Early B&W Pictures: The Stone House Interior Construction The Builder Early Family Garden Pictures Early Slides: Background Spring in the Garden Other Seasons Propagation Specimens The Stone House Introduction Building the Stone House in Springfield
In 1941, Bob built this one bedroom cottage as a place for the family to live while he built the big house, and to see if his newly acquired masonry technique would work. But then war put a stop to everything for five years. Bob is thirty here, Betty twenty-eight, and Nancy three. I won't be born for two years.

A model for the stone house, made in in 1940

This view is from the back of the house. The narrow wing on the right was not built. A larger bedroom wing, coming forward, was added instead (below right).


Left--a new house and a new car. The first phase of the house (central portion) is finished.

Right--The house is complete. Next a large geometric garden with brick pathways will fill the foreground.