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Welcome to my Darklands "Stuff" Page!

More Unofficial Resources for Players of

Darklands, by MicroProse

Get your Darklands files,
patches, utilities, and other resources
from these sites:

Get your own copy of DARKLANDS from:

Get everything else from:

  • If you don't have Darklands, you can get the CD version from:

  • (`..`..`..`..`..`..`..)

    the GT-Interactive GTInteractive GT-Network.

    UPDATE : 98/08/07

    Darklands Discontinuence by GTI

    !!! Please see: Important New Info !!!

    This will impact North American players immediately!
    "Overseas" orders should conitinue to check the sources listed below.
    ... for now!!!

    The "Action CD ROM 5 Pack",
    Platform: DOS CD
    Sel.#: 04-10273
    Price: $18.99 + S&H (+ State Sales Tax, if applic.)
    GT Interactive

    Ordering by mail:
    Attn: W700
    P.O. Box 1927
    Buffalo, NY 14240

    Ordering by phone: (US Only)
    Phone: 1-800-469-5961
    Fax: 1-716-873-0906
    7 days a week
    MC/VISA/ AMEX/Optima/DIS

  • Unfortunately, foriegn orders (outside of the USA and Canada) were not accepted last I checked (Dec.,'97) :-(

    All files 1997 GT Interactive Software.

    UPDATE!: Changes to the GTI Network web-site...

    (last checked 98/08/06)
  • GTInteractives web-site, GT-Network, is being updated. I am no longer able to navigate to the webpage from which I had gathered the previous information listed above. Previously, I was able to access it through the GT-Network's "Outlet" and "Store" channels, but not any longer. :( Perhaps this is a temporary situation. But, at this writing, the status of stock-in-hand for the "Action CD ROM 5 Pack" is unknown. I have sent messages to both their WebMaster and Orders Support staff requesting this info. Hopefully, a definative reply will be coming shortly. I will post it as soon as it does.

  • In the meantime, here is some new contact info which *is* posted on their site (most of what follows is direct quote!):
  • The preferred method of commerce now appears to be electronic -- either via online form or e-mail. Previous methods (telephone, fax, and postal) are now catagorized as "alternate".

  • From the Alternate Order Info Page:
    To order GT Interactive games by phone, please call toll free at 1-800-610-GTIS (4847).
    {A 610 area-code?} If you're unable to dial an 800 number or are calling from outside the United States call 1-425-867-2565. You may also fax your order to 1-425-489-3446. Please include your complete mailing address, including your zip or postal code and phone number for all fax orders. If you have an email address, please include it as well.

  • GT Interactive: International orders can be placed through the following contacts.
  • United Kingdom ("Mdearsely@gtinteractive.com")
  • Australia ("sslee@gtinteractive.com")
  • France ("lduffau@gtinteractive.com")
  • Germany ("eckhard_bolcke@wmg.com")
  • Latin America and India ("egomez@gtinteractive.com")
  • All Asian territories ("hnobata@gtinteractive.com")
  • Argentina -- Edusoft ("edusoft@lvd.com.ar")
  • Japan -- GameBank ("JUN-AIDA@msn.com")
  • Chile -- Unisel ("aleon@unisel.com.cl")
  • South Africa -- Datatec ("gaylene@datatec.com.za")
  • Middle East -- Red CopyRight ("software@emirates.net.ae")
  • Israel -- Bug Multisystem Ltd. ("yaelbug@netvision.net.il")

