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     This is the website for VORTEX-L, an internet email forum or "list." For more info on lists, go here. Also see the 'weird science' section on this website.

SUBSCRIBE: To participate in Vortex-L, you need to "subscribe". See the instructions below. Please read the rules below and especially the ABOUT US section.

WWW ACCESS: To inspect the current conversations on the forum, but without turning on mail-archive.com

VORTEX B: Besides "vortex-L", there is also "vortexB-L." This is a secondary forum which has no rules. We use it for extremely off-topic discussions, and also as a flameproof place for any groups who feel a need to engage in verbal fisticuffs.

Vortex-L Discussion Group

The Vortex-L email list was originally created for discussions of professional research into fluid vortex/cavitation devices which exhibit anomalous energy effects (ie: the inventions of Schaeffer, Huffman, Griggs, and Potapov among others.) Currently it has evolved into a discussion on "taboo" physics reports and research. SKEPTICS BEWARE, the topics wander from Cold Fusion, to reports of excess energy in Free Energy devices, gravity generation and detection, reports of theoretically impossible phenomena, and all sorts of supposedly crackpot claims. Before you subscribe, please see the rules below. This is a public, lightly- moderated smartlist list. There is no charge, but donations towards expenses are recommended.

Admin addr: vortex-L-request@eskimo.com
Mail addr: vortex-L@eskimo.com
Digest addr: vortex-digest-request@eskimo.com
Moderator: (Bill Beaty)
William J. Beaty
6632 Corson Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108
206-762-3818 USA

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Vortex-L subscription instructions:

  To subscribe, send a *blank* message to:
  Put the single word "subscribe" in the subject line of the header.  No
  quotes around "subscribe," of course.

  You will get an automatic greeting message in response.  Once
  subscribed, send your email to vortex-L@eskimo.com.

  To unsubscribe, send a *blank* message to:
  Put the single word "unsubscribe" in the subject line of the header.  No
  quotes around "unsubscribe," of course.

Vortex-L digest mode:

  If you prefer "digest" mode messages, collections of messages up to
  40K total or every 2 days, then subscribe to the vortex-digest
  instead of to vortex-L.  Send a blank message to:
  Put the single word "subscribe" in the subject line of the header.
  Vortex-L and Vortex-digest are two separate lists.  It is possible
  to subscribe to one or the other or both.

Address Changes:

  If your email address changes, you can email  to fix
  things.  Or, you can simply send a "subscribe" command while using
  your new account.  When your old account is turned off, the vortex-L
  bounce detector will unsubscribe it.  Or, if you still have access
  to the older account address, you can unsubscribe yourself using
  that address.



  Vortex-L software contains a mechanism which might automatically
  unsubscribe you.

  This will happen if your email address starts bouncing all vortex-L
  email for several days.  This is done in order to stop possible
  email-loops, and to prevent the eskimo.com software from being
  overwhelmed by email-bounce warning messages.

  When the Unsubscriber takes you off, it sends you a message explaining
  its action.  Unfortunately this message will usually bounce also.  From
  your viewpoint the message traffic from Vortex-L will suddenly cease.

  If the email server on your internet service has a habit of overloading
  or crashing for several days at at time, you will probably encounter the
  Unsubscriber.  If vortex-L traffic seems to suddenly stop, or if your
  messages to the group are returned with warnings that you are not
  subscribed, simply resubscribe to Vortex-L.  Missed messages are
  available as textfiles on the Vortex-L webpage, or go to the archive
  service at http://www.mail-archive.com/vortex-l%40eskimo.com/

Vortex-L Rules:

  1. $10/yr donation

1. If VORTEX-L proves very useful or interesting to you, please consider
   making a $10US/yr donation to help cover operating expenses.  If you
   cannot afford this, please feel free to participate anyway.  If you 
   would like to give more, please do!  Direct your check to the 
   moderator, address above.  Or paypal: billb -a- amasci dotcom

2. NO SNEERING.   Ridicule, derision, scoffing, and ad-hominem is banned.
   Debunking or "Pathological Skepticism" is banned (see the link.) 
   Vortex-L is a snark-free zone.  The tone here should be one of 
   legitimate disagreement and respectful debate.  Vortex-L is a big nasty 
   nest of 'true believers' (hopefully having some tendency to avoid 
   self-deception,) and Skeptic/debunkers may as well leave in disgust.  
   But if your mind is open and you wish to test "crazy" claims rather 
   than ridiculing them or explaining them away, hop on board!  
   MORE (please read.)

   (For a good analysis of the negative aspects of skepticism, see
   ZEN AND THE ART OF DEBUNKERY at http://amasci.com/pathskep.html)

3. Small email files please.  The limit is set to 60K right now, those
   exceeding the limit will be forwarded to Bill Beaty.  Some
   members are on limited service, or have to pay for received email.
   Diagrams and graphics can be mailed to me or John Logajan and posted
   on our webpages for viewing.

4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: when you reply to a message DON'T include the
   ENTIRE message in your reply.  Your msg may exceed the 60K limit and
   end up vanished.  Always edit it a bit and delete something.  The 
   entire message should only be included if: (A) you are replying to a 
   message that is many days old, or (B) you are doing a point-by-point 
   reply to many parts of a message.  Many vortex users must pay by the 
   kilobyte for receiving message traffic, and large amounts of redundant 
   messages are irritating and expensive.  So, when including a quoted 
   message in your reply, ALWAYS DELETE SOMETHING, the more the better.

5. Please do not include any other email list in the TO line or the CC
   line of your messages to vortex-L.  In the past this has caused
   storms of "thread leakage" between lists and redundant messages as
   replies from subscribers go to both lists.  It's OK to manually forward
   mail from other lists to vortex-L, as long as the TO line and CC line
   has only vortex-L and no other list.

6. "Junkmail" email advertising will not be tolerated.  While not illegal
   yet, widecasting of junk-email ads to listservers is against the
   Unwritten Rules of the Internet.  Anyone who spams vortex-L with junkmail
   will be referred to the Internet Vigilante Justice team.  ;)
   Occasional on-topic advertising by long-time vortex-L users is acceptable.

   - Bill B.

Created and maintained by Bill Beaty. Mail me at: .
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