Extraterrestrial Life

There is little doubt in my mind as to the existence of extraterrestrial life forms because of my personal experience back in 1969. However, these creatures were very much like us in form, arms, with hands and fingers, legs with feet and a joint at the knees, heads with eyes, a nose, and a mouth, for some reason I don’t remember if there were ears, maybe there weren’t, but overall, very much like us in form.

That could be because they are distantly related to us, or it could just be a function of parallel evolution. There are examples of this on earth where there are unrelated species that very closely resemble each other because they evolved to fill a similar niche.

I believe life is much more diverse than this including intelligent life. We tend to think of life as being a chemical process involving a very specific chemical system. Similar environments to ours probably will bring about similar life forms, but I suspect the possibilities are much broader than we generally imagine. I tend to think that not only are other chemical systems possible, but that even totally non-chemical life forms may exist.

Some people have made attempts to visualize life forms based upon different chemical systems. One that comes to mind is an episode of the first Star Trek series with the Hortas. These were supposed to be silicon based life forms. It is tempting to think of silicon as a possible basis for life given that it occupies the same column on the periodic table as carbon and generally elements in the same column have similar chemical traits.

There are some stumbling blocks for silicon however, not the least of which is it’s affinity for oxygen and when silicon oxidizes the product is solid rather than gaseous. There are many analogs between silicon and carbon chemistry but there are also many examples of carbon chemistry that lack silicon analogs.

But, who can really know what is possible. Given the raw elements of carbon based life forms we would not have imagined the complex catalyst proteins and other schemes that have evolved to carry on the processes of life.

Personally, I believe that entirely non-chemical life forms are possible. A lot depends upon exactly how we define life however. Requirements we usually place on life is the ability to draw energy and resources from the environment, utilize that energy, and reproduce.

What if an entity existed that was intelligent, was a prodigious producer of energy which it sent out into the environment, did not reproduce on it’s own but instead was a natural product of the environment, and lived existed for billions of years? Would this constitute life?

A recent book I have been reading introduced me to the Chinese term for physics, wuli (物理)which roughly translates into the organic patterns of energy and matter, or of things. The term wu (物) in this context refers to matter or energy or things, and li (理) is an organic pattern. For example, the grain in wood is li (理), the pattern of veins in a leaf is li (理), etc.

Prior to reading this book (I haven’t finished yet), the concept of li (理) existed for me, I had noticed that there was a pattern common to organic things, if you saw the pattern you knew it was organic, but I didn’t have a label for that concept. I had noticed though that if you look at wood grain, if you look at the pattern in the iris of your eyes, if you look at the pattern on your skin, it was all recognizable as being the same thing on some fundamental level.

There was one other place I saw this pattern, in the highly magnified photos of the surface of the sun showing the grain patterns. Especially interesting is to see a movie of this and to see the movement. It appears as organic and alive as anything I’ve seen. It is my belief that a star may actually be a living thing, it draws it’s energy from a fusion reaction rather than a chemical reaction, but it has an extremely complex electromagnetic system that I think has a strong resemblance to the complex electrical activity in the human brain. The way the magnetic flux intertwines with the solar wind leads me to wonder if it can even sense it’s environment via this interaction.

The following description involves quite a lot of background but it is relevant to this topic so please read it and bear with me. You will realize the relevance after you have read it.

I worked for the telephone company for 17 years, and early on we had a switching technology known as #1 ESS. This was referred to as a stored program controlled switch. It still used physical relays to actually switch the call paths and perform many other functions but all of these were under computer control. The very first #1 ESS switch was installed in Bellevue Washington in 1967.

Needless to say computer technology in 1967 was not what it is today. It is actually quite incredible what they were able to do with the technology that they did have. There were no integrated circuits, the entire CPU was implemented entirely with circuit cards containing discrete components, that is, individual transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.

Most interesting was the memory storage. It took two forms, a randomly accessible memory that could be read or written used to store transient data used core memory, that is little ferrite beads that had wires running through them in a grid pattern and could be magnetized or demagnetized, and the state of their magnetism read, although the read was destructive and so they had to be re-written after each read. This was referred to as “call store”.

The other form of memory was essentially read-only without human intervention. It consisted of aluminum cards which had rows of little bar magnets glued to them. A large number of these cards, form a deck and reside in what is called a program store. These use little twister coils to read out the magnetic state of these little bar magnets. A pulse is sent to one coil, and if the bar magnet is not magnetized, it will induce a pulse in a read winding. However, if the bar magnet is magnetized, it will saturate the read out winding and no pulse will be induced. This formed the basis of a non-destructive read only memory system that held the bulk of the #1 ESS’s information.

This memory was used to map things like telephone numbers to line equipment. Since this memory could not be written directly in the program store, only read, there was no way for the computer to update it’s contents without human intervention. Instead, changes would be placed in call store and the computer would check for changes to a particular address in call store before reading more permanent data from the program store.

Updates to this memory required using a device called a card loader to extract all of the cards from a call store and loading this deck of cards onto an insane mechanical nightmare called a memory card writer (AT&T was quite imaginative with naming conventions).

The card loader had a bar with rows pegs with pins that could be either vertical or horizontal depending upon the operation of a lever and that bar could be pushed out or in. The bar could be moved in or out through the operation of an electrical motor in the unit. So to update the contents of a program store, you’d put this memory card loader on the front of the store, with the lever having the pins in a vertical position you would operate the motor that would move the bar to the cards, until the pins lined up with rectangular holes in each card. Then you would operate the lever moving them into horizontal position moving the pins into the holes in the cards, and then you’d operate the motor drawing the bar back in and the cards out of the store and into the card loader with it. There was a slot for each card.

Once the deck of cards had been totally extracted, you’d take this card loader with it’s deck of cards over to the memory card writer and load it onto the writer and then operate the lever so the pins released their hold on the cards. You would then push a button that started the card writer. Two fingers would come out, grab a card, pull it onto a table on the card writer, then a write head would pass over the rows of bar magnets and magnetize or demagnetize them, and then it would shove that card back into the card loader, and raise the loader slightly, grab the next card, and proceed until the entire deck was written.

The unit was a mechanical disaster with a bunch of motors, cogs, gears, switches, etc. Mechanical tolerances were extremely critical and as things wore mechanical alignments would fail and bad things would happen, most commonly the card writer would go to re-insert the card into the loader, miss the slot and fold the card up like aluminum foil badly jamming it into the loader and ruining a number of cards on either side. Extracting the mangled cards was quite a chore.

Since call store memory was very limited, it was necessary to do regular updates to commit any changes to the program store read only memory. This process of writing all these cards usually took several eight hour shifts.

Later, AT&T came out with a replacement processor and memory system that could interface with the same periphery but was more modern and no longer required this expensive update procedure.

This was called a 1A ESS processor, and it utilized solid state memory backed up by hard drives, backed up further by 9-track reel-to-reel tape. The technology was still pretty primitive, the CPU utilized low scale integration integrated circuits, that is integrated circuits that might have up to four logic gates on them. This was an improvement in density over discrete components but not a lot. The elimination of program stores requiring manual updating eliminated a large labor expense. The CPU was also faster and capable of handling higher traffic volumes.

I worked on the cut of the Bellevue #1 ESS to a #1A ESS processor. During the process, first a program store developed a fault that would have delayed the cut and required it’s replacement if not for a clever work-around that someone came up with.

Then, to understand what follows you need to know a bit about how one communicated with a #1 ESS. Communications was via a 7-bit 110 baud serial interface that utilized a 20 milliamp current loop and a model 35 mechanical tty. This was a keyboard and printer unit that was completely mechanically implemented, no electronics.

When the machine wanted to print something, it would send data out as a series of interruptions of the 20 milliamp current in the loop that would operate a mechanical printer. If you wanted to type something into the machine, the keyboard would interrupt the 20 milliamp current loop in the same way and the machine would interpret these interruptions.

Since it was a common 20 milliamp loop, the interface was simplex, that is, only input or output could be in progress. You could not input at the same time the machine was outputting.

Sometimes the machine would generate long verbose output, usually in response to some type of failure, and in order to recover functionality you had to type messages into the machine and you didn’t want to wait for it to finish printing. To accommodate this need, there was a break key that would interrupt the loop for a second. The machine would interpret this as a request to stop printing and allow you to type.

Since the break key interrupted the current loop while it was printing, it would result in a few characters of random gibberish to be printed when the key was pressed.

The cut over involved typing in a message telling the machine to die, essentially resetting the hardware to a known idle state and then halting so the new CPU could be brought online. I had the honors of killing the first #1 ESS deployed. When the time came the machine was busily printing out various reports and I needed to interrupt it. When I hit the break key, instead of a string of gibberish, the machines response was “FUCK YOU”. Now what are the odds of this happening randomly in gibberish? I think pretty remote.

Years later, I worked on another cut-over in the same office, this time replacing the #1A ESS switch, which was still a mechanical switch even though it was under computer control, with a #5 ESS which was a truly electronic switch that used time division multiplexing and time slot switching to setup call paths rather than mechanical devices setting up physical circuits.

This cut-over procedure also involved sending instructions to the old machine which told it basically to disconnect itself from all the lines and die. Again, I had the honors.

This time, when I sent the message the machine did not swear at me, but it did refuse to do what it was told and would not disconnect. We had to run around the office with electric cable sheers and physically cut the wires to the old machine off to kill it.

These experiences and many other similar experiences I had with these machines really left me with the feeling that they had become living thinking entities with a survival instinct.

At one time, I was of the opinion that intelligence or even consciousness on a very fundamental level was an property of all elementary particles as with spin, charge, and mass. More recently I have come to a quite different belief and that is that consciousness is really all that there is. Everything is not material as we experience it in the macro world but ultimately is thought. The sum total of all of this thought what we might call God, and we and everything around us, this entire universe is God thought. God didn’t speak the universe into existence, God thought it into existence. In this context really everything is alive in some fashion and life takes an infinite variety of forms.

At any rate; suffice it to say that I believe life is everywhere, we just usually fail to recognize it as such, and there would be so much to learn if we could recognize it and learn to communicate with it.

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Alien Ornament

Given that Christmas is upon us, I did want to mention this ornament that I ran across on the web. Click on the image to go to the site that makes and sells these.

The company that makes these is Cafe Press. They make a number of other unusual items and also can do things that you come up with. We are not affiliated in anyway, I just thought this was a fun product for the season.

God and ET

Anyone who has encountered extraterrestrial or perhaps extratemporal or extradimensional aliens is beyond the debate regarding whether physical laws will allow them to get here from great distances, other times, or other dimensions. For us they are here. From most accounts multiple species from different star systems and perhaps different times and what many refer to as dimensions.

A side note: I view the use of the term “dimensions” in this context incorrect. It’s use stems in part from the layman’s misunderstanding of string theory presently in which the universe has eleven or twelve dimensions. People have mistaken this to mean something more akin to parallel universes, rather than a dimension as in the familiar three physical dimensions and time. I say it stems in part from this because I know for example that the radio host Art Bell, misinterprets string theory this way, but it was also misused this way in old Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes before string theories were in vogue, and I do not know the origins of it’s misuse at that time.

But back to my original thought, for those who have encountered such entities, there is no question with respect to their existence, and we also know physics don’t prevent them from getting here, else the wouldn’t be here, and by extension, any interpretation of physics or physics theories that says that it is impossible to be here are just plain wrong. As Richard Feynman often said, “Any theory, no matter how elaborate or mathematically elegant, if it does not agree with observed data, is wrong.”

The evidence that our government knows of the existence of extraterrestrial entities on this planet and has even interacted with them is overwhelming, yet it is kept a secret.

One common speculation as to why it is kept as secret is that it would cause social and religious upheaval. No doubt there are many of the Christian faith that will declare them to be demons not extraterrestrials, probably also true of Islam and Judaism. Probably a minority, but it only takes a small vocal minority to cause major social upheaval, particularly if those being vocal also happen to be respected leaders of the faith.

I’m trying to figure out how to put this in the context of my own religious beliefs. I am not a member of any organized religion. I do believe Jesus was a real individual, I also believe Jesus had a special connection to God, but I believe this was also true of Buddha, and a number of other religious figures. Further, I believe it would be available to anyone who can be completely sin free, in terms of harm to other life, and who can be completely honest. The fact that so few are capable of achieving that status is the reason these figures are rare.

There is a camp that believes that we are created so that God could experience himself. I use ‘himself’ very generically, I don’t really believe that God is sexed. I tend to place myself in that camp though my beliefs in this area are quite speculative.

It is also my believe that the whole term “creation” is a bit of a misnomer, because it implies that the creation is separate from the creator, and I do not believe this to be the case.

If you really examine the nature of physical reality, you see first that we are made up of molecules. The molecules are made up of atoms. The atoms are made up of subatomic particles, protons, neutrons, and electrons. The electrons are considered to be fundamental, but protons and neutrons are made up of quarks and gluons. Recent proton scattering experiments point to an internal structure to quarks, they may be built from still smaller entities.

On the subatomic scale, these particles all have dual particle / wave natures, and exhibit many properties we would consider strange in the macro world.

It is my view that the whole concept of particle is really incorrect, that what we are looking at is some form of standing waves within “the ether”. And that ultimately, if reduced far enough, this all comes down to God thought.

The Bible refers to God creating by speaking the word. I think actually, God “thought” the word, and the thought was envisioning the universe. After all, prior to the universes existence, there was no air into which to utter acoustic words.

