A Table of Kindred and Affinity,

Wherein Whosoever Are Related Are Forbidden
by the Church of England to Marry Together.

A Man may not marry his

adopted daughter
father's mother
mother's mother
son's daughter
daughter's daughter
wife's mother
wife's daughter
father's wife
son's wife
father's father's wife
mother's father's wife
wife's father's mother
wife's mother's mother
wife's daughter's daughter
wife's son's daughter
son's son's wife
daughter's son's wife
father's sister
mother's sister
brother's daughter
sister's daughter

  A Woman may not marry with her

adopted son
father's father
mother's father
son's son
daughter's son
husband's father
husband's son
mother's husband
daughter's husband
father's mother's husband
mother's mother's husband
husband's father's father
husband's mother's father
husband's son's son
husband's daughter's son
son's daughter's husband
daughter's daughter's husband
father's brother
mother's brother
brother's son
sister's son

In this Table the term 'brother' includes a brother of the half-blood, and the term 'sister' includes a sister of the half-blood.

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