Universal Existence

     I was just ten years old when man first stepped foot on the moon.  Now at 59, I feel I was cheated out of a future I expected to have.

     Instead we got heavily invested in wars and have remained so ever since.  Although our technology has improved vastly, it really has been incremental improvements and no real break through technologies.

     I know the break throughs are out there to be had because the same year we set foot on the moon, the same month in fact, I encountered some off-worldly beings who set foot, or at least set ship down on our planet.  I was invited on board although only while landed, I did not have the privilege of experiencing flight on board their craft.  Even so the technology I did see told me there were some break throughs to be had in our understanding of physics and applying those would allow us to go visit them where ever they were from.

      Their ships had no toilet facilities, no food preparation or storage facilities, not even any chairs.  Just one table.  This tells me one of two things, either they met up with a mother ship or they traveled the distance between stars so rapidly that no need for such facilities on board existed.  I had the distinct impression that it was the latter although communications with the beings was marginal at best.  No clear ideas were communicated telepathically, only some emotional context and a sense when I asked a question of yes or no.

    I strongly suspect that if we had not spent the last fifty years fighting over what we thought were the last drops of oil, we would be able to take vacations on or immigrate to planets around other star systems today.  Steven Hawking died a few days ago.  I’m saddened by his loss as a courageous person who fought what normally would have been a disease terminal in a few years for more than fifty, but not so much as a scientist because like most mainstream scientists today he was too heavily invested in what we think we know, big bang cosmology, Einsteinian gravity / relativity, to look for the break throughs we need to get us there.

    The majority of people who seem to have interactions with extraterrestrial species do so as abductees.  I was fortunate in that I was invited rather than abducted.  Unlike abductees I’ve had one and only one encounter that I am aware of.  I’ve seen other craft that I believe are likely not from here but they aren’t the craft that had landed.  The craft that had landed was saucer shaped and about twenty-five feet in diameter.  It did not rest directly on the ground like the craft in the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, but rather rested on three legs with circular pads at the bottom much like our own Eagle lander except the craft was shaped like the craft in the movie somewhat, and the scale was much larger.  Since I only had the one occurrence and I was only ten at the time, I did not learn as much as I would have liked to.  But what I did learn is what is physically possible.

     I learned that these large distances between stars are traversable and in almost zero time.  I learned that other planets exist with atmospheres compatible with ours.  These beings wore no head gear or breathing apparatus.  The door of the craft was open to our atmosphere.  This is something I always find funny about Star Trek, they’ll go to some newly discovered “class M” planet and beam down without any concern for atmospheric chemistry or pressure. and fortunately every species in the Universe speaks perfect English.  It seems likely to me that atmospheric chemistry and pressure are likely to vary wildly over quite a large range, yet, similar environments tend to result in similar adaptations even on our planet and there is no logical reason to believe this does not hold true for the universe at large, so it’s not entirely surprising that beings might come here that are compatible with our atmosphere.

     I am anxious for us to make the break throughs we need to travel to distant stars.  Distance, position, time, are really just numbers, coordinates in a mathematical matrix.  We need to learn the universal load instruction that allows us to change our coordinates instantly.  Now that I’m a bit older I wish I’d have the opportunity of another visit.  Really I’d like to see their home world, how life has evolved, how an advanced society has organized itself.  I’m not to happy with the direction man seems to be headed in.  A few elites controlling everything for their own purposes with no or little concern for the death and mayhem they wreck on the rest of us.

    When I was younger, radio used to fascinate me.  This was back in the 60’s and 70’s when clear channel AM stations still existed blanketing the entire country at night and there was a great deal of International Shortwave broadcasts.  What fascinated me was the idea that if I spoke into a microphone and that microphone modulated a signal being transmitted, and that signal was of a frequency that was able to make it through the ionosphere, then my voice would keep traveling through space forever, long after I am gone, and to distances I would never visit.  There was something magical about that.

    I operated a bootleg AM radio station during my Jr High and High school years.  One evening, when I concluded our broadcast day, I encountered the long delayed echo phenomena.  Amateur radio operators encounter this on shortwave bands when a signal goes around the Earth in two different paths resulting in an echo, but in this case I turned off the transmitter only to hear the last fraction of a second we transmitted repeated on a radio I used to monitor our broadcasts.  With ham operators, they are operating at a kilowatt on frequencies where absorption is low enough for a trip around the world to be possible, but I was operating 100 watts at 1200 kHz and this was at night.  100 watts was barely enough to make it to the other end of town let alone around the world, and the frequency meant the signal was being reflected back to Earth by the ionosphere, except for straight up or at angles close to straight up.  So I guess something straight up could have intercepted the signal, amplified it, and sent it back.  It’s a mystery perhaps that I will never solve.

