These articles are reprinted from the Cleveland Plain Dealer with permission

The Elrick B. Davis Articles From The


Plain Dealer

October - November 1939

These articles appeared in the main Cleveland newspaper, the Plain Dealer, just five months after the first A.A. group was formed in Cleveland. The articles resulted in hundreds of calls for help from suffering alcoholics who reached out for the hope that the fledgling Alcoholics Anonymous offered.

The thirteen reliable members of the Cleveland group handled as many as 500 calls (ref 1) in the first month following the appearance of Davis' articles. The following year Cleveland could boast 20 to 30 groups with hundreds of members (ref 2).

1. Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers, New York, A.A. World Services, Inc., 1980, pp 206-207.

2. 'Pass It On', New York, A.A. World Services, Inc., 1984, pp 224-225.

The Articles: