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Seeburg HF100R AMI Continental Wurlitzer 312
This is my collection at home at the present time. The first one shown is my Seeburg HF100R. This was a nice original. I've done very little to the cabinet. I've rebuilt the amp and done some work to the mechanism. It runs, sounds, and looks good. I have mostly 50's and some 60's Rock and Roll on it (Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.)

The second is my 1961 AMI Continental. The cabinet has not been restored, but still looks good, although the cabinet would have to be painted to make it first class. This is a 200 selection model with a mono sound system. In keeping with its age, it has mostly 60's music on it, with a little both earlier and later.

The Wurlitzer 312 is a model I've wanted for some time. I purchased this one from Mike Baute (see "before" picture below), and stripped and painted it (with some help). Oddly, I worked on this machine 15 or 20 years ago. The owner then was one of the most annoying old men I've ever met. It only holds 12 records, but I have Rhythm and Blues, and 50's Rock on 78.

Here's a before picture of the Wurlitzer 312. It had a "Modernization Kit".