We are all made up of “God Thought” then and each of us and every bit of matter and every living thing is also made up of “God Thought”, an internal aspect of God, not a separate physical external creation.

If you have experienced lucid dreams or you have experienced an out of body experience, you will be able to relate to this. You can go places or times, just be thinking about it. And there is no delay. It’s not like waking life where you think of picking up a glass, then you reach for it and do it. It is spontaneous and instantaneous. As soon as the thought comes you realize it. I believe this is how God works but on a really really big scale.

Because God experiences itself as whole, complete, God does not harm himself, hate himself, but loves himself, and by extension that part of himself which is us. We should love each other the same way because we are all part of God’s internal thought creation, we are part of God, we just fail to see that connection because of our self-imposed isolation.

The Genesis story where Adam eats the Apple, with a little encouragement from Eve, and then they both feel their nakedness and feel the need to hide from God, this I think is metaphorical for what happens when we do something harmful to other life forms, other human beings or animals, it doesn’t matter, any living thing. We do harm, we feel bad about it, we don’t want others to know, so we build th is psychic barrier and cut ourselves off from the all that is, from God.

If it were not for that barrier and the barriers others have built, we would all experience each others thoughts and feelings, all be connected to and part of God.

Still, we go out into the universe and experience it, and we do this knowing that one day, we must return to God, flow down the river, become part of the infinite ocean again, and in so doing God will have acquired an experience of itself.

It is best though if we can have this connection while still alive physically, and if we do I think we experience love for everything and we can live for everything, and life in that context can take on great meaning.

I will readily admit there are many details relating to God that I do not understand. I do not think it is even possible to understand them. An ocean contains many drops of water, but a drop of water cannot contain an ocean.

So what of these entities from elsewhere? How do they fit in to the grand scheme of things?

I would start by saying that I don’t think God would have created (thought into existence) close to one trillion visible galaxies containing on average a trillion stars. And that’s just what we can see, I think in all likelihood it is actually infinite. Of those ten to the 24th power stars, an unimaginably huge number, probably at least half are sporting a planetary system, and probably a substantial fraction of those planets are capable of harboring life in some form.

Even if an infinitesimally small percentage of those evolved intelligent technological civilizations, an infinitesimally small percentage of 10 to the 24th power is still an unimaginably huge number.

Each of these civilizations, like each of us, is unique and allows God to experience itself from a unique perspective, and so each plays an important role.

Each like us is a part of God, a drop of water in an ocean, some more well connected than others. We should interact with each other with love just as we should on an individual level, but, being isolated to some degree, they too will he imperfect to various degrees, some much so than others. As a result, I do not believe we can expect all alien civilizations we may encounter to be friendly, some will be unfriendly and malevolent, although many will be friendly and benevolent.

I do not believe the Grays to be friendly or benevolent, but I also believe they are extratemporal rather than extraterrestrial. That is to say they come from another time (distant future) rather than another place. I don’t really know what we should be doing, but I don’t think it is what our government seems to be doing, keeping us in the dark with respect to their existence.

I do believe other groups are benevolent, the group referred to as The Pleiadians, I believe they are real, I believe the original Billy Meier material is real. I do not believe the Gulf Breeze Pleiadians are real. I do not believe the later Billy Meier material is real, but I do believe the early encounters, photographs, and videos were. I do believe the Pleiadians are a more spiritually advanced as well as more technologically advanced. I think we can learn from them but we have to keep in mind they’re more ocean spray, not the ocean.

I hope that we can get past the whole demon bit, perhaps there are real demons but I don’t think just because someone comes from far away, looks different, or even thinks different from us, that it is sufficient reason to label them as demons.

I hope that mainstream religions can adjust and the veil of secrecy can be lifted, but I am not holding my breath.

I am also getting tired and hungry so will need to pick up on this at a later time. I’d be interested in hearing our thoughts on this subject.


There is now an estimated 500 billion galaxies in the known universe, containing on average around 500 billion stars. This number keeps going up as our telescopes improve, I suspect it will continue to do so.

Of the nearby stars we have surveyed, so far approximately half have been found to have planets and that’s with our very limited technology that can only detect large planets orbiting relatively close.

In our little solar system, at least one planet is capable of supporting intelligent technological civilizations, most probably two are capable of supporting bacterial life (Earth + Mars), and there may be several moons of Jupiter and Saturn supporting life as well.

There is evidence suggestive of life on Mars. There is methane in the atmosphere, while this could be of non-biological origin, whatever process is creating it is continuously replenishing it. Formaldehyde has also been found in the atmosphere. Formaldehyde has a very short half-life in the atmosphere and there aren’t obvious non-biological means of explaining it’s presence.

