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SuperLuminal Velocity

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"Sarcastic Science, she would like to know, in her complacent Ministry of Fear, How we propose to get away from here ..." Robert Frost "Why Wait for Science," c 1947
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"A reinterpretation of the well-known formula of the 'mass-velocity relation' is exactly derived from a new viewpoint with new concepts, such as the finiteness of the transmitting velocity of force (TVF), effective action, and the coupled effect of the TVF for two EM fields, etc." " As is well known, the classical mechanics has an implicit assumption that the result caused by a mutual action between two bodies is independent of the relative speed between them in any case." "When you ride a bicycle at full speed, you may not be able, despite your best efforts, to further accelerate your bike due to 'pedal-idle'. This phenomenon makes you unable to apply your effort to accelerating the bike, because your pedaling cannot equal or exceed the revolution of the wheel. This fact tells us that the EFFECTIVE ACTION exerted on a body will become zero, when the motion speed of an applied body relative to an applying body, V, is equal to or exceeds the TVF (which can be denoted by U). Thus the effective action of a force is dependent, not independent, of the speed ratio ?(=V/U)." Xu Shaozhi & Xu Xiangqun A Neo Explanation of the 'Mass-Velocity' Relation
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Distributed from Auckland,
Cracow & Beijing

Alternative & Dissident Sources

"During three generations a few scientists in different countries have 
found the error of the Theory of Relativity (TR).  But their works have 
not been published in the scientific press.  Therefore, everyone has to 
examine the foundations of the TR and discover the verities about the 
errors for themselves.  TR is founded on two erroneous principles: 
principle of relativity and principle of limited velocity.  In studying 
the electromagnetic (EM) interactions in TR it is assumed that EM 
interactions do not depend on velocity.  Therefore to satisfy the 
experimental facts, it is necessary to make mass, space and time 
dependent on velocity.  In fact, the forces of interaction between two 
point charges, for example, depend not only on the distance between them, 
but also on their relative velocity; and the mass, space and time do not 
depend on velocity."

                                Joseph J.Smulsky
                                Yes, Science is Confronted
                                               by a Great Revolution

? Electric Spacecraft Journal, 73 Sunlight Drive, Leicester NC 28748, USA; tele 704-683-0313, fax 3511; Unsurpassed journal for experimenters at the frontier of unified field theories ? the Bell Jar, 35 Windsor Drive, Amherst NH 03031, USA; tele 603-429-0948; Newsletter for plasma physics experimenters ? Keelynet Newsletter, PO Box 870716, Mesquite TX 75187, USA; aether theories, 'free' energy, & more; tele 214-324-8741; Bulletin Board Service 214-324-3501 ? SAFE News, Swiss Assoc for Free Energy, PO Box 2142, CH-8645, Jona, Switzerland; tele 055-864-770; fax 769 ? Newsletter, Planetary Association for Clean Energy, 100 Bronson Ave, #1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8 Canada; tele 613-236-6265, fax 235-5876 ? Fulcrum Science Journal, Univ. of Science & Technology, PO Box 520, Waynesboro, VA 22980, USA; tele 703-942- 5161; fax 8705; Timothy Binder, Ron Kovac, Walter Russell ? W.Tkaczyk, "Alternative Cosmology Summer School", Exp.Physics, Univ of L?z, ul. Pomorska 149/153, 90 236 L?z Poland; e-mail ? Future Technology Intelligence Report, PO Box 423652, Civic Ctr Box Unit, San Francisco CA 94142-3652, USA ? Alternative Natural Philosophy Assoc, 112 Blackburn Ave, Menlo Park CA 94025, USA; tele 415-327-9646 ? Reality & Meaning, #1405 ? 99 Howard Street, Toronto M4X 1K1, Canada; alternative physics and philosophy ? Adventures Unlimited, 303 Main Street, PO Box 74, Kempton IL 60946, USA; Bruce Cathie, David Childress ? Kiril B.Chukanov, "Final Quantum Revelation", 3520 W. Old Bingham Hwy, Unit B, West Jordan, UT 84088, USA ? CF Times, PO Box 81135, Wellesley Hills, MA 02181, USA ? Electrifying Times, 63600 Deschutes Market Rd, Bend OR 97701, USA; tele 503-388-1908, fax 206-693-4408 ? Resonance, Newsletter of the BioElectromagnetics SIG, 684 C.R. 535, Sumterville FL 33585, USA ? The Extropist,13428 Maxella Ave, #273, Marina Del Ray CA 90292-9863, USA; tele 310-398-0375 ? Fusion Facts, Fusion Info Center, PO Box 58639, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84158, USA; tele 801-583-6232, fax 2963 ? Cold Fusion, 70 Route 202 North, Peterborough NH 03458-1107; tele 603-924-0058, fax 588-3205 ? Millenium Twain's WORLD MUSE ? William Beaty's Homepage on the WorldWide Web -- ? Swedish Elektromagnum WWW Homepage -- ? Australian Sumeria WWW Homepage -- or