  The evolution of our own technology leads me to wonder if there is not the equivalent of a universal internet, a communications and computational system of unimaginable complexity and scale.  And if aliens use it to communicate among themselves, they probably leave remote sensors on planets they visit like ours, and where an existing network exists they probably tap into it and transmit it’s contents back to their home.

     At any rate, I had hoped by this time we’d be roaming the universe, interacting in a positive way with other species, now it looks like we’re never even be able to interact with our own in a positive way.  I’m still hopeful that we might learn to get along with our own species.  I expect others will do their best to keep us quarantined until and unless we do.  I do see some signs of hope though, statistically, the number of people killed in wars in any given year has gone down.  Still, we are a long way from recognizing each other as belonging to one race and acting in a way that is best for all life on the planet.

Falcon 9 Launch and Atmospheric Physics Question

      These are a couple of frames from a recent launch of an Iridium 4 satellite on a Falcon 9 rocket.  I have seen many such launches of rockets and missiles but there are various aspects of that puzzle me and I am also curious about this specific satellite.

      First to the more general question, when you see a rocket or missile launch initially the exhaust plume diffuses outward as one would expect.  But once it gets to a very high altitude, the exhaust plume transitions from diffusing outward indefinitely to where it initially diffuses outward then riches a maximum and then seems to come back together further back from the rocket.  This particular image is a bit messy because a stage separation has just occurred and the stage that just separated seem to give off these smoke rings then did some strange things and I’m not familiar enough with the rocket to know what all is going on.

     I’ll admit my interest in rocketry is somewhat limited because of an encounter I had with a landed craft 49-1/2 years ago and beings that definitely weren’t from Kansas nor anywhere else on this planet.  Knowing one could never get here from another star system or to another star system from here with rockets, I’ve been much more interested in their technology and what makes it possible.  Jack Sarfatti commented on a previous post (a comment I will publish shortly) with a URL describing the physics by which these creatures are arriving here.  It’s heavy on math so going to take me a while to digest (not my strong field) but the comment will make it available shortly.

     None the less, I am interested in what physics in the upper atmosphere would make the plume initially expand out (as expected) then come back together (as not expected) leaving a relatively straight narrow trace behind the rocket much different in nature than in the lower atmosphere.

     Second, I am curious about the specific satellite being launched.  My understanding of Iridium is that it was originally a planned series of 77 satellites (hence he name), then got cut back to 66.  The idea is these low Earth orbit satellites could relay data and voice world wide without the latency associated with geosynchronous orbits.  My understanding is more than 4 of these are already up and have been for some years so I am curious why the naming of this particular satellite is iridium 4?  And since they changed from the original plan of 77 to 66, shouldn’t they have renamed the constellation Dysprosium?

Alien Mummies

     When I first saw these I thought cool paper mache aliens, but now that they’ve examined these, cat scanned them, etc, it appears they are genuine.  This is solid proof of ancient alien visitors in the era between 210-450 AD, and if they could visit us then, surely they are able to and likely doing so now.

Captive Alien Video

     I don’t know how real this video is but it’s more convincing than many of the supposed gray interviews.

     If this is puppetry it’s very good, if it’s animation, it is very well done. I am disinclined to believe it’s either, yet the video is doctored with this fake interference both in the introduction and in the video and this detracts from it’s believability.

     I have heard from people who worked at S4 that captive grays on Earth developed a bone disease over time that resulted in a hunched over stance, just as demonstrated in this video.

     I am curious why this particular alien is unclothed.  The one encounter I had 50 years ago involved aliens that were clothed in a suite that appeared to be made up of a metallic fiber, it was an iridescent green like you see on some beetles and other bugs.  But it’s skin color was a beige not gray and I can see there some hint of that colorization in this video.

     The head shape of the creature in this video is also similar to what I saw and very unlike those in the interview video.