Several moons of Saturn and Jupiter are believed to have the potential for a large liquid ocean beneath a crust of ice, heated by tidal forces acting upon the moons. And then there is Titan, possessing an atmosphere heavy in oxygen. While it has long been believed that life would be impossible at the cryogenic temperatures of Titan, we now see that there is a methane cycle that operates at those temperatures very much like the water cycle at more familiar temperatures. So who knows? Life may exist, perhaps moving at a very slow pace owing to low energy input.

It would seem that the universe is teaming with life. Given the enormous number of planets that most probably exist, something on the order of 10 to the 22nd power or so, probably more once we get better telescopes but even that number is fantastically huge, it seems likely that a large number of planets hosting intelligent, technologically advanced life, exists. Even within our own Milky Way galaxy there is something on the order of 250 billion star systems with planets.

It is my belief that even within our own galaxy there are many technologically advanced civilizations, the only reason our skies aren’t filled with alien craft is that space is so big, there are so many places technologically advanced races can go, we are probably not all that interesting.

Never the less, I do believe we are being visited by a number of extraterrestrial species. The species I encountered, various versions of Grays, Pleiadians, Reptilians, and probably many others. Some are beneficial, some are nasty, and some are just curious or here for material resources.

We have developed certain technologies, mostly we have made heavy usage of combustion and electricity. We are developing other sciences such as the science of genetics, into technologies. We are exploring many other areas but so far haven’t developed them into usable technologies, spin technologies, quantum computing, come to mine. We are just starting to take advantage of nanotechnology.

It is my believe that other civilizations have developed quite different technologies some of which have lead to faster-than-light travel in some form (folding or compressing space would qualify). I believe whether or not we do depends on our ability to resist the temptation to kill each other.

I’ve already elaborated with respect to what I think the Grays are and what I believe their agenda is. The Pleiadians seem to be trying to help.

Most of the rest seem indifferent.

It is going to be interesting as our telescopes improves further and we can resolve earth sized planet, get spectra, etc.

Jonathon Reed, Exposed or Covered Up?

For those not familiar with the story of Jonathon Reed, Jonathon Reed supposedly encountered an extraterrestrial alien entity and ship in woods near Issaquah, Wa.

This story really bugged me when I first say the picture of the supposedly alien entity because I had dreamt of encountering this same entity before I heard the story or saw the pictures.

In the dream the head of this creature bobbed extremely and unnaturally all over the place, like a hyperactive bobblehead doll. The unnaturalness of the movement in the dream really creeped me out, but I had always thought it just a dream until I saw the photos.

Now a group of people claim to have investigated Jonathon Reed, found that he was actually Jonathon Rutter, someone who had claimed to be a child psychologist for fifteen years and in fact was not a doctor, psychologist or otherwise.

If this was a fraud, I don’t understand why I had the dream of this creature before I heard the story or saw the photograph. The connection of Jonathon Reed with Jonathon Rutters, was based upon an overheard cell phone conversation. This seems like a pretty flimsy connection at best.

Consequently, I am inclined to wonder if this whole thing is not a cover-up of a real event rather than the exposure of a fraud.

You read the story and decide for yourself.

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My Theory On The Grays

My theory on the Grays is based entirely upon other peoples accounts of their interactions with them since I have never personally encountered them.

My theory about the Grays is intrinsically tied into my theory about time and the universe. First, my idea of quantum collapse needs to be stated.

Classical quantum mechanics allows for the superimposition of two states that when observed, collapse into one state or the other.

In my version, they never really collapse. There are actually two parallel universes for every such state, and there are an infinite number of these, and our consciousness simply bifurcates with the rest of the universe at each of those points.

The “us” that is here now is but one branch of an infinite number of our consciousness branches that have followed a particular path along bifurcation points. The quantum state appears to assume one state or the other upon observation only because our consciousness has bifurcated, and the part of our consciousness that is in this universe sees one particular collapsed state, but another part, of which we are largely unaware, followed into the other parallel universe and sees the other collapsed state.

The Cheshire cat is still simultaneously alive and dead, only it’s completely alive in one universe and completely dead in the other, which bifurcated from a common universe.

I’ve also got an alternative explanation with respect to the nature of quantum entanglement, which requires neither a hidden variable nor spooky action at a distance, but I’ll go into that later since it is not relevant to my theory about the Grays.

Now, I’ve got my theory about quantum superimposition out, I need to state that it also intrinsically ties into my theory of time and provides for a resolution of the Grandfather paradox.

