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     What is this? Ramblings? What the heck does that mean? 
     Basically, Constant Reader, it is yet another forum in which I, Christine stroke my ego and run my mouth about my favorite toipic -- my writing. Specifically, my fanfic. 
     I'll explain how each title and story came to be, what I hoped to accomplish, what I actually did accomplish, how certain characters took occasionally unexpected turns. I'll also share some behind-the-scenes snippets of what was going through my admittedly warped brain at the time. 
     So, if you want to learn more of the behind-the-scenes goings-on and put up with me bragging and strutting, please read on! If not, hit your Back button to escape back to the stories ; ) 


     In early 1996, my husband Tim asked me, out of simple curiosity, why I hadn't written any Gargoyles fanfic yet. 
     At the time, I had made a few forays into that arena, most notably with "A Matter of Pride," a story that, I'm told, is practically a must-read for all newcomers to The Lion King fandom (and here I thought I was deeply disturbed and nobody in their right mind would ever want to read something that combined sex and Disney 
cartoons -- okay, I was still fairly naive at the time, having yet to fully discover how the 'Net could bring together those who shared certain points of view -- and that there were a heck of a lot more of them than I'd ever imagined. I wasn't alone!) 
     But ... Gargoyles? Because I knew that I had a knack or a flair for writing the naughty stuff, and I wasn't sure how I felt about the prospect. Trek, sure, Disney, fine, I could write sexy fanfic about those. 
     But ... Gargoyles? Gargoyles was different! It got ahold of my soul in a way that no other show had ever been able to do. Could I do justice to such characters? Would I cheapen them, diminish them in so doing? (some would say "absolutely;" you know who you are <g>) 
     I didn't want to, pardon the pun and the vulgarity, fuck it up. If it was to be done, it had to be done carefully, lovingly, right. 
     Another reason I held off was because the show was still going on. But when I learned of the hiatus that would take place that summer, between the stirring finale of Hunter's Moon and the debut of The Goliath Chronicles, I had several months to play 
with. Several months without Gargoyles. 
    I thought I could do it. I wanted to do it. At the time, I had yet to make the acquaintance of my fellow Gargophiles and so I had no idea how such stories would be received. I figured that nobody outside the pervs in the alt.sex.stories newsgroup would even see it. 
     Still, I wanted to give it a try. And the rest, as they say, is history ... 

As of this writing (6/20/99), there are 56 stories in my ongoing fanfic saga plus a few others done for TGS and other projects. 


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