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The Trial Account Applications are currently Borked.
Please call for a trail account 206-812-0051.

     Explore and see how you like the new site.  One major difference is the top level menus are now active and take you to sections that expand on what is in the drop-downs.

     For example, if you click on Support it will take you to a support section where you can find setup information for a variety of different things such as remote desktops, dial-ups, or e-mail.

     If you click on services, it will take you to a subsection with all the different services that we offer.  Check it out, explore, let me know of anything you think would make it better.

     Try it out on your Smart Phone, with the exception of the Forums, StatusNet, and Web mail, it’s all responsive and mobile friendly right now and I’m working on solutions for these remaining sections.

2,537,138 visitors, 765 today.

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Trial Account Applications

     I got the colors mostly figured out.  The one thing that isn’t working right is the parent doesn’t stay highlighted on the main menu when a child is hovered over.

     Somehow I managed to delete part of the application form so it does not post at present. I am working on a fix for this.

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