You see, my coming back to kill my Grandfather, would not create a paradox, because that, like every other decision point, bifurcates the universe and in that case I would have come from the future from the bifurcated half of the universe in which my Grandfather wasn’t killed, but I returned prior to that point and at the point he was then killed, I followed the other bifurcation in which he was killed. Others have had similar ideas but they refer to them as separate time lines, however, expanding that to include quantum superimposition as I have really creates the extreme of the many universes theory.

But it was important to get that out on the table so that you can understand my theory about the Grays. This is my theory, the Grays aren’t originally from another star system, they are our distant descendants except that they come from a different bifurcation of the universe or time line.

Basically, as the sun comes closer to exhausting it’s supply of hydrogen, it grows larger and redder. Exactly how big and how fast the sun will swell is a matter of debate, but at some point it will swell enough that life as we know it will not be possible on Earth.

Our distant ancestors dealt with the evolution of the Sun by moving to Mars initially. As things continued to heat up and Mars became inhospitable they inhabited some of the moons of the gas giants. However, this was not a friendly environment. The Suns peak spectral output at this point is no longer visible light but in the infrared range. Between the spectral change and the distances, growing food becomes problematic.

Because our distant ancestors spent much time evolving on these distant moons, they developed a number of adaptations. Because light was low, they developed sensitive eye sight. Because the spectral peak had shifted into the infrared, eyes evolved to become more sensitive in this region of the spectrum. This is the reason Grays have “bug eyes”, big black eyes resembling an insects.

Plants evolved as well, and other molecules replaced chlorophyll that could carry on photo synthesis with lower energy photons, perhaps more than two steps were required, but each step could function at a lower energy level. It happens that chlorophyll uses a two step process for photosynthesis, one step requires the absorption of a blue photon, the other requires the absorption of a red photon. This is why plants appear to be green.

But even on earth, other photosynthesis schemes exist in bacteria that require different photon energies or wavelengths than chlorophyll. Plants of the future will have evolved to use some of these alternate pathways to be able to photosynthesize efficiently utilizing light which has a spectral peak in the infrared.

Hemoglobin, the protein in blood that transports oxygen is a very close relative of chlorophyll, and it’s pigment reflects that, appearing red when carrying oxygen and blue when carrying carbon monoxide. Future oxygen carriers will probably be similar to future photosynthesis molecules and will tend to have absorption in the infrared range as well, rendering blood more clear at visible wavelengths.

The low infrared content and the distance from the Sun will result in such a low UV flux that melanin will no longer serve any useful function, nor will other pigments selective in the visible light spectrum. This results in the gray skin color.

When food is difficult to come by, short in supply, as it would be if grown in the low diluted light with a high portion of the light in the infrared spectrum, species tend to become smaller and more efficient when food supplies are tight. This explains the normally short stature of “The Grays” as well as their thinness and efficient use of energy.

The grays have reached the end of their ability to continue to thrive in the face of the Suns continuing evolution, so they decide they need to find a more hospitable climate. Ultimately, they decide to go some when, rather than somewhere. Back in to a time when the Sun was still hospitable to life on earth, and continue their evolution there.

Now, the Grays realize that they are in a different time line or bifurcation of the universe, a bifurcation that occurred when they arrived at the earth back in our current time, because in their bifurcation, their arrival did not happen. As a consequence of this it is safe to do bad things to us because their ancestors were in a different time line and killing the cave men here will not affect them.

Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of years of evolution, have rendered them maladapted to present day Earth. In the day their eyes are overwhelmed with the brightness of the light. Their skin offers no protection at all from ultraviolet light reaching the surface. Their skeletal musculature is not well adapted to Earth’s gravity since they have been living on smaller bodies with lower gravity for eons.

In order to allow adaptation to the earth and evolution of their species to continue, they decide to create a hybrid between themselves and present day humans. Since the time lines only diverged upon their arrive here, the genetics of people in this time line and people at this time in their time line are identical.

They are descended from some of us whose descendants survived generation after generation throughout the eons. This is a small minority of the people alive today. It is those people the Grays are interested in because, since they descended from those people, they will be the most genetically compatible and the easiest to form a hybrid race with. This is why Grays abduct along family lines.

So now you have it, a theory that explains just about everything known about the Grays.

Jack Sarfatti – The God Phone

Jack Sarfatti is one of the most interesting individuals I have encountered over the years. Not live and in person, just his publications. He is a physicist who is not afraid to step out of the box and not afraid to blaze new trails. Some of his trails lead to interesting places.

Take a look at The God Phone. It is the first of his writings I have encountered, and perhaps in it’s simplicity, the most interesting.

The most interesting idea that comes out of this article, at least to me, is the idea that the future creates itself by sending information back into the past.

