This page features information about alcoholism and the history of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as some other information of interest to me. This is not intended to be an extensive historical site. Rather, this site will present some of the lesser known or less readily available historical information about alcoholism and A.A.

This site has no affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous or any other organization related to alcoholism or its treatment.



bk_dot.GIFNational Home Page of Alcoholics Anonymous   The official home page of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, maintained by the General Service Office, New York City.
bk_dot.GIF The Home Page of the AA Grapevine   The monthly magazine of Alcoholics Anonymous--"Our Meeting in Print."
bk_dot.GIFSeattle Intergroup Home Page   The Greater Seattle Intergroup has a web page. Check out the meeting directory, it's updated regularly!

Alcoholics Anonymous Related Historical Files

bk_dot.GIFAn 1878 View of the Washingtonians   The Washingtonians had all but disappeared when this temperance writer wrote about the Washingtonian Movement. Predating A.A., its rise was meteoric--and so was its downfall.
bk_dot.GIFThe Gabriel Heatter Broadcast--April 1939.   The first national exposure for A.A. came with this broadcast of the popular "We The People" radio program.
bk_dot.GIFThe Liberty Magazine Article--September 1939.   At last, national exposure that actually began a steady stream of inquiries into the Alcoholic Foundation's New York office.
bk_dot.GIFThe Cleveland Plain Dealer Articles--October-November 1939.   A series of seven articles by Elrick B. Davis which gives a comprehensive, and very interesting, view of the earliest days of Alcoholics Anonymous.
bk_dot.GIFAn Early Guide to the Twelve Steps   Before we had the "12 by 12" this little booklet was used as a study guide by many groups. A later, expanded version was published until quite recently.
bk_dot.GIFChronic Alcoholism   A description of a bizarre approach to the treatment of alcoholism which was practiced in 1941. Bizarre, that is, from our current perspective.
bk_dot.GIFThe April, 1950 Jack Alexander Article The Saturday Evening Post published a second, glowing article about Alcoholics Anonymous. Coming just fifteen years after the founding of A.A., this article is a fascinating snapshot of the early days of the Fellowship.
bk_dot.GIFThe 1964 Saturday Evening Post Article Criticizing A.A.   The January 1963 issue of Harpers carried an article which harshly criticized A.A. This was only the first of several articles which appeared in national magazines in 1963 and 1964--including this one in the"Post". As a result, A.A. took its own inventory at the 1963 General Service Conference
bk_dot.GIFSeattle Memorial Service for Bill W.   This article appeared in the February 15, 1971 issue of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
bk_dot.GIFCan Alcoholics Learn to be 'Social' Drinkers?   Another article from the Post-Intelligencer, this one written by James E. Royce
bk_dot.GIFThe Oxford Groups and the Big Book (To be added later)



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