  • Shipping Information:
  • Within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii:
    Regular shipping is via UPS Ground, and costs $5.00 for the first item, and $.50 for each additional item. UPS does not deliver to P.O. boxes, so if you want the items shipped to a P.O. box, you must choose "U.S. Mail". (Products are shipped from Seattle, and the distance to your city will determine delivery time.) Expedited shipping is via FedEx, and costs $15.00 (with no additional charge for extra items). (Delivery in 3 to 4 days)
  • In Canada:
    Regular shipping is via USPS, and costs $12.00 for the first item, and $1.00 for each additional item. (Delivery time varies by region) Expedited shipping is via FedEx, and costs $28.00 for the first item, and $3.00 for each additional item. (Delivery in 3 to 4 days)
  • Note to Canadian Customers:
    You will be responsible for any additional taxes or duties due for shipping products. These are NOT included in the cost of shipping.
  • For International orders:
    All shipping is via FedEx, and costs and delivery times will vary, according to the destination country. The online store will compute the cost for you as you place your order. (You can always delete your order before you enter your credit card information) Please note that some GT products cannot be shipped from our U.S. warehouses to some countries. Please see the list of international contacts for links to foreign distributors.
  • Tracking:
    When you purchase through the online store, and provide a valid email address, you will receive a confirmation email within several minutes. This email will contain information on what you ordered, shipping methods, and cost. When it ships from our warehouse, you will get another email, which will contain a tracking number. This number can be used to determine the status of your delivery via the UPS online tracking system, or, if you chose a delivery via FedEx, you can use the FedEx online tracking system.
  • You may go directly to the GT Interactive GT-Network and GTStore for more details...
  • Please see the special notice concerning Microprose and GT Interactive below...


  • While GTI distributes (and publishes?) this version of the Darklands CD-ROM game system,
    it was produced by :

    SelectWare Technologies, Inc. (STI)
    29200 Vassar Suite 200
    Livonia, MI 48152

    To order any of the products they produce
    CALL (810)477-7340,
    or send via FAX (810)477-6488.

  • {In the CD online documentation, an STI mail/Fax order sheet was included with the above address. Several titles were listed, but not Darklands. As well, like GTI, itemized prices, local taxes, and shipping/handling costs listed were for the USA only. Even so, it couldn't hurt to give them a call, I suppose?)

    < BTW > This GTI/STI version of the Darklands CD-ROM game system is the version which I have. It did NOT contain a codesheet for the game's (albeit infrequent) copy-protection. The sheet which was included contained simply basic system requirements and brief installation/execution instructions. I have included, therefore, on the Darklands FAQ 2.0 Downloads page, a .GIF version of "darkland.pdf".

  • You can also try this second source:

  • (`..`..`..`..`..`..`..)

    Gold Medal 12 CD Pack:

    Media Quest Publishing
    142 Berkeley St
    Boston, MA 02116-5100

  • At one time they supplied the Darklands CD in this pack to the Electronics Boutique chain of software retailers, but I have had trouble trying to contact them.
  • You could also try the Electronics Boutique Mail Order Hotline at 1-800-800-5166. If they have it in stock in any of their stores around the country, they can reserve it and ship it to you.

  • (`..`..`..`..`..`..`..)

  • About Wal-Mart:
  • Of possible interest to residents of the USA and Canada, the Wal-Mart discount department store chain has in the past had Darklands in stock. However, eventhough I have been told personally by some, and read postings by others, supporting this, my own quests to find these have thus far failed. So far this winter, spring, and summer of 1998, I have been to a dozen or so Wal-Mart stores in Washington, Oregon, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. In none of them had I found a copy of Darklands. Most "Wal-Mart Associates"(clerks and sales staff) to whom I'd spoken in their Electronics departments told me that they had indeed carried the game at one time, not long before. Apparently, Darklands is being phased out from the inventory of most, if not all, of these stores. I'd learned that the inventory which appears on the shelves is strictly up to the local manager of each store, but they themselves are limited by what stock is sent them from the warehouse. Special orders (whether in corporate inventory or not) are not allowed! Therefore, I have a couple of suggestions. If you are looking for Darklands, and have a Wal-Mart in your area, get down there now to see if any are still in stock. If so, they should only run but just a few dollars per copy -- for example, Power Monger(by Bullfrog) can still be had for $4.99(US), though I have seen quotes for Darklands as low as $1.98(US). But if they don't, talk to the clerk about it. They may still have a few copies. Otherwise, check in every now and again, when you have the time. You may just luck out and stumble across a copy! :)

  • The DARKLANDS FAQ (v.1.21) reports the single CD version found at Wal-Mart to be published by:
  • Goodtimes Entertainment
    16 East 40th St.,
    New York, NY 10016
  • Item #30-102731TC

  • The Darklands FAQ has more info about these and other possible sources.