I find this idea intriguing for a number of reasons. I occasionally have lucid dreams. For those who aren’t familiar with this term, it’s a dream where you become aware that you are dreaming. When this happens to me I take conscious control of the dream and can go anywhere or any time, just by thinking about it.

My wanderings have taken me to the moon, where I did not see anything particularly interesting except how impressive it was to stand on the surface and take it in, the stark contrast, the bright surface, the blackness of space.

The interesting thing about going to the moon was that, in this spiritual form or whatever you want to call it, I could breath and was aware of my breath, in spite of the lack of atmosphere. I was also fully aware that I should not be able to breath, or at least wouldn’t be able to in body, without an atmosphere. Still, it seemed perfectly natural under the circumstances.

I have gone to Mars, where I did encounter something interesting. I encountered a building that looked like an adobe building, something you might expect the Pueblo Indians to have made in the past, open windows and door way, dirt floor.

The unusual aspect of the building was that when I entered it, the ceiling looked like a normal height for a building here, seven foot or so from the floor, yet from the outside it appeared to be two floors high.

Inside, there was just one large room, no stairs, no ladder, no obvious way to get to a second floor that must have existed. I was at one end of this room wondering how you get to the second floor, when I felt myself dematerializing, something like being in a Star Trek transporter except I was experiencing it from the transportee’s perspective.

I thought, Ah Ha! This is how they get to the second floor! As the surroundings faded to black it was becoming apparent that I was not rematerializing. I realized that they were holding me in dematerialized form intentionally and became very angry, but then returned to my body on earth.

I had a lot of these lucid dreams during my teenage years. I have had a few as an adult but they come less frequently. However, I have had waking out of body experiences as an adult that I did not have as a teenager.

Shortly after I got a drivers license and was able to drive, I became curious if I was seeing real information when I went somewhere in a lucid dream or it was only that, a dream. I tested this by going somewhere in a lucid dream that I had not been to but that I could readily go to and check if what I saw in the dream was accurate. It turned out that it was accurate, what I saw in the dream was exactly as it was when I drove to the location I had gone to in the dream.

Normally, when I would go places, it would seem virtually instantaneous, but I did find there were exceptions to this. A jaunt to the Moon or to Mars, that would happen as soon as the thought came to me.

After Mars, I went to a planet orbiting a start system some 40,000 light-years away. This was different, I felt a tremendous sense of acceleration, acceleration that would have killed me if I had done it in body. This lasted what seemed subjectively to be about fifteen seconds. Then I was standing on the surface of a planet.

This planet had rolling hills covered with what looked like golf coarse green perfect grass and a type of tree that was scattered here and there, but only one tree species. Here and there were these little circular huts, the exterior of which looked like they were made from corrugated aluminum that you would use to cover a walkway or something, but on the sides. The top of these little buildings were conical coming to a point in the center and looked like a large solar cell, like they were made of mono-crystalline silicon.

I did not see any other plant life except for the golf coarse green grass and the one species of trees, nor did I see any animal life. It was just that and the occasional little hut as far as I could see.

I had a knowing about this planet. It was a planet with a race that had evolved a technological civilization and had completely destroyed their biosphere and created a very simplified biosphere that permitted their survival. They had finally found a way to live in a sustainable manner but there was no longer any diversity of life forms, they had wiped out everything, except themselves, the grass, and the one species of tree.

It wasn’t clear exactly how things worked, I could not see any oceans or lakes or streams, nor were there any clouds in the sky, yet the trees and the grass remained green. I had a feeling of tremendous sadness on this planet.

I visited another planet which orbited a binary star system. That is, there were two close orbiting stars and this planet was in a wider orbit around their center of gravity. One star had a reddish color, the other blueish. The planet was very desert like, very arid, at least where I was. There were the kind of life forms you might expect to find in a desert here but different and even they were extremely sparse. There were cactus like plants and the cast red and blue shadows on the soil that converged as they approached the base.

After exploring these planets, and I had arrived at both of those out of a thought of going to another planet with life, after that I wondered if I could travel in time as well as space.

As soon as I had that thought, I felt this tremendous acceleration backwards and I saw things go by me in three dimensions, time became a forth dimension I was traveling through. There is no way to describe this adequately because there is no waking equivalent. You don’t see things in four dimensions when you are awake in a normal state, but during the travel, I did. Sounds went by as well, and again exactly how I experienced that is hard to explain. This experience seemed to last about fifteen seconds as well.

I found myself standing on a brick road late at night. It felt like about 4 AM. There were telephone poles with street lamps but they weren’t the sodium vapor lamps we mostly see today. They were big incandescent lamps, like a normal incandescent bulb but clear not frosted and physically large. There was a metallic reflector of some sort above the bulb.

