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Webhead-L is an online forum for the discussion of interactive science museum exhibits and exhibits issues. This is a public, lightly-moderated "
list". Membership currently hovers around 200. Interested parties are welcome to subscribe (see instructions below.) Please see the rules below. There is no charge, but donations towards expenses are accepted (see rules below for suggested donation.)

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Webhead-L subscription instructions:
Send a blank email message to, with the
word "subscribe" in the subject line. (No quotes around subscribe.)
You will get an automatic greeting message in response. Once
subscribed you will receive a few messages per day from the other
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Webhead-L Rules:

1. WEBHEAD-L is funded by Bill B. (labor, mostly.)  If WEBHEAD-L proves
   very useful or interesting to you, please consider making a $10US/yr
   donation to help cover operating expenses.  If you cannot afford this,
   please feel free to participate anyway.  If you would like to give
   more, please do!  Direct your check to the moderator, address above.

2. "Flaming" is banned here, and will not be tolerated.  If you should
   feel the need to insult another subscriber, please do it via private
   email, keep it off webhead-L.  Also, always be aware of the low-
   bandwith nature of email, and if you feel you have been insulted,
   verify this fact first before responding in kind.  In other words,
   don't take insult where none was intended.

3. Small email files please.  The limit is set to 40K right now, those
   exceeding the limit will be forwarded to Bill Beaty.  If you wish to
   start extremely off-topic discussions, please feel free to exchange
   initial messages on webhead-L, but MOVE THE DISCUSSION TO PRIVATE MAIL
   IMMEDIATELY.  Some members are on limited service, or have to pay for
   received email.  Diagrams and graphics can be mailed to me or John
   Logajan and posted on our webpages for viewing.

4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: when you reply to a message DON'T include the
   ENTIRE message in your reply.  Always edit it a bit and delete
   something.  The more you delete, the less traffic overload.  The entire
   message should really only be included if: (A) you are replying to a
   message that is many days old, or (B) you are doing a point-by-point
   reply to many parts of a message.  Many webhead users must pay by the
   kilobyte for receiving message traffic, and a large amount of redundant
   messages are irritating and expensive.  So, when including a quoted
   message in your reply, ALWAYS DELETE SOMETHING, the more the better.

5. "Junkmail" email advertising will not be tolerated.  While not illegal
   yet, widecasting of junk-email ads to listservers is against the
   Unwritten Rules of the Internet.  Anyone who spams webhead-L with
   junkmail will be referred to the Internet Vigilante Justice team.  ;)
   Occasional on-topic advertising by long-time webhead-L users is

   - Bill B.  

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