

-- I'm participating in National Novel-Writing Month again, dividing my efforts between ficbits for Tim's RPG book, and the 6th in the Silver Doorway series. Visit my author profile page here!

-- Kimberly T. has more of her wonderful fanfics for your reading pleasure! Going Home was posted a few weeks ago, and Unacceptable is the latest. See the rest of her stories set in my fanfic universe here

-- CoX-wise, I've been having fun earning and making Halloween costumes for my various characters. Pics can be found in Incineratrix's LiveJournal.

From Sept. 4th --

-- Kimberly T. continues her "Resurgence" story in Part Two: Gargoyle Hunting, and then moves right on to the stunning conclusion in Part Three: Public Speaking. See the rest of her stories set in my fanfic universe here

-- My CoH hunky pirate Tremayne (scrapper, Triumph) recently reached 30th and got a vision of the future. Here he is as an old man:

From July 27th --

-- After a much-too-long delay, here at last is "Only the Good, Part Two." Jericho is back, and it's up to the clan to find him and stop him before he can do any more damage. They're about to find out that this is an even more difficult prospect than they anticipate. Strong language and violence. Stay tuned for "Part Three," coming later this year.

-- I've been out of the habit of smut-writing for a while, so am extremely pleased to present "Sight Unseen," a story inspired by a ficbit I wrote at dinner one night during the Gathering. Not connected with my usual fanfic timeline. And it goes without saying that due to sexual content, this story is for mature readers only!

-- Another new tale from Kimberly T.! "Storms and Whiskey," in which the Xanatos family must cope with a painful loss. See the rest of her stories set in my fanfic universe here

-- Posted a bunch of recent City of Heroes / City of Villains screenshots!

From July 20th --

Gathering 2006 Essay Correction! 

-- There should have been SIX winners of the Archmage Award. Stormy also contributed to all three anthologies, and I somehow managed to overlook her when I checked all my notes. 

New on this site:

-- Two new tales from Kimberly T.! Posted together since they take place around the same time, in spring of 2004. "Resurgence, Part One" and "Just Visiting." See the rest of her stories set in my fanfic universe here

City of Heroes / City of Villains Updates:

-- To avoid cluttering up my personal LJ any more than it ordinarily is, I've created a new journal to blather about all my fun with this game. Find it here: Into the Fire.

From July 13th --

Gathering Updates:

-- A bit delayed due to our lengthy road-trip to and from California, here is my Gathering 2006 and general vacation report! Essay ... Photos.

-- Miss the con? Didn't order t-shirts and anthologies? Don't despair! Some are still available! Check out the Gathering 2006 Merchandise Page!

-- Making your plans yet for next year's Gathering? You should be! Gathering 2007 will be held June 22-25 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

Writing Updates:

-- The new and improved, revised, hardcover three-in-one volume of the Complete ElfLore Trilogy is now available! With cover art by Christi Smith Hayden, published by Sabledrake Enterprises. Order your copy today!

-- My short story, "Eating for Two," will be appearing in the anthology Dreaded Pall. Here's a peek at the cover!

From March 21st:

-- New on this site: in the Other Fanfiction section, an odd but very fun little HP / Colbert Report crossover, "Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness." 

From March 10th --

-- New on this site: Kimberly T. favors us with another wonderful tale! "The Quiet Ones" explores some of what went on in the castle after Devil's Night, when it turns out that not all the dangers the clan face come from outside. See the rest of her stories set in my fanfic universe here

-- Only three weeks left until March 31st, the story submission deadline for the Gathering's Grimorum Arcanorum anthology! Art submissions have until April 15th! Find the guidelines here!

-- And speaking of the Gathering, a preliminary list of Fan Panels needing Fan Panelists is now available in the official Gathering forums
       1. Are you going to be at the Gathering this year, in beautiful Valencia, CA?
       2. Are you any or all of the following?
              ----- A.) Writer
              ----- B.) Artist
              ----- C.) Costumer or Cosplayer
              ----- D.) Frequent Con-Goer
              ----- E.) Gargoyles Know-It-All
       3. Are you willing and able to talk in front of a group?
       4. Want to be on some panels?
If you can answer "Yes" to all 4 of those questions, then I want to hear from you!

-- I have finally completed the first draft of the novel I've been working on, and can now at long last dedicate myself to the second part of "Only the Good." Sorry for the delay!

From Feb. 9th --

-- A big warm Happy Birthday to my mom!

-- New on this site: Another fantastic installment by Kimberly T.! "Cold Hands, Warm Hearts" looks at the struggles faced by Coldstone, Coldfire, Gabriel and Angus as they try to bond both as family and clan. See the rest of her stories set in my fanfic universe here

-- The 10th Annual Gathering of Gargoyles is fast approaching! Deadlines for submissions to the Grimorum Arcanorum anthology are even faster approaching! March 31 for stories, April 15th for art! Find the guidelines here!

-- Looking for input on fan panels for the Gathering! What would you like to see? Now taking requests for any topics related to writing, art, costuming, filking, gaming, and general fandom stuff. And if you'd like to volunteer to be on a panel or run a workshop, please let me know! Send all suggestions and offers to christine@sabledrake.com. The sooner the better!

-- Also, the Gathering now has active Forums! Drop by for all the latest news and chatter. 

-- Speaking of forums, Leva is reviving Firefox.org, complete with a discussion board! Come by, say hi!

-- I had hoped to have the second part of Only the Good done by now, but delays on my current project (Birthright) have pushed it back. Sorry for the wait!

-- The City of Villains version of Jericho has reached level 20, earning a cape and a new costume. I tried to get a cape that looked as much as possible like wings, and thought it might be fun to see what he'd look like if he fell victim to the same transformation-to-human spell that afflicts Demona. Several people have pointed out that he looks a lot like Alexander Xanatos. It wasn't on purpose ... must be the beard and the eyeplate!

From Jan. 6th --
Happy New Year! We're almost a week into it, and I hope everyone's 2006 is off to a great start!

We have lots of projects, cons and events coming up, plus various other news and updates:

     --  I am looking forward to once again being a guest at RadCon, over President's Day weekend (Feb 17-19) in Pasco, WA. 

     -- The 10th Annual Gathering of Gargoyles will be held in Southern California this summer. We'll be there; will you?

     -- For the Gathering, Tim and I will be editing the 3rd in a series of fanfic anthologies to be sold at the con. The previous ones were about the Phoenix Gate and the Eye of Odin; this time, completing the set, the theme is the Grimorum Arcanorum. Submissions for stories and interior art are now open! Find the guidelines here!

     -- I expect to finish and post the second part of Only the Good within a few weeks. 

     -- Because the ElfLore books are out of print and the rights have reverted to me, Sabledrake Enterprises will be publishing a three-in-one volume of the Complete Elflore Trilogy this year. Stay tuned!

     -- I also hope to have the 6th Silver Doorway book, The Alchemist's Girl, out this year!

     -- Leather, Lace and Lust, an erotic anthology in which appears my short story "I Am ...", has been re-released and is now available through Amazon.com!

     -- In the Original Fiction section, I've posted a short superhero story, "The Last Vigil." Feedback welcome!

     -- The third Trinity Bay book, Changeling Moon, is getting some good reviews! 

     -- I am currently at work on a new horror novel, Birthright, and have three other books (His Blood, Tell no Tales, and Scoot) out awaiting response from various publishers. 

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