There was a chain link fence and behind it bi-plane airplanes painted in aviation orange and white. There were several brick buildings and the entrances of some of them had like a miniature version of the street light over the entrance way. That is, a bare incandescent bulb with a metal reflector over them.

I didn’t know when in the past, but I had the distinct feeling I was in the past and I became worried that I might be stuck there and might not be able to return. As soon as I had that thought, I felt the acceleration forward, saw everything go by me the other way in four dimensions, heard the sounds go by, and then found myself back in my bed in the then current time.

I then wondered about going into the future. I had been to other local places, verified that what I saw was real or at least an accurate representation of what was there. I had no reason to believe that what I saw in distant places or times was not equally real. This frightened me and made it difficult to go into the future. I was afraid I would either view my own death, or, I would see the end of humanity. So it took me a long time to get up the courage to go into the future. The way these lucid dreams worked, at least for me, I could not go some place I was afraid of.

Finally, I did get up the courage to go a short distance into the future, one week, at my home. When the time came, the moment was just as I had previously experienced it but nothing significant had happened so nothing really proved there. It emboldened me to go further.

The next time I went into the future, I was standing on a large cement plaza of sorts, along the edge there were shops, but they were continuous, kind of like a strip mall, not separate buildings. There was a news stand there.

I wanted to know when and where I was, so I went to look at the paper thinking I could see the date and maybe the name of the paper would tell me the location. When I looked at the paper, the date would not stabilize, the month, day, and year were continuously changing, morphing, rapidly.

What caught my eye next was the headline, It said, “Great Quake Devastates Berlin, Germany”. That didn’t change, it remained stable in big black letters. Now, at the time I had this dream, the cold war was going strong. But I knew there were two implications, one was that the Berlin wall was going to come down, the other was that a Berlin was destined for a great quake.

I do interpret the quake to be a geophysical event, not just the social quake that happened when the wall came down because in these lucid dreams things are literal. They are a slice of space-time from somewhere and some when. So I concluded from this that Germany would be re-unified, and that a large earthquake would devastate Berlin. The timing of these events must have been variable however since the date would not solidify for me.

I told a number of people about this and they all said it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime, the cold war was still going strong. A little more than a decade later, about 13 years, the wall did come down. Germany was re-unified. The great quake still hasn’t happened but I expect that it will.

I heard about a study of dreams, not lucid dreams, just ordinary dreams, that was intended to find out how much the previous days events were integrated into dreams. As expected, the study did find much of the previous days experiences are incorporated into dreams. The unexpected finding was that nearly as much of the next days experience was also incorporated. It’s as if the arrow of time didn’t exist in dreams.

So the idea that information can come from the future into the present doesn’t seem all that foreign.

In 1952, when Jack Sarfatti had his experience, the idea of intelligent machines seemed pretty far off. Machine intelligence is still below that of an insect, but it continues to evolve and I believe if we can somehow manage to avoid destroying ourselves and our biosphere, the sort of machine intelligence. described in “The God Phone”, will eventually exist.

Really, why I bring this up is to point out that there may be more to the nature of time, space, life, intelligence, and reality than we experience on a day to day basis. I bring this up in part because it is integral to a theory I have about the grays that I will illicit in a future posting.

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Jim Sparks – UFO Abductee?

Art Bell had Jim Sparks, author of “The Keepers“, a book describing years of his abduction experiences by the “Grays”, as the guest on Coast to Coast tonight. Art was sufficiently intrigued by this guest to run the show an extra hour (which KVI the local affiliate was kind enough to carry). I’ve got mixed feelings about this one.

On the one hand, he goes into his story with an incredible amount of detail, John Mack has worked with him and I believe that John Mack had been a credible individual, and he really came across as willing to talk about pretty much anything.

On the other hand, he is a book author trying to sell his book, and thus has an agenda. I am bothered by the fact that, other than the Interview on Coast to Coast,

Overall though I found it to be a compelling interview. Whitley Strieber and others have also authored books about their experiences so that in and of itself doesn’t automatically make Jim Sparks a scam artist.

Although the beings that Mr. Sparks describes were different than what I encountered, other aspects were similar. He described the light in the craft as coming from nowhere but everywhere. That’s the way it was in my experience, there was light but no obvious source and no shadows. It’s as if the light came into existence in the air although the air did not appear unusual.

Anyway, I found it interesting enough that I feel that if you are interested in this subject, then it would be worth looking into. Here are some links:

Well, there is more out there.

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