A word of explanation by the author: these stories are set in my game-world, which I have been developing since the early 1980's. The premier deity of that world is Dorian, Goddess of Life.  Much of Dorianism is drawn from Jean M. Auel's "Earth's Children" series.  These stories are dedicated to my husband, Tim, for whom they were written as birthday and anniversary presents. 

The character Rick Avery was originally created as a 25-point farmboy. He and his friends (other PCs) Damon and Taren became adventurers in a lengthy (four years real time) campaign that would take them all over the world. 

Many of these stories are for mature readers only, please. 



The last survivor of a vicious attack on a gypsy camp stumbles into the village of Stonebridge to birth her child.


Rick begins to realize that he's not like the other children, and makes friends with Damon and Taren.

Wanna Bet?

Teenage Rick meets a dwarf who gives him tips on gambling and adventuring. 


Rick's first time. Mature readers only.

Unmasked, Unchained

Tura is a land where men are slaves, and rebellious women fight to free them. When Rick and his friends are captured and sent there, a fugitive princess and would-be paladin rescues him from a terrible fate (or so she thinks). Mature readers only. 

Teacher's Pet

Rakvian girls are supposed to be demure, but a willful teacher, with the help of aa willing paladin, teaches them more than their fathers or future husbands ever expected them to learn. 


Rick and his friends have returned from the fairy realm to find that twenty years have passed. Rick's former flame Nikolia now has a daughter, who becomes his new love. At a village in the Chaos Mountains, they attend a festival in honor of Dorian's Gifts. Mature readers only. 
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