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My name is Harold Hagen. I live in Seattle. I've been collecting and repairing radios since I was a teenager. Through the years, I've owned a great number of radios, some pretty rare and unique. At the moment, my collection includes:

Emerson model AX212 with an Ingraham cabinet.
Zenith table model 6D311
2 tube International Kadette mini radio
Prewar Zenith Transoceanic (with bomber in speaker grille)
RCA Radiola III with RCA Horn Speaker
1948 Philco Roll-top Portable.
Philco 37-93 Cathedral Table Model
Sparton 517 Tombstone
Silvertone Console
Sentinal 7" TV
Motorola VT73A 7" TV
17" Philco Predicta
Hallicrafters 7" TV
Hickok 209A Vacuum Tube Voltmeter
Wilcox Gay Push-button only radio.
This is a Coronado table model radio. It has brown plastic with a green front, and a dial pointer that looks like an airplane propellor.