Dissidents South, North, East and West!

? Olof Sunden, Deuteron-Cluster Model of the Nucleus, 113 Rue d'Arb?e, F-01220 Divonne, France; tele xx 33-50-20-74-82 ? David Moon, "Mechanisms of a Disobedient Science", 4020 E 52nd St, #104, Minneapolis, MN 55417, USA ? W.H.Owen,Sr, 22 Fotheringham St, Marrickville, NSW 2204, Australia; email ? Patrick G. Bailey, PO Box 201, Los Altos CA 94023-0201, USA ? Sergie Chernyakov, Post Office Box 4773, Murmansk 183038, Russia; e-mail ? Bert Schreiber, "New Concepts in Physics & Cosmology," 4519 Holly St, Bellaire TX 77401-5802, USA ? W. van der Kamp, 3687-1507 Queensbury Ave, Victoria BC, V8P 5M5 Canada ? Norman Silliman, "Light Waves or Photons?," 315 Betty Lane, 2nd Floor, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-2808, USA ? Stephen Mooney, "Rules of Structuring", Danns Road, Harcourt, VIC 3453, Australia ? M.H.MacGregor,"The Enigmatic Electron", LLNL, Livermore, CA 94550, USA ? How Wachspress, "Magnetic Levitator Launcher", PO Box 99141, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA ? Wen-Xiu Li, "Paradoxes in SRT", Earth & Space Sciences, Univ of Science & Tech in China, Hefei, Anhui 230026, PRC ? A. K. Velan, "MultiUniverse Cosmos", 2125 Ward Avenue, Montreal Quebec H4M 1T6 Canada ? P.E. Rowe,"Hydrogen from the Ether",71 West Way, Mashpee,MA 02649,USA ? Valery P. Dmitriyev, PO Box 160, Moscow 117574, Russia; e-mail L950@suearn2.bitnet ? Stephen Gamboa-Eastman, "Nonlocality and the Quantum Born Rules," 55 Dorland St, San Francisco CA 94110, USA ? N.Rudakov, "Fiction Stranger than Truth: In the Metaphysical Labyrinth of Relativity," 1981; N.Rudakov, 3 Wirth Crescent, Newcomb VIC 3219, Australia ? Thomas E.Phipps, Jr., 908 South Busey Ave, Urbana IL 61801, USA ? Xu Shaozhi, PO Box 3913, Beijing 100854, PR China ? Henry Palka, 85 Monroe Street, Hartford CT 06114, USA ? Horst Preussker, "WhirlRing Atomic Model", Friedrichshulder Weg 174, D-25469 Halstenbek, Germany; tele 04101-44268 ? Bruce DePalma, "Secret of the Faraday Disc," Private Bag 11, Papakura, South Auckland, New Zealand ? Joseph Lucas, "Physical Model for Atoms ...", 4511 Poppe Place, Temple Hills MD 20748, USA ? Jim Hodges, "Ether Drift Experiment", 2 Gunyah Court, Melton, VIC 3337, Australia ? Fred L. Walker, 3881 S.Via Del Trogon, Green Valley AZ 85614, USA ? Ph. M. Kanarev, "On the Way to the Physics of the 21st Century", 11 Pushkin Street, apt 19, 350063, Krasnodar, Russia; e-mail ? Toivo Jaakkola, "Equilibrium Cosmology," Tuorla Observatory, University of Turku, SF-21500 Piikki? Finland
"We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher, leave those kids alone." Pink Floyd The Wall, 1979 _______________________________
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(not formalistic) modeling, breadth, depth, illustration and readability.]

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