Orbs affecting Clouds

     I am not surprised that this orb is affecting the clouds around them.  I have photographed these not moving as in this video but with still pictures.  I have also seen these in Google Earth looking down from above them and they bend the light around them which suggests they somehow warp space-time around them or change the refractive index of the atmosphere surrounding them somehow.  I also know someone who photographs them at night from Vancouver BC, Canada, and that person has an infrared camera.  They glow brightly in the infrared.  Heating the surrounding air would have the effect of allowing it to take up more moisture evaporating the surrounding cloud water droplets.

ET Music

     Aliens and music… I would like to know if ANYONE has had any sort of alien encounter that involved music?

     We humans have the ability to discern frequencies which are harmonically related or fractionally harmonically related and these frequencies form the basis of melody. Also we have extraordinarily precise timing ability. While I can see some survival value to the later, the former it is not obvious to me how being able to recognize harmonically related frequencies is relevant to our survival.

     Other animals also have some of these capabilities. I’ve heard numerous parrots recite songs quite accurately and even seen a chicken play America the Beautiful by pecking it out on a keyboard. As someone who really enjoys music, if joining the cosmic community does not also involve sharing music with other species, I’m going to be very disappointed.

     So the question is, is this a facility strictly limited to Earth derived brains or is it universal? If it is universal why have I never read of it as a component of any alien-human interactions?

     Close Encounters of the Third Kind obviously played on this theme since music formed the basis for communications and it’s always been my impression that Spielberg had some inside information.

Grays from the Future

I submit the following for your study.  This was supposedly an impression of an alien bodies mandible taken from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  I have long surmised the so called “grays” are our distant descendants from a time in the distant future where our Sun has aged, turned red, expanded, and boiled most of the surface water off the planet.  Here are some of my reasons:

  • They abduct along family lines.  They only abduct certain families, maybe 1-in-100.  The reason I believe this is so is because these are the families whose genetic lines survive until that time and so they are only interested in them.
  • They are adapted for darker environment that would exist in the distant future because more of the Suns output has shifted into the Infrared.  Even though the total solar flux is greater at that time, it peaks in the infrared and not the visible so it is less in the visible spectrum.  So the need for the big black eyes, more efficient at light gathering at the expense of other capabilities.
  • Their skin is gray, no pigments notably active at any light frequency within the visible range of approximately 450nm-680nm because solar output is low in this region at that time, instead it peaks somewhere nearer 1000nm.
  • And now this mandible adds fuel to my argument because it is shaped unlike any primate that currently exists BUT it has exactly the same number and types of teeth as do modern humans.
  • A creation of a hybrid species, something that seems tops on the grays agenda, would only be possible with biologically compatible beings, which our descendants would be up to a point.

Alien Mandible impression from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Futuristic Dream

     I had a dream last night set in the future. It was a future in which the alien presence was openly recognized.

     There were effects on our society but they were good, a greater tolerance for one another, a more even distribution of wealth. This is the main reason it’s been kept secret. It’s a social change the wealthy elites don’t want.

     The aliens traded with us. They had mammoth cargo ships that they would come with for this purpose and there were the problems. It turned out viruses were not a huge problem, our genetic machinery was sufficiently different that it would not decode the alien DNA and generate the proteins their viruses needed. Our problems were more macro pests and two in particular were bad.

     One was a very pernicious flea like creature. Like fleas it ate blood and hopped. Unlike fleas it did not spend a lot of time on our bodies, just enough time to suck blood and leave. But doing so they spread blood born illnesses rather efficiently and their numbers were huge. They made the worst infestation your dog has ever seen look trivial. They were highly insensitive to any Earth pesticides and apparently the aliens hadn’t done much better but what they were sensitive to is high level UV light, at levels that would give us sunburns. So we would install UV lighting systems in our houses that would come on automatically when we weren’t in the room. That helped but wasn’t 100%.

     The other pest was a creature that was kind of a cross between a snake and an crocodile. It had a snake like body, would get up to about eight foot in length, but it had a head that was more like an crocodile that could bite off chunks and enabled it to take on much larger prey than it could swallow whole, including humans. It would grip humans like a boa constrictor and chomp on them until nothing was left. These had to be treated like any large predator except that, not being native to this planet, we had no misgivings about doing our best to bring about their extinction. This was easier said than done however.

     For whatever reason in this last week I’ve been having a series of dreams like this. Have not really watched any frightening sci-fi lately so not sure the source.