  • If you would prefer an original copy (w/ diskettes, box, map and manual), to the CD version, try these sources:

  • (`..`..`..`..`..`..`..)

  • The Gamer's Gold stores (aka/fka "PC Gold") buy and sell titles which are new, "used", clearance, and surplus. They can be reached at: [US] 1-800-377-8578.
  • For the Sioux Falls, South Dakota store, you can contact them at:
    1008 W. 41st St.
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Phone: [US]1-(605)-339-2060
    In June/July '97 I saw a copy at the Sioux Falls, South Dakota store. But when I went back in May '98, they said they hadn't seen any in awhile.


  • The Used Game Trading Zone. A place for gamers of all persuasions to buy, sell, and trade. The UGTZ was created in 1996 by Stephen Osborne, and is since then been moved, automated and maintained by Bill Marrs.

  • You may be able to find similar "used" software shops in your area. If so, and they do not currently have DARKLANDS, they often have "waiting" lists on which you can sign-up to be contacted if they ever do get a copy.


  • Another very good place to look is the NewsGroups(ng), such as:
    but NG listings are fleeting. {Maybe that's not a bad thing?} ;)
    Still, in many cases NG's may hold the best chance of locating an available copy of DARKLANDS.

  • I prefer to go to Deja News. Once there, you can do a general search("complete" or "standard") on "Darklands", but it is more efficient to do so in the "For Sale" archive.

  • I plan to add more sources and information here in the future, as I discover them.

    Other good sources of Darklands info:

  • The Games Domain's Darklands page where you will find a link to their "Review of Darklands by MicroProse" by Dimitry A. Levin; as well as other resources, such as demos, editors, and utilities. Copyright the Games Domain,1995-1997.

  • Delcar's Dungeon has a "Hints, Tips, Strategy for Darklands" page.
    "Delcar, Delcar's Dungeon" copyright 1997 Delcar's Dungeon.

  • Jerry Kelly (aka "Deth_B0y") has a Darklands web-page which currently features his "Darklands Monetary Converter". Visit Deth_Boy's main home-page.
    Copyright "Burn Ward Industries '98".

  • Ken Fishkin has a Review of Microprose's Darklands
  • or Ken's Tips for Winning at Microprose's Darklands

  • Here are some useful tips the GameSupport(.DK) Darklands Tips&Tricks page.
  • Other tidbits such as this memo called Darklands 'Tips' at The Gamers Home Page. The Gamers Home Page , January 1998.

  • NewsGroups are generally a good source of info, but require more effort and unless you are willing to wade through NG FAQs and Archives can also be fleeting. I will collect links to interesting threads I come across on my Links Page.

  • MicroProse offers an official tip-line service at 1-900-773-HINT.
  • If you find any of these resources to be unavailable, try my unofficial mirrors.

  • ATTENTION: If you were looking for a site(s) NOT related to the Darklands game by MPS Labs (e.g. MUDs, Music, Books, Movies, Life-style, and other miscellany), check out the links of other Darklands.
  • You can also find more esoteric Darklands game links info there which suppliments those which are already listed above.

  • I use Metacrawler as the search engine of choice for finding Darklands listings.

  • Darklands, is by MPS Labs


    MicroProse, MPS Labs, and Darklands are
    1997 Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. - All rights reserved.

  • A NOTE ABOUT MICROPROSE AND GT INTERACTIVE: It was reported (accurately, it would seem) late last summer and early fall 1997, that GT Interactive Software was in the process of aquiring Microprose, Inc. This would have made GTI one of the 3 largest PC game publisher/distributor(s) -- along with Electronic Arts(EA) and Sierra(aka/fka Sierra Online). To me(-MLW), it wasn't clear whether that would have included Microprose's parent company Spectrum Holobyte, which is in turn owned by Sphere Inc. Well, as it turned out, the deal apparently never did go through. So, if you'd heard the rumor, but never got a follow up on it -- now you know. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then "never mind!" Forget I said anything. :)

  • For more info, send mail to:
    Matthew L. Wirkkala

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