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Achieving the goals we share is the reason we're here on the Silver List. Rules for conduct allow us to better serve those goals. Most people want to cooperate, and can be trusted to control themselves and behave responsibly. For this I am grateful.

Courtesy Always

I expect civil, courteous, and considerate behavior at all times and in all discussions, regardless of topic. Aggressive behavior is not allowed. Attacks, ridicule or insults against the person, ideas, education, beliefs, or opinions of any other list member are not acceptable behavior. This applies equally to off-list behavior toward list members.

Criticism of other list members' behavior or how the list is being run must be directed to me, the list owner, privately and not on the list. No List Cops!

Permitted Topics

Any Colloidal Silver related topic or question may be raised and discussed until it is obviously exhausted. Any alternative health-related question may be asked, and answers may be given regardless of whether they are related to Colloidal Silver or not. HOWEVER...

Alternative health related topics NOT related to Colloidal Silver will be ended or taken off list as soon as basic information is given and important resources identified. I've provided the Off Topic List for this purpose.

Brief heads-up messages about legislation, regulation, or politics of relevence to Colloidal Silver or important alternative health issues may be posted occasionally, with follow-up to be taken off list.

A modest amount of humor, chit-chat, friendly banter and encouragement is condoned, and is indeed important for the well-being of the list. Such threads should be brief, seldom more than a small handful of messages. Such off topic "noise" must be allowed in order to foster the friendly, welcoming environment we seek. It is, however a privilege. Please do not abuse it.

No Commercial Activity

This is a non-commercial forum. No vendor may participate except as a private individual. No promotion of any kind is permitted without my prior, explicit approval of each occurrence. No vendor or representative may promote a particular product or malign any other.

No vendor sales or solicitation is permitted except in private e-mail. It is each member's responsibility to make sure all business is conducted privately and not on the list, but it is especially the vendors' responsibility to know how to reply off list to avoid violating this rule.

Exception: Reasonable use of signature files and taglines is permitted. I will judge what is "reasonable."

Prohibited Topics

Experience shows that certain topics are clear losers, no matter how carefully they are treated.

Politics is forbidden unless it relates directly to CS or important alternative health issues, as mentioned above. Do not discuss political parties, elections, politicians, policy, or philosophy. Do not raise divisive issues -- you know which ones! Do not reply to political comments made by others... Nope, not even to be "fair!"

Avoid discussing religion, mysticism, or spirituality. There is no comment you can make that will not risk offending someone. Overt evangelization is not permitted. Do not reply to religious remarks made by others.

I am not asking you to "de-God" everything you say, do or think, however. Brief greetings, thanks, and prayer requests or offerings are acceptable. The occasional "God bless", or "you're in our prayers" will not be seen as a transgression. Modest tag lines or signature files may also be used.

I say again: Criticism of other list members' behavior or how the list is being run must be directed to the list owner, privately and not on the list. No List Cops!

Off Topic Posts

Posts that are clearly Off Topic are generally discouraged. Do not start an obviously off topic thread. Do not reply to off topic posts made by others. If a thread morphs off-topic, end it or take it off list! There should not be lengthy threads on obviously off-topic subjects. I've provided the Off Topic List for such subjects.

This does not apply to threads that result from someone's health related questions as described in the Permitted Topics section above, which may continue until basic information is given and important resources identified.

If you are in doubt or have a special need you believe justifies an off topic post, please ask me in private e-mail:

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