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Finding Habitable Planets

     I see announcements of “Earth-Like” planets announced almost daily.  The problem is that they are not even Earth like at all and they most likely are not habitable.  70% of observable stars are “M” type stars, basically red dwarfs. …

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Higgs and ET

     I believe we are on the edge of understanding the technologies that extraterrestrials use to achieve faster than light velocities, near infinite actually.  I believe the same technologies allow them to pass through walls, ceilings, or even planets.     …

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If humans could live on Mars, doesn’t it seem likely that something else is?

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Will they tell us what Dawn finds?

    If aliens are in this solar system I would think they would find Ceres interesting. It is large enough to have enough gravity to keep things like structures in place, but light enough to not have fully differentiated which…

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Linda Moulton Howe on ET

     Some potentially good MJ-12 documents in this video, some interesting abductee information, but nothing in the way of ET agenda as suggested by the YouTube title.  However, it does become more clear why our government feels a need to…

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     I had a dream where I was living on Ceres.  It was not like it is now.  It had an atmosphere and enough gravity for a human being to feel comfortable.  Although there were no bodies